Max2Play Plugins

The Max2Play Image can easily be expanded with the help of extensions, so-called plugins. On this page, you can find an overview of all plugins that are currently supported by Max2Play. Some plugins are already included in the Max2Play image. Many more can be downloaded on this site and added to „Settings/Reboot“ in the Max2Play Image.

We distinguish between free plugins and premium plugins, for which a Max2Play lincense is required. All customers of Max2Play automatically own a license. The Max2Play license is available in our shop.

Our demointerface offers an overview of the functions and utility of the web interface. If you have any wishes or ideas, please let us know in our forum.

Developers Corner

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  • OpenHAB Setup

    OpenHAB Setup

    Installs an OpenHAB Server on your Max2Play device with just one click for home automation and Alexa support
  • Plugin Power Button

    Plugin Power Button

    Installs and lets you configure a custom Power Buttons for secure shutdown and power on of the Raspberry Pi.
  • Plugin S.USV

    Plugin S.USV

    This Plugin installs and configures UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) cards by Seprotronic (SUSV) for the Raspberry Pi.
  • Plugin Audiophonics

    Plugin Audiophonics

    Configures the chosen Audiophonics sound card and offers one-click setups for audioplayers
  • Plugin Remote Control

    Plugin Remote Control

    Use a SSH-Console within the Web interface of Max2Play
  • Plugin Run Command

    Plugin Run Command

    Runs a Linux command and shows the result in the Max2Play user interface
  • Plugin Printserver

    Plugin Printserver

    Provides a printer for the network connected to the Max2Play device
  • Plugin Music Player MPD

    Plugin Music Player MPD

    Adds the Music Player Daemon (MPD) as another audio player on the Max2Play device
  • Plugin Example Class Setup

    Plugin Example Class Setup

    Serves as a template for creating community plugins for Max2Play.
  • Plugin Advanced ODROID U3 Setup

    Plugin Advanced ODROID U3 Setup

    Offers more possibilities to configure, set up and maintain ODROID models
  • Plugin Speech Control

    Plugin Speech Control

    Sets up a speech control on the Max2Play device. Based on Jasper, it processes text-to-speech- and speech-to-text input
  • Plugin HomeMatic

    Plugin HomeMatic

    Monitors the status of network devices via a FRITZ!Box and transmits them to the home automation system HomeMatic
  • Plugin Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

    Plugin Raspberry Pi Sense HAT

    Installs the addon board Sense HAT for the Raspberry Pi for logging certain measurements
  • Plugin DLNA Server

    Plugin DLNA Server

    Installs a MiniDLNA server to stream media files to Android devices
  • Plugin Raspberry Pi Camera

    Plugin Raspberry Pi Camera

    Installs a camera module connected to the Raspberry Pi to receive the video signal
  • Plugin FHEM Server

    Plugin FHEM Server

    Installs a FHEM server for home automation on the Max2Play device
  • Plugin Callbot

    Plugin Callbot

    Configures a callbot for the automatic playback of voice messages on a phone
  • Plugin ODROID U3 Kernel Modules

    Plugin ODROID U3 Kernel Modules

    Adds kernel modules to or removes them from ODROID models
  • Plugin VNC Server

    Plugin VNC Server

    Installs a VNC server on the Max2Play device and sets up a remote connection to its desktop
  • Plugin SD Card Write Protection

    Plugin SD Card Write Protection

    Prevents data loss and damage to the used SD card with a SD card write protection
  • Plugin Password Protection

    Plugin Password Protection

    Enables password-protected access to the Max2Play user interface
  • Plugin Clementine

    Plugin Clementine

    Adds the Clementine Player as another audio player on the ODROID
  • Plugin WLAN/LAN

    Plugin WLAN/LAN

    Controls the network connection of the Max2Play device
  • Plugin Kodi

    Plugin Kodi

    Enables the media center Kodi (former XBMC) for video, music and picture playback on the Max2Play device
  • Plugin tellows Callblocker

    Plugin tellows Callblocker

    Turns the Max2Play device in a call blocker connected to the tellows database for telephone and mobile numbers

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What addons would you like to see next in Max2Play?

  • SD-Card-Readonly (use as plain audioplayer) to prevent sd-card issues (39%, 39 Votes)
  • Password Protection for Browserinterface (23%, 23 Votes)
  • News Addon for infos and updates in sidebar (21%, 21 Votes)
  • Support for Cirrus Logic soundcard on Raspberry PI (18%, 18 Votes)

Total Voters: 73

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