Plugin Power Button

Plugin Power Button

With this plugin you safely shut down and start up the Raspberry Pi with a button.

At a glance

  • Runs under the circuitry pictured below, which includes the button and lets it power the Raspberry pi on and off.
  • The circuitry requires a few standard parts (transistors, diodes, resistors, condensators and relais) and can be built best on a perfboard.
  • The Plugin can be installed, deinstalled, started and stopped through its web interface.
  • The circuitry requires 2 free GPIO Pins of the Raspberry Pi. These are configurable in the web interface.
  • The plan of the circuitry is displayed in the web interface and explained in detail (you can install the plugin before connecting the circuit to find out more – obviously it does not serve any function when no circuits are connected).

Important: This a community plugin by el84 without technical support. Here is the discussion for the plugin in our forums where you can contact him.

22. März 2018