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  1. Andy S 9 Jahren ago

    Max2play is a perfect partner for your Raspberry Pi to develop a high quality Squeezebox multi-room sound system, simple and quick configuration through the Web interface, with great email support from the Max2play Support Team

    • Maximilian 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Andy!

      Thanks for your positive feedback, we appreciate you like Max2Play and our support service. We always try our best to help you out.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  2. Cyril 9 Jahren ago


    I plugged an USB DAC U-SABRE (from audiophonics) on my raspberry pi2 with max2play.
    I selected external soundcard in raspberry settings and edited advanced option in squeezelite audio player to select the USB DAC.
    My problem is the volume from the DAC is very low.
    I logged on the raspberry in SSH and i went in the alsa mixer. It is set at -20db.
    If i change it and reboot the raspberry, it don’t save the new setting for the volume.
    How to save changes and is it possible to set it in the max2play interface? Is it possible with a plugin and how to do it.

    Cyril (French guy and max2play addict – raspberry beginner)

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Cyril,
      Thanks for supporting Max2Play! However, this page is intended to serve more as an overview of how the community can help and participate in Max2Play and not for support questions with errors, etc.
      For those issues, you can visit our forums and we will be able solve the problem faster and with the input and help of the whole Max2Play community.
      However, regarding your issue; please try to select the HiFiBerry DAC+ option under Raspberry Settings for your sound card since it should use the same drivers. This way, your volume should automatically be adjusted to the perfect setting and you should be able to adjust it yourself with the volume bar.

    • Maximilian 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Cyril,

      you could try the following solution: After setting the ALSA volume, use the command „sudo alsactl store“ to really save your ALSA configuration instead of only changing it. If you need more detailed help, please visit our forum.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  3. Tony 9 Jahren ago

    Hi everyone,
    I have been using max2play for about a month now with players in the living room, kitchen and bathroom using raspberry pi’s. This is a fantastic piece of software.
    I have one question that I cannot find an answer to.
    How can I attach a record player to the system via wifi or hardware.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Maximilian 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Tony,

      thank you for your comment and your positive feedback about Max2Play. We cannot recommend specific hardware, but you definitely need a soundcard with audio input. If you use LMS/Squeezebox Server to share music in your network, you need to use the plug-in WaveInput for LMS to have a chance to receive the audio signal of your record player.

      Hope that will help.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  4. Christian 9 Jahren ago

    Hi !
    Now My m2p device won’t work any more :(:(
    I do some updates in advance setting and the network is gone (no blinking light on device) !

    And don’t have any screen to connect 🙁

    What should I do now ??

    Best reg

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Christian,
      If you do not have any screen to connect to, we would suggest burning a new image. It only takes ca. five minutes and you can start over.

  5. Charlie 9 Jahren ago

    Hi…just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great package. I was a few hours into configuring Raspbian when I discovered M2P. There is nothing I’m giving up by using this package and I doubt I’d have had the patience to configure all my wishes before giving up with something more basic. I feel now like a have total solution…with my RPi2 running off a battery pack and with a Wifi access point I now have LMS capabilities everywhere I go. When I get home I simply plug into Ethernet and have a Samba share plus keep the same Wifi connection on my phone…brilliant!

    • Maximilian 9 Jahren ago

      Wow, thank you for your enthusiastic feedback! Glad Max2Play fits your needs.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  6. harry 9 Jahren ago


    got got the squeezeplug image up on my pi, everythings works really well

    only issue is i have plugged in some usb speakers and set the output to them in advanced options for squeezelite

    but whenever i start up kodi with sound coming out via hdmi the squeezelite stops working over usb sound?

    any ideas please



    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi harry,
      Kodi automatically stops Squeezelite as long as it is running and Squeezelite starts up again automatically when Kodi is shut down. This is built into the Max2Play image to prevent any corruption of the system.

  7. sprint95 8 Jahren ago

    Something I don’t understand, each time I try to start Kodi, it fails. I started from a fresh brand new installation, perform all update but it fails anyway.
    Honestly, I don’t understand why.
    If I connect through ssh, I have the following message when trying to laugh kodi : „Illegal instruction (core dumped)“
    Well, what did I do wrong ?


    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hello Thierry,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Which image did you use when this error occured and which version of Kodi? We cannot reproduce the bug you mention and have never come across this bug. I recommend to start with a fresh Max2Play image and install Kodi again.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  8. Firdosh Diakus 8 Jahren ago

    Max2play is the best multi room system software on the market. Thank you and job well one.

    I would just like to know if you will be upgrading Kodi to OSMC soon?? Kodi 15.1 is outdated.



    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Firdosh,

      Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

      At the moment, we have no plans to replace Kodi with OSMC, but we will discuss this option in the future maybe.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  9. benekm 8 Jahren ago

    Hi !

    I´m greatful for some help with my Max2play problems.

    I have a Raspberry Pi3 and a Hifiberry DAC+ pro.
    I have downloaded and installed Max2Play HiFiBerry Image on my Micro SD (8GB) several of times and put it in my Pi3, but it refuses to start up.
    The led on the Ethernet never lights up and the Raspberry aint reachable.

    I did the same procedure with Max2Play Raspberry Pi Image and it started up, but with that image Hifiberry don´t work and I have problems with activating my newly purchased license.

    I´m new on Max2play and not a Linux „guru“ but I have done many installation with other Pi images without any problems.

    Do you have any suggestions how to do it the best way.


    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi benekm,
      Please post your technical problems in our forums to let the whole community participate in a solution. Our HiFiBerry image is currently not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3. Please use the Jessie Image for Raspberry Pi 3.

  10. Thibaut 8 Jahren ago

    I would like to use max2play with a cirrus logic card.
    It seems that the last image of max2play is doing the job (v2.37) but when
    I want to download the image of max2play its seems to be the version v2.34
    How can I get the last version of the image?
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Christoph 8 Jahren ago

    Hello Thibaut,

    Please post your technical problems in our forum. You can download the Max2Play image with version 2.34 and update it after you expand the filesystem. So you get version 2.37. The option to update Max2Play you can find under the „Settings“ menu.

  12. Georg 8 Jahren ago

    Hi Guys,

    I want to build a combination of RasPi 2, HifiBery DAC+ and a 2.8″ LCD with 320×240.
    I’ve tied it with the element14 4DPi-24-HAT and with either the LCD-board or DAC-board the functions went fine.
    But when I use both boards together the LCD stays dark.

    Please, can you tell if there is a possiblity to use HifiBery DAC+ with maybe any other 2.8″ LCD?
    I didn’t find any satisfying comment for this kind of configuration. Does it work with the 2,8″ LCD you offer in your shop?

    And the 2nd question touches also the 2,8″ topic:
    In Jive the two VU-meters were cutted off. Is there a possibility to fix that?

    The reason why I want a 2.8″ Display is that I’m building a 19″ case which is very nice flat. So there is no space left for a 7″ display.

    BTW: Did someone think about Adafruit NeoPixel as VU-meter LED display?


    • flysurfer 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Georg,

      the DAC and the LCD both connected to the GPIO Pins won’t work together, as they use the same pins at the same time. If you want to use a DAC and a Display, then you should connect a Display with the Display-Port of the Raspberry or use HDMI and USB for the display. On the other hand you may connect a DAC also via USB.

      I just fixed the VU-Meter for the 2.8″ Display with 320px width. Just get the latest Max2Play-Beta on the Settings Page (hit Beta Update) and install the 2.8″ Skin again on the Jivelite Page.

      All the Best

  13. thungbanh 8 Jahren ago

    Hello Ad,
    I have a Rasp Pi 2 and a wolfson audio card (like this link
    Can I make a Audio Player for my lossless music with Rasp Pi 2 and a wolfson audio card? What must I do to get my purpose?
    Please hepl me!
    Thank so much, sr my English i so bad

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi thungbanh,
      You can follow our tutorials and other material to get this simple setup working on our Getting Started page:

      • thungbanh 8 Jahren ago

        Thanks Heiner,
        I have some question:
        Is the plugin supports Wolfson audio card already included in the Max2play image? Is this a free plugin or premium plugin?
        After burned Max2play Image, I cannot active the Wolfson Cirrus Logic. Maybe i do something wrong?
        Thank you so much

  14. Rolando Cordero 8 Jahren ago

    Max2play doesn’t work correctly with ELAN home automation system ( ELAN supports the third party Squeezebox
    LMS interface, both with the original hardware form Logitech as as well as software implementations from Fusion Research, S1Digital and Vortexbox. I’ve setup one Raspberry Pi 2 with m2p version 226 and it works not perfect but it is usable on the tests, the main problem is a few missing icons. But when I installed m2p version 234 the options and icons were scrambled to a degree which makes it not useful. Also, I tried a Raspberry Pi 3 but since it doesn’t support version 226, I could only use version 234 with same results. It seems the third party API is screwed up, could you fix it?

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Rolando,
      This API you are referring to is just up to date and not screwed up. We currently support the LMS 7.9 nightly which might have issues with your ELAN system and its integration. However, there are many great alternatives to control your Squeezebox Server including the default web interface, several great apps for all platforms and the Jivelite GUI. If you are still interested in an updated compatibility of the ELAN support, please contact them asking for this with version 7.9 nightly.

  15. Abhijith Rao 7 Jahren ago

    My whole point of using the Max2Play is I want to input audio into the Raspberry pi 3 from a USB sound card with audio input jack and then stream this audio over my Wifi Network so I can access the same from my Laptops/Smartphones. I did install the Squeezebox Server plugin and also installed the Logitec Media Server but nothing seems to happening. No audio is being captured from the USB sound card. Can you please let me know what I am missing or what are the steps I need to follow?

  16. Ulrik Nyeland 7 Jahren ago

    Hi Max2play.

    I have 2 RPI3 with HIFIBerry amp+ connected with passive speakers, and connected to TV via HDMI. Is it possible to have KODI and squeezelite running at the same time? I have a LMS on a Synology NAS . I would like to use this functionallity and watch TV.

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi Ulrik,
      It is possible to have both running, but you can only have one of them using the Amp-Output at a time.

  17. fourchtein 7 Jahren ago

    Where find the MAX2PLAY version for the ALLO system with the sparkly card boot on EMMC.
    On your site the versions for odroid C1 or XU3/4 do not boot on the sparkly.
    On the Audiophonic site the SD version works but not the EMMC version which boot well but MAX2PLAY does not launch
    Best regards

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi fourchtein,
      Sorry but, unfortunately, we cannot offer support for the Sparky Board by Allo. We helped them set up the system, but they handle the maintenance and technical support for these boards.

  18. Peebe 7 Jahren ago

    As a bit of an expert, I still have to admit that enjoying bumping into something that just works easily.
    Couldn’t think of a better way to set up an audioserver, in my case a Squeezerver on PI 3B.
    Great works, folks!!

  19. Jonathan Sutcliffe 7 Jahren ago


    For some reason my max2play server is no longer appearing on my network. It is plugged into a powerline adapter by cable .
    The lights on the network adapter are flashing and look like there is an ethernet connection.

    The wifi SID has changed in my network due to a hardware failure.

    How can I connect directly with another computer to configure the networking via the web interface?
    Its difficult to move the box as cables are running behind a large unit filled with many things so I would prefer a headless mechanism if I can.

    Many Thanks,

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi Jonathan,

      You can try the WPS connection feature of Max2Play. Just click the WPS button on your router when booting the M2P device and the connection should be established automatically. Here’s some more info:

      You could also try directly connecting via LAN from your router instead of using the powerline adapter to rule it out as a source of error.

      If you have any more issues, please post in the forums so the whole community can participate and benefit from your solution.

  20. Martin Bryan 7 Jahren ago

    Hi Max2Play Team
    I have been messing around with server/client based music systems for several years now both home brewed and bought in, some at great expense!
    I have always foud LMS media server to be the best product for storing and distributing music media files and since going „open scource“ it just gets better!
    The introduction of the Raspberry Pi was a major step forward in making a low cost low power server solution, the later release of the hifi berry range of DACs
    has brought the potental to make a high quality Client/player within reach.
    But the glue that holds it all together is the Max2Play distro…..a superbly crated piece of software well done guys!
    My system comprises one pi running Max2Play with LMS enabled and a 1TB drive located under the stairs, 2 pi’s with hifiberry digi+ cards poweredby linear PSUs
    in separate enclosures control is from 2 logitech squeezebox controllers or iphone running the ipeng app. Both players feature Spotify connect.
    I have had this running now for two months without a glitch! Audio quality is superb one player feeds a high end meridian system.
    Thanks again guys for a great well thought out and exicuted product!

  21. Bob Sculley 7 Jahren ago

    I have HiFIBerry DAC+ Zero. This board is not on the list of options for HiFiBerry.

    Which option should I choose?

  22. paul smith 7 Jahren ago

    Hi there

    I use max2play a lot and think it’s frankly excellent, however I’m having trouble finding an answer to what I think is quite a simple question: Basically, on this particular install all I want to use is the airplay capability of max2play and then control the volume using an RF remote but I’m not sure how to do this (FYI usng and RPI 3 and IQaudio amp+

  23. josserand 7 Jahren ago

    j’ai fais l’acquisition d’un ampli justboom avec activation max2play.
    impossible d’activer la licence .
    merci pour votre aide

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi Josse,

      If you recevied a voucher code with a JustBoom sound card, please check whether it is a code to get a free license in our shop. To do this, head to our shop, put the test license in your shopping cart, head to the cart and enter the code. You should get a total of zero € and be able to get the license for free.

  24. Istvan 7 Jahren ago

    I have an OSOYOO 3,5″ touchscreen (RPi3), how can I setting this module.

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi Istvan,

      Unfortunately, we do not have a direct implementation of this screen and are not familiar with it. Please contact the manufacturer to find out how you can use it.

      For further assistance to get the screen working, once you know which driver it uses, you can write in our forums and I can try to help you set it up 😉

  25. Alfonso 7 Jahren ago


    I got the bundle Rpi 3 + Allo Digione with the 1 Year license for Max2play. I have another Rpi 3 with Allo Kali and Audiophonics I-Sabre 9018km2 which works great together with OSMC. I am a bit used to that configuration and the control via Yatse or other Kodi remotes from my smartphone or tablet is easy and powerful. So, the first impression of the pre-installation of Max2play was a bit confusing for me until I understood the philosophy of setting/controlling everything through the web server. I was able to set up everything as the instructions say but I have several problems. One of them is that Kodi does not bring sound through the Digione. There is no Allo digione overlay, only HDMI, Analog, and two ALSA that also bring sound to the TV via HDMI. So, there is sound on the TV but not on my stereo system (COAX input to the DAC).
    The second problem is that when I select to leave Kodi, it does not go back to Raspbian/Max2play but, instead, the screen gets dark permanently. Then only switch-off/switch-on solves the situation.
    At the present I am not really interested in multi-room music reproduction because I am living in a one-room apartment 😛 But I understand that in the future can be really interesting. So for now I would be happy having a working Kodi system with the Digione, with no issues switching off and with the option to start in „Kodi mode“ without starting Raspbian.

    Best regards

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi Alfonso,

      Thanks for getting our bundle. We hope you enjoy it.

      – Deactivate build-in audio in the menu Raspberry Settings to get the DigiOne as an output device in Kodi.

      – You can use HTTP commands to shut down Max2Play properly or just use the web interface.

      – You can also obviously rewrite your SD card with another operating system.

      This is a page where you can find ways to support Max2Play. For help with your setup, please check our help section.

  26. nevilleyoung 7 Jahren ago

    I keep having trouble with my max2play set up.
    The unit works fine for days and then it suddenly the server cannot be found. I can get into the ip address for the max2play software and everything appears to be running but when I try to access the Squeezebox Server it cannot connect. It has happened a few times and each time I have had to start again with a fresh image and reload everything starting from scratch. I control the unit with orange squeeze.

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi neville,

      For tech support, please use the forums for maximum visibility, this is a page on how you can support Max2Play 😉

      You can try reinstalling the LMS directly instead of burning a fresh image. You can also check some specific settings that might be the cause (e.g. Library Rescan).

      If problem persist, please open a topic in our forums and tell me your steps as well as your setup.

  27. Polyvios Moukoulis 6 Jahren ago

    Hello! First of all congratulations for your great repo! I am using a raspberry pi model 2b alongside with hifiberry digi + pro. I would like to know if there is any tutorial on how to setup a small lcd screen (20×4) and an IR remote control to steer squeezelight.
    I managed to make lcd work by using this library but I don’t think that is the best way to do that, Is there any other way that you will suggest?
    No matter how hard I’ve tried I couldn’t get my remote control to worc. I did the LIRC set up correctly, I am getting results from the irw command but I cannot control squeezelite. Can you please provide me a comprehensive guide on how to do that?
    Thank you in advance!

    • Author
      Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hi Polyvios,

      Thank you for the kind words.

      For control of Squeezelite we offer the premium plugin Jivelite which is a graphic user interface. It is also compatible with most IR solutions.

      For LIRC, there are a few discussion threads you can find in our forums and for out-of-the-box IR, there is our JustBoom plugin with JustBoom sound cards.

      Check out our support forums as this site is just a page of ways for you to support Max2Play 😉

  28. eric nobel 6 Jahren ago


    When i want to login to my squeezebox server it asks for a login.
    I trede everything but i still can’t login ,it never asked for a login before.
    Could someone please help me , now i can’t play any music.
    I also use the android app Squeeze ctrl and this one also asks for username and pasword.
    I already triede user:pi password:raspberry and user:pi password:max2play

    • Author
      Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hi Eric,

      This the page for supporting Max2Play. For technical support, check out our forums in the help section of our website.

      You should not need to log in to for the Squeezebox system to work. But you can make an account there to use their plugins.

      Your Squeezebox Server web interface is accessible without login after installing it under „http://max2play:9000“ or by heading to the max2play web interface menu of the Squeezebox Server and clicking the big blue button there.

  29. Nicholas Gosling 6 Jahren ago

    Hi everyone,

    Just a thank you comment from me. I LOVE the Max2play squeezebox system. Everytime I use my old Logitech units alongside your pi units with Spotify streaming, with multiroom or just using connect I genuinely think there isn’t any other system that can compare. What is even more important for me is the fact that by using max2play I have been able to continue using my old hardware alongside your pi units. Not only have my old units still been able to be used they have constantly got better to use and that’s thanks to you. My wife uses her iPhone to airplay podcasts in the morning and I simply go back to the radio/spotify on squeezebox.

    I have recommended max2play to anyone that will listen. I can’t thank you enough I just hope you never pull the plug as its the best music system anyone could ever need or want. Nothing comes close.

    Thank you

    • Author
      Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hi Nicholas,

      That is so nice of you, thank you very much! It is very much appreciated from our whole office. 🙂

  30. Guido 6 Jahren ago

    My name is Guido, I have used in the last 3 months your softwtwre with a lot of satisfaction on a system based on SBC Sparky + At the cheapo output Optical to enter the DAC Gustard x 20, this very simple solution gave me excellent quality results to a Yamaha streamer that I was now using as a network player.

    Now I want to try the HDMI port (of the DAC Gustard) I replaced the Cheapo with an Audio Interface GD I2s with HDMI output purchased from your French dealer as all the material Allo.
    I wanted to know .

    1) Is this solution compatible with your software? (which seems superior to me as audio quality)
    2) Which Parameters I have to set in the different Configuration Pages and in the Squeezelite
    I tried different combinations both by choosing
    – „None“ absence of the card Allo and in this case the player works but the dac does not hook
    – Using „Cheapo HDMI“ with different settings of the Squeezelite the player does not work (does not play the tracks)

    I tried with FLAC files in 16 and 24 bit resolution

    I apologize in advance for the translation with Google and I thank you for the answer you can give me

    Guido Boselli

    • Author
      Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hi Guido,

      For issues with the SBC Sparky, please contact allo.

      The SBC Sparky is not officially supported by Max2Play. There is a special distribution created and maintained by allo that we do not offer support for.

  31. Werner 6 Jahren ago

    Hallo zusammen,
    nach einem Reboot erscheint folgende Fehlermeldung auf dem hdmi-display:
    „No session for pid 491“
    Die pid gehört zu folgendem Prozess:
    pi 491 0.0 1.9 46704 17124 ? Sl 22:33 0:00 lxpolkit
    Was ist die Ursache des Fehlers und was kann ich tun?
    Danke im Voraus für eine Antwort!

    • Author
      Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hallo Werner,

      Bei dieser Seite handelt es sich um Wege zur Unterstützung von Max2Play.
      Für technische Hilfe schreibe bitte in unser Forum und erwähne dein Setup und deine bisherigen Schritte.

      Danke für dein Verständnis.

  32. AlexAl77 5 Jahren ago

    Tell me if there is support for such a board?

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hi Alex,

      For technical questions and support, please refer to our forums.

      According to this sound card’s documentation, the selection „IQaudIO Pi-DAC+“ should work.

  33. AlGio65 5 Jahren ago

    Hallo Heiner,

    wie kann ich Plugins wieder deinstallieren wenn ich welche installiert habe die ich nicht mehr
    benötige, und zwar habe ich folgendes Problem, möchte gerne ein 2,8″ Display installieren
    und habe das falsche Display ausgewählt und habe nun keine Möglichkeit ein anderes Display
    auszuwählen, wie komme ich da nochmal hin?

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hallo AlGio,

      Für technischen Support, wende dich am besten an unser Forum. Da kann ich dir am gezieltesten weiterhelfen.

      In deinem Fall wäre sicherlich ein neues Image der beste Weg um alles beim anderen Display zum Laufen zu bekommen.

  34. Antonio 5 Jahren ago

    I was able to get YMPD working, but this interface is too simple. I could play music tracks is I know their name, but can not browse the collection. YMPD is not practical at all.
    I could not find any other way to play music files. I tried AMPACHE. Apparently it got installed, but it complains „Configuration files not found or unreadable“
    I am using a R-PI with a HiFiBerry DAC+Pro. The audio folder is mounted on /mnt/mpd using NFS

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hi Antonio,

      As the name suggests in the HiFiBerry Plugin, MPD is just the simplest solution we offer. I recommend you switch to the „advanced“ selection using Squeezelite and the Squeezebox Server for ultimate compatibility with most protocols, files and an easy management of your music library.

  35. Bencat57 5 Jahren ago

    Hi I have just put a large copy Library on to a USB HD unit with all music files in FLAC . However while the USB drive shows as being connected it states it is unmounted and nothing I do will monut the Drive .

    If I save the drive under the save drive then it appears as an ext drive but when I try to access the music through LMS ti says no music is there . I can put the drive on my PC and sees and plays the music but Raspberry Pi does not seem to be able to mount the drive as normal .

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hi Bencat,

      This is our webpage for ways in which you can support Max2Play. For technichal support, please post a topic in our forums so that the whole community can benefit from the solution process.

      Please include as much details about your drive (format, files, partition, security) as possible so I can narrow down the source of error.

  36. teeitup 5 Jahren ago

    I don’t know what went wrong with Max2Play recently but it’s become a major headache.
    Access Point and default player don’t work together.
    Can no longer update to 7.50 from 7.49 after a fresh install.
    My license is no longer active.
    Unable to install Squeezebox Server, no versions available

    I’ve setup Max2Play many times. I thought I was pretty good at it. After setup they live as standalone systems. It WAS a great product. It’s become unusable.
    The frustration level is extremely high.

    Randy G.

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hi teeitup,

      Please write in the forums for technical support. This is the page where you can find out how to support the Max2Play project yourself.

      Try connecting to your network for the installation of the LMS as it requires an active internet connection to load the LMS package for installation.

      For further support, please open a thread in our forums.

  37. niladridm 5 Jahren ago

    hi i am a premium member and using Raspberry Pi 4 – Development Version facing issue with Kodi. I am unable to play kodi. I have tried from web interface to turn on Kodi but getting error. Also i tried from desktop by clicking kodi desktop shortcut but same issue. I have seen user/share dir kodi is present but stillnot working. Please help me on this. I am using raspberry pi 4 2gb board and ALLO Sound card.

    • Author
      Heiner 5 Jahren ago

      Hi niladridm,

      I answered your query in the forums. Kodi is still a work in progress for the Pi4 and its freshly released Beta Image based on Raspbian Buster. Our current version should run but it does not have good performance.

  38. Pathfinder 3 Jahren ago

    I’m running Max2Play and Squeezelite on a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B fitted with a HiFiBerryDAC2 HD. I run LMS on a Synology NAS.

    The issue is that I get a fairly loud „pop“ noise when switching between tracks that have been encoded at different bitrates, e.g. 8-bit tracks to 24-bit tracks or vice versa. I’ve seen other users reporting this issue as well. I found that disabling ‚ Crossfade Across Different Sample Rates‘ in the LMS settings – Player / Audio has helped reduce the noise, but it’s still quite noticeable.

    Any suggestions?

    • MarioM 3 Jahren ago

      Hi Pathfinder,

      Basically, pop or crack noises are normal when there is an abrupt change in level. This change in level can occur, for example, when changing the track or when the bit rate changes during playback. The jump is different in strength, depending on at which point of the wave it takes place. This can be dealt with software-wise, depending on the programming and the DAC. So it is not a hardware defect or error. If you want to protect your speakers, you can briefly mute the signal on the amplifier.
      Alternatively, everything can be converted to 24 bits without bit-perfect playback, similar to a sample rate conversion.

  39. [email protected] 3 Jahren ago

    Hey, I am running max2play on a R-Pi 3-B+ on a headless speaker box using squeeze box as my media player. I would like also the option to convert my box to bluetooth so I can go mobile with my box. After several hours of trying to get this and reading several how 2s I have come to the understanding that max2play just does not have the ability to utilize the built in bluetooth receiver on the R-Pi board and I need to purchase a bluetooth dongle and add to the R-Pi board. I purchased a Techkey 4.0 bluetooth dongle which is supposable compatible with Linux and R-Pi. My question is do you guys know this dongle is compatibly with max2play and if so could you point me to a detailed guide on how to get it installed and working with max2play. It appears I need to install the drivers for Techkey dongle but how do I go about doing this.

    Any help or tips would be appreciated.

  40. MarioM 3 Jahren ago

    Hi Hugh,

    Max2Play shouldn’t have any problems using the Pi’s built-in Bluetooth. In theory, every common Bluetooth adapter should be compatible with Max2Play. However, you may have to install the drivers manually and then switch off the built-in Bluetooth in the „Raspberry Settings“ plug-in in Max2Play. The best thing to do is to look for instructions on installing the driver under Rasbian from the manufacturer of the dongle or in appropriate forums.

  41. Rico Naef 2 Jahren ago

    I installed the System on an raspberry pi.
    The Webpage works so far.
    The two problems a face, are no ympd Player just the MPD Version displaid und Ampache login not accepting a user. Airplay works with my Mobile.
    What could be the cause? mysql issue?

    • MarioM 2 Jahren ago

      Hi Rico,

      This page is not intended for Max2Play technical support. Please post your questions in our forum or send us an email.

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