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  1. Andy S 1 year ago

    Max2play is a perfect partner for your Raspberry Pi to develop a high quality Squeezebox multi-room sound system, simple and quick configuration through the Web interface, with great email support from the Max2play Support Team

    • Maximilian 1 year ago

      Hi Andy!

      Thanks for your positive feedback, we appreciate you like Max2Play and our support service. We always try our best to help you out.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  2. Cyril 1 year ago


    I plugged an USB DAC U-SABRE (from audiophonics) on my raspberry pi2 with max2play.
    I selected external soundcard in raspberry settings and edited advanced option in squeezelite audio player to select the USB DAC.
    My problem is the volume from the DAC is very low.
    I logged on the raspberry in SSH and i went in the alsa mixer. It is set at -20db.
    If i change it and reboot the raspberry, it don’t save the new setting for the volume.
    How to save changes and is it possible to set it in the max2play interface? Is it possible with a plugin and how to do it.

    Cyril (French guy and max2play addict – raspberry beginner)

    • Author
      Heiner 1 year ago

      Hi Cyril,
      Thanks for supporting Max2Play! However, this page is intended to serve more as an overview of how the community can help and participate in Max2Play and not for support questions with errors, etc.
      For those issues, you can visit our forums and we will be able solve the problem faster and with the input and help of the whole Max2Play community.
      However, regarding your issue; please try to select the HiFiBerry DAC+ option under Raspberry Settings for your sound card since it should use the same drivers. This way, your volume should automatically be adjusted to the perfect setting and you should be able to adjust it yourself with the volume bar.

    • Maximilian 1 year ago

      Hi Cyril,

      you could try the following solution: After setting the ALSA volume, use the command “sudo alsactl store” to really save your ALSA configuration instead of only changing it. If you need more detailed help, please visit our forum.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  3. Tony 1 year ago

    Hi everyone,
    I have been using max2play for about a month now with players in the living room, kitchen and bathroom using raspberry pi’s. This is a fantastic piece of software.
    I have one question that I cannot find an answer to.
    How can I attach a record player to the system via wifi or hardware.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Maximilian 1 year ago

      Hi Tony,

      thank you for your comment and your positive feedback about Max2Play. We cannot recommend specific hardware, but you definitely need a soundcard with audio input. If you use LMS/Squeezebox Server to share music in your network, you need to use the plug-in WaveInput for LMS to have a chance to receive the audio signal of your record player.

      Hope that will help.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  4. Christian 1 year ago

    Hi !
    Now My m2p device won’t work any more :(:(
    I do some updates in advance setting and the network is gone (no blinking light on device) !

    And don’t have any screen to connect 🙁

    What should I do now ??

    Best reg

    • Author
      Heiner 1 year ago

      Hi Christian,
      If you do not have any screen to connect to, we would suggest burning a new image. It only takes ca. five minutes and you can start over.

  5. Charlie 1 year ago

    Hi…just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great package. I was a few hours into configuring Raspbian when I discovered M2P. There is nothing I’m giving up by using this package and I doubt I’d have had the patience to configure all my wishes before giving up with something more basic. I feel now like a have total solution…with my RPi2 running off a battery pack and with a Wifi access point I now have LMS capabilities everywhere I go. When I get home I simply plug into Ethernet and have a Samba share plus keep the same Wifi connection on my phone…brilliant!

    • Maximilian 1 year ago

      Wow, thank you for your enthusiastic feedback! Glad Max2Play fits your needs.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  6. harry 1 year ago


    got got the squeezeplug image up on my pi, everythings works really well

    only issue is i have plugged in some usb speakers and set the output to them in advanced options for squeezelite

    but whenever i start up kodi with sound coming out via hdmi the squeezelite stops working over usb sound?

    any ideas please



    • Author
      Heiner 1 year ago

      Hi harry,
      Kodi automatically stops Squeezelite as long as it is running and Squeezelite starts up again automatically when Kodi is shut down. This is built into the Max2Play image to prevent any corruption of the system.

  7. sprint95 1 year ago

    Something I don’t understand, each time I try to start Kodi, it fails. I started from a fresh brand new installation, perform all update but it fails anyway.
    Honestly, I don’t understand why.
    If I connect through ssh, I have the following message when trying to laugh kodi : “Illegal instruction (core dumped)”
    Well, what did I do wrong ?


    • Maximilian 1 year ago

      Hello Thierry,

      Thank you for your comment.
      Which image did you use when this error occured and which version of Kodi? We cannot reproduce the bug you mention and have never come across this bug. I recommend to start with a fresh Max2Play image and install Kodi again.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  8. Firdosh Diakus 1 year ago

    Max2play is the best multi room system software on the market. Thank you and job well one.

    I would just like to know if you will be upgrading Kodi to OSMC soon?? Kodi 15.1 is outdated.



    • Maximilian 1 year ago

      Hi Firdosh,

      Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate it.

      At the moment, we have no plans to replace Kodi with OSMC, but we will discuss this option in the future maybe.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  9. benekm 11 months ago

    Hi !

    I´m greatful for some help with my Max2play problems.

    I have a Raspberry Pi3 and a Hifiberry DAC+ pro.
    I have downloaded and installed Max2Play HiFiBerry Image on my Micro SD (8GB) several of times and put it in my Pi3, but it refuses to start up.
    The led on the Ethernet never lights up and the Raspberry aint reachable.

    I did the same procedure with Max2Play Raspberry Pi Image and it started up, but with that image Hifiberry don´t work and I have problems with activating my newly purchased license.

    I´m new on Max2play and not a Linux “guru” but I have done many installation with other Pi images without any problems.

    Do you have any suggestions how to do it the best way.


    • Author
      Heiner 11 months ago

      Hi benekm,
      Please post your technical problems in our forums to let the whole community participate in a solution. Our HiFiBerry image is currently not compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3. Please use the Jessie Image for Raspberry Pi 3.

  10. Thibaut 6 months ago

    I would like to use max2play with a cirrus logic card.
    It seems that the last image of max2play is doing the job (v2.37) but when
    I want to download the image of max2play its seems to be the version v2.34
    How can I get the last version of the image?
    Thanks a lot!

  11. Christoph 6 months ago

    Hello Thibaut,

    Please post your technical problems in our forum. You can download the Max2Play image with version 2.34 and update it after you expand the filesystem. So you get version 2.37. The option to update Max2Play you can find under the “Settings” menu.

  12. Georg 5 months ago

    Hi Guys,

    I want to build a combination of RasPi 2, HifiBery DAC+ and a 2.8″ LCD with 320×240.
    I’ve tied it with the element14 4DPi-24-HAT and with either the LCD-board or DAC-board the functions went fine.
    But when I use both boards together the LCD stays dark.

    Please, can you tell if there is a possiblity to use HifiBery DAC+ with maybe any other 2.8″ LCD?
    I didn’t find any satisfying comment for this kind of configuration. Does it work with the 2,8″ LCD you offer in your shop?

    And the 2nd question touches also the 2,8″ topic:
    In Jive the two VU-meters were cutted off. Is there a possibility to fix that?

    The reason why I want a 2.8″ Display is that I’m building a 19″ case which is very nice flat. So there is no space left for a 7″ display.

    BTW: Did someone think about Adafruit NeoPixel as VU-meter LED display?


    • flysurfer 5 months ago

      Hi Georg,

      the DAC and the LCD both connected to the GPIO Pins won’t work together, as they use the same pins at the same time. If you want to use a DAC and a Display, then you should connect a Display with the Display-Port of the Raspberry or use HDMI and USB for the display. On the other hand you may connect a DAC also via USB.

      I just fixed the VU-Meter for the 2.8″ Display with 320px width. Just get the latest Max2Play-Beta on the Settings Page (hit Beta Update) and install the 2.8″ Skin again on the Jivelite Page.

      All the Best

  13. thungbanh 4 months ago

    Hello Ad,
    I have a Rasp Pi 2 and a wolfson audio card (like this link
    Can I make a Audio Player for my lossless music with Rasp Pi 2 and a wolfson audio card? What must I do to get my purpose?
    Please hepl me!
    Thank so much, sr my English i so bad

    • Author
      Heiner 4 months ago

      Hi thungbanh,
      You can follow our tutorials and other material to get this simple setup working on our Getting Started page:

      • thungbanh 4 months ago

        Thanks Heiner,
        I have some question:
        Is the plugin supports Wolfson audio card already included in the Max2play image? Is this a free plugin or premium plugin?
        After burned Max2play Image, I cannot active the Wolfson Cirrus Logic. Maybe i do something wrong?
        Thank you so much

  14. Rolando Cordero 3 months ago

    Max2play doesn’t work correctly with ELAN home automation system ( ELAN supports the third party Squeezebox
    LMS interface, both with the original hardware form Logitech as as well as software implementations from Fusion Research, S1Digital and Vortexbox. I’ve setup one Raspberry Pi 2 with m2p version 226 and it works not perfect but it is usable on the tests, the main problem is a few missing icons. But when I installed m2p version 234 the options and icons were scrambled to a degree which makes it not useful. Also, I tried a Raspberry Pi 3 but since it doesn’t support version 226, I could only use version 234 with same results. It seems the third party API is screwed up, could you fix it?

    • Author
      Heiner 3 months ago

      Hi Rolando,
      This API you are referring to is just up to date and not screwed up. We currently support the LMS 7.9 nightly which might have issues with your ELAN system and its integration. However, there are many great alternatives to control your Squeezebox Server including the default web interface, several great apps for all platforms and the Jivelite GUI. If you are still interested in an updated compatibility of the ELAN support, please contact them asking for this with version 7.9 nightly.

  15. Abhijith Rao 2 months ago

    My whole point of using the Max2Play is I want to input audio into the Raspberry pi 3 from a USB sound card with audio input jack and then stream this audio over my Wifi Network so I can access the same from my Laptops/Smartphones. I did install the Squeezebox Server plugin and also installed the Logitec Media Server but nothing seems to happening. No audio is being captured from the USB sound card. Can you please let me know what I am missing or what are the steps I need to follow?

  16. Ulrik Nyeland 2 months ago

    Hi Max2play.

    I have 2 RPI3 with HIFIBerry amp+ connected with passive speakers, and connected to TV via HDMI. Is it possible to have KODI and squeezelite running at the same time? I have a LMS on a Synology NAS . I would like to use this functionallity and watch TV.

    • Author
      Heiner 2 months ago

      Hi Ulrik,
      It is possible to have both running, but you can only have one of them using the Amp-Output at a time.

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