The Features

When simple controls and an extensive selection of varied plugins come together, we call it: Max2Play.

The Principle: All of Max2Play's features are accessible in the clear web interface with just a click. You can expand the features of your Max2Play setup any time by adding new plugins. Every menu item corresponds to its own plugin.

Max2Play Featureset

Easy Control

Max2Play Userinterface Monitor
Managing your Raspberry Pi has never been easier. You can comfortably configure all services and settings in the clear web interface. You do not need to attach a keyboard, mouse or display to your Raspberry Pi – all controls are done in the Max2Play web interface by using only the web browser on your PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone. Max2Play also automatically adapts to the size and the language settings of your web browser. Thus, the usage becomes a child’s play!
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One essential feature of Max2Play is its modular expandability through plugins. This allows you to increase the functionality of Max2Play without altering the source code. This way, you can easily adjust your Max2Play image to your individual needs and achieve even more with your Raspberry Pi!
To the Plugins

Modulare Erweiterbarkeit von Max2Play mittels Plugins

Max2Play is great!


Max2Play can be adapted to your personal needs. For example you can create and edit your own plugins in order to realize your individual application. The possibilities here are (almost) limitless. If you wish, you can share your plugin with our Max2Play community.

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To the Developers Corner

Getting Started

Your way to Max2Play is extremely easy: You can download Max2Play on our download page right now and free of charge. But there is an even easier way: In our shop you can buy the most recent Max2Play version preinstalled on a microSD card. Furthermore, we also have a Wiki, a collection of HowTos and a great community to help you with any questions you might have. Welcome to the world of Max2Play!

Getting Started

Getting Started with Max2Play

Max2Play is great!

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