Changelog Max2Play

This page is being updated continously about covering the ongoing development of Max2Play and its features.

Changelog V.2.57 – NOT RELEASED YET – get the latest Beta Update on the Web interface of Max2Play to have the current development version

Changelog V.2.56 – 02.05.2022

  • Automatic Accesspoint Fix for Pi Zero and Zero 2 W
  • Added Hifiberry Amp100 Settings
  • Displayplugin Installer Fix for wrong Kernelupdate
  • Ampache Installer updates

Changelog V.2.55 – 25.01.2022

  • New Download Image 2.55 for Raspberry Pi 4B
    ->New Raspbian Buster Image compatible with all Raspberry Pi
    ->New Kernel 5.10.x and package updates
  • Fixed Buster automount
  • Fixed mounting FAT32 drives
  • Fixed Pi 4 8GB RAM display error
  • Added new Let’s Encrypt certificate

Changelog V.2.54 – 10.08.2021

  • Added new Squeezebox Server Versions for installation
  • Fixed Squeezebox Server Settings Restore
  • various Bugfixes

Changelog V.2.53 – 01.11.2020

  • New Download Image 2.53 for Raspberry Pi 4B
    ->New Raspbian Buster Image compatible with all Raspberry Pi, including 4B models with 8GB Ram
    ->New Kernel 5.x and package updates
  • Added support for new Hifiberry soundcards
  • various Bugfixes
  • updated mount instructions

Changelog V.2.52 – 20.04.2020

  • Bluetooth Connection Script Updates for new and existing connections (more robust and faster)
  • Max2Play Squeezelite Commandline „-B“ switch to attach Squeezelite Power Status (ON/OFF) to Bluetooth Connection Status (Bluetooth Speakers) now adopted to Bluealsa. With this enabled Bluetoothboxes can be seamlessly powered ON/OFF and Squeezelite will automatically resume playing
  • Squeezeboxserver Nightly 8.0 now available to install
  • Bugfixes in device recognition with playernames containing „-„
  • Bugfix in ApiDoc Example with Equalizer settings not URL-Encoded
  • Added DAC-Support
  • Ampache Installer updates to support latest PHP-Version
  • WiringPi  Bugfix for Buster Image
  • improved detection of existing network connections (network cable plugged in, WiFi configured) before starting Accesspoint Mode

Changelog V.2.51 – 17.10.2019

  • Jivelite Fullscreen toggle Bugfix
  • Raspberry Settings Plugin now with 64Bit Kernel switch (from 32 Bit Kernel) in Max2Play Buster (newest Image)
  • Fix for Shairtunes2 Plugin in LMS to install SSL Libraries
  • Added „apt update“ in Update Script for Max2Play-Buster Image to get latest package resources. Buster moved from „testing“ to „stable“. This resulted in missing packages in some installers like Bluetooth.
  • Fixed Ampache Installer: choose correct PHP libraries and MySQL (now MariaDB) in Max2Play Buster
  • Added WiFi Driver installer on WiFi/LAN page of web interface that automatically installs the missing driver for your WiFi stick (based on script from
  • more small Bugfixes and Installer updates (SpotifyConnect, Bluetooth)

Changelog V.2.50 – 04.07.2019

  • New Download Image 2.50 for Raspberry Pi 4B
    ->New Raspbian Buster Image compatible with all Raspberry Pi, including 4B models
    ->New Kernel 4.19.50 and package updates
  • Bluetooth update for new Raspbian including various fixes
  • MultiSqueeze and MultiShairport update
  • Compatibility changes for Buster release
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security updates

Changelog V.2.49 – 18.06.2019

  • New Download Image 2.49
    Only included in new image download:
    ->New Kodi 18 Update including PVR Addons
    ->Kernel Update 4.19
  • Infrared Control Update in JustBoom Plugin and Hardware Control Plugin
    • Fixes change in Kernel and IR packages for new Max2Play Image
    • Updates Infrared integration structure to newest version
    • Customize your IR remote with our Hardware Control Plugin
  • Sound Cards HiFiBerry MiniAmp and HiFiBerry DAC+ Zero added to HiFiBerry Plugin and Raspberry Settings selection
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security updates

Changelog V.2.48 – 24.04.2019

  • New Download Image 2.48
    Only included in new image download:
    ->New Kodi 18 Update including PVR Addons
    ->Kernel Update 4.19
  • NEW PLUGIN! Hardware Control Plugin Beta
    Collection of hardware control implementations in Max2Play
    This plugin is still in active development, if you have any ideas or feedback please write in our topic on the plugin
  • Bluetooth Update for compatibility
  • New Sound Card AroioDAC in Raspberry Settings
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security updates

Changelog V.2.47 – 06.09.2018

  • NEW PLUGIN! API-Examples
    • automatically added to your Max2Play in 2.47, the Plugin can be activated in Settings/Reboot
    • List of various HTTP requests and CLI commands for Max2Play multimedia features
    • easy copy and paste option for all open-source home automation software
    • create simple shortcuts for tasks like shutdown, reboot, play or pause
  • NEW PLUGIN! OpenHAB Server
    • one-click installer of the OpenHAB 2 Server on RPi
    • Alexa support for Squeezebox control
    • easy integration of Max2Play features with the API-Examples
  • MamboBerry HD DAC+ added to Sound Card Selection
  • PiJuice quick installer for GUI or web-based integration added to Raspberry Settings
  • HiFiBerry BeoCreate TCP server beta
  • Kodi PVR Addons for Stretch added
  • Spotify Connect fix for RPi Zero and RPi Zero wireless
  • Adafruit touchscreen integration fix
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security updates

Changelog V.2.46 – 11.04.2018

  • New Image based on Raspbian Stretch fully compatible with Rapsberry Pi 3B+!
  • Better, more reliable Bluetooth Solution based on bluealsa
    • Both input and output improved
  • New SSH login for Stretch Image, both pi and root now have max2play as pw
  • New, upgraded Password Protection now re-installed on Stretch Image
  • Improved overall speed and performance
  • Newest Kodi 17.6-2 Krypton
  • JustBoom Kernel fix
  • Shairtunes2 and and GoogleMusic fixes
  • Various bug fixes
  • Security updates

Changelog V.2.45 – 30.11.2017

  • HiFiBerry AMP2 support added including default hardware volume control
  • Allo DigiOne and MiniBOSS support added
  • GPU Memory Change fixed for all Pi’s
  • 7“ Touchscreen Error with Bluetooth fixed
  • Max2Play Squeezelite v1.0.3 update based on v1.8.99 with various bugfixes and improvements
  • Spotify Connect update with Spotify/Squeezelite automatic Audio-Switch and Mixer Control option added
  • Added detailed WiFi information in debug section of WiFi/LAN menu

Changelog V.2.44 – 25.07.2017

  • NEW MAJOR FEATURE: Added Automatic Accesspoint Mode to setup WiFi without LAN-Connection (feature is enabled by default in new Images starting from Max2Play 2.44). Just use a Smartphone to completely configure your Pi Zero. No need to use LAN-Cables when you want to configure Max2Play to connect to your local WiFi. Check our Starter Guide on Infos for WPS (Wireless Protected Setup) and Automatic Accesspoint Mode.
  • Bugfix for Squeezebox Server installer (fixed message output on Plugin page for server installer and plugin installers)
  • Added most used PVR-Plugins to automatically install on Kodi „Upgrade to latest version“ button on Kodi Plugin Page (currently Kodi 17.3)
  • Spotify Connect Plugin now always installs the latest available binary for librespot
  • Language Updates
  • Added Password Protection as default Plugin (Setup password for web interface, Enable / Disable SSH Server, change SSH-Passwords) to Max2Play
  • Added Accesspoint Setup as default Plugin (some files are used for Automatic Accesspoint Mode). Although Accesspoint Setup is still a premium plugin, the basic Automatic Accesspoint Mode for Setup WiFi is free for everyone.
  • Bugfix for Stopping Squeezelite and Shairport (wrong PID-Files were used)
  • File-Permission fix for Bluetooth Streaming to Squeezebox Server (pulsebluetooth binary file had no execute rights)
  • Added „Refresh Network Device List“ Button to refresh Max2Play-Devicelist found in local Network (feature can be activated on Settings/Reboot tab)

Changelog V.2.43 – 23.05.2017

  • Bugfix for fixed IP Address on Wifi/LAN setup page (Netmask was set wrong)
  • Added translations for spanish and fixed some translations
  • Added Plugin for Spotify Connect Server in Beta-Mode – get it from
  • Added Squeezebox Server Load/Save Settings on Squeezebox Server Tab to save and restore complete Plugins/Settings folder of Squeezebox Server
  • Fixed Pluginbuilder Bug that prevented editing custom Plugins

Changelog V.2.42 – 06.04.2017

  • added Kodi IR Installer to Justboom IR-Setup for Justboom Remote (basic buttons other remotes also work with this settings)
  • added Health Checker to Settings-Page with details for SD-Card Usage, CPU Load, CPU-Temperature, Voltage on Power-Supply
  • Pluginbuilder Addon now can edit all files in Plugin folder for better development within the website
  • added LIRC-IR Setup with 2 Pin Modes (GPIO In and Out) to Raspberry Pi Settings
  • Imageburner Addon (burn SD-Card Images) now also configures SD-Card content dynamically (Default Plugin and Audiocard)

Changelog V.2.41 – 03.02.2017

  • Justboom IR-Setup for Justboom Remote (easy web interface setup of remote and buttons)
  • Bluetooth Plugin fix for Amazon Echo (Alexa) to always connect Echo as Bluetooth Speaker
  • Language Updates in translations

Changelog V.2.40 – 12.01.2017

  • added simple API and API documentation for HTTP-Requests in JSON formatted messages under http://max2play/apidoc
  • first API-Calls for Equalizer settings and audioplayer information
  • Justboom Rotary Encoder Default Value
  • Installer in Default Image for customize and setup audiocards (Justboom, HifiBerry, IQAudiO, ALLO)
  • Squeezelite Update offers GPIO Button for Play/Pause with „-X 25“ Command line Option (25 is example for GPIO Button)
  • Bugfix in Autostart that sometimes opened 2 Pulseaudio or Jivelite processes
  • Audiophonics Addon with Display Installer for Winstar OLED and Powerbutton installer (Safely shutdown, remove blink of Button)
  • Bugfix in Get/Set Configvalues (thanks to user preslmayer in the forum who pointed that out)
  • Minor Bugfixes and language translations
  • added „Save“-function to „reload license“ button on settings page (some users tried to save with that button)
  • Added „Autoexpand Filesystem“ to new Default Max2Play DownloadImage

Changelog V.2.39 – 16.12.2016

  • Justboom Addon: Rotary Encoder Support with 1-click installer (also added Howto for connecting the Rotary Encoder and setup instructions)
  • Bluetooth Connection Bugfix for Pairing Devices (incompatibility with Bluez5 – always use Bluez4 no to pair the device). This bug prevented some speakers from connecting.
  • Added „expect“ as command line utitily to improve message output and control shell scripts. „expect“ is now used for Bluetooth pairing and connecting and gives way better message output

Changelog V.2.38 – 13.11.2016

  • NEW Squeezebox Server Bluetooth Support with modified Bluetooth Addon – Stream Audio from your Phone to the Squeezebox Server and feed multiple players / Squeezeboxes
  • Automatic switch for Bluetooth Channel in Squeezebox Server for seamless integration
  • Reworked Pluginbuilder to create and share your custom Max2Play Addons
  • Added Installer for Allo Piano DAC 2.1 Subwoofer with Kernelchange and Firmware on Raspberry Pi
  • Reworked Allo Plugin for Sparky and Raspberry Pi
  • Added update-button for Kodi on Raspberry Pi to update to latest version (Kodi 16)
  • Shairtunes installer fix
  • Bugfix for ipv4 address when multiple addresses available
  • Bugfix in Equalizer Reset Settings
  • Changed amixer Volumescale in % in Raspberry Pi Settings to have proportional volume scale instead of exponential
  • Added Autostart Browser Plugin as Pluginbuilder Example (used in demo video)

Changelog V.2.37 – 06.10.2016

  • Fixed Wolfson Cirrus Logic Card Support on newest Max2Play Image (Kernelchange now uses Kernelversion 4.4.y)
  • Added new Addon Multishairport (Beta – some translations need to be added)
  • Added Apple Siri Support to Voice Control Addon with Homebridge: Control your Squeezeboxes (Play/Pause) and other Max2Play Controls (Start Kodi, Shutdown, etc.) with Siri
  • Added Allo Soundcard Support with Plugin for Raspberry Pi and Sparky Board
  • Added Beta Max2Play Image for Allo Sparky Board
  • added License indicator in Header
  • added News to sidebar
  • added new translations from
  • fixed CloseHelp-JS-Error on sidebar for italian and french language

Changelog V.2.36 – 15.09.2016

  • New translations for french language (thanks to pepsi95)
  • GoogleMusic Plugin installer for Squeezebox Server
  • Bugfix for Squeezebox Server Webinterface Link on IPv6 Addresses
  • Fixes for RPI-Camera installer, added uninstall button
  • multiple small Bugfixes

Changelog V.2.35 – 18.08.2016

  • Bugfix in Raspberry Pi Jessie Version for fixed Mountpoint of external drives
  • Bugfix in SD-Card-Write-Protection in Raspberry Pi Jessie Version for network DHCP failing after activating write protection
  • Created new Translation Service for Max2Play and updated Framework for community translations – use for translations and new languages
  • Created new Odroid XU4 Image based on Ubuntu 16.04

Changelog V.2.34 – 21.07.2016

  • added patch for 1024×600 resolution to Joggler Skin in Jivelite for Waveshare 7″ Display (thanks to Martin)
  • added installer for Kodiplatform to use PVR-Addons on latest Max2Play
  • added patch to Jivelite Skin installer for 2.8″ to support Backlight off with Blankscreensaver
  • added Pluginbuilder to Beta Plugins – easily create, edit and share your own Max2Play Plugins
  • fixed Accesspoint Addon Bug with Raspbian Jessie and Edimax Wifi-Sticks
  • added choose driver functionality to Accesspoint Addon
  • added install Plugins from .tar file on settings page

Changelog V.2.33 – 07.07.2016

  • Fixed WPS (Wifi Protected Setup) for Raspberry Pi 3 and added „Start WPS-Configuration“ Button to WiFi/Lan Tab in web interface
  • updated Wifi / Lan settings page
  • Fixed a Bug in Max2Play Hostname configuration (thanks to oneArmedBandit in our Forum)
  • Fixed USB-Mounting info on Filesystem Mount for drives without label
  • added IPv6 support to some „restart Max2Play“ links
  • added „Debug Info“ for root console commands for each page on web interface (activate on settings tab)
  • created new SD-Card Images for all Preconfigured Max2Play versions
  • changed Update process (first get plugin updates, second get core update)
  • added digital clock screensaver to 2.8 inch display skin (thanks to Bristow in our Forum)

Changelog V.2.32 – 30.06.2016

  • NEW DESIGN – updates for all Max2Play Versions (nicer look of web interface)
  • improved network search for other Max2Play devices (activate on settings tab)
  • added Easy Setup (autmatically choose settings for Squeezebox Setup / Airplay / Simple Music Player) to default Max2Play SD-Card Image
  • fixes for Jivelite: Skin installer, Compiler (switched sources to Github)
  • improved MPD Music Player configuration: choose soundcard, autmatically set mixer device
  • Added Support for Justboom Audiocards
  • fixed some small Bugs in Max2Play-Framework
  • added description to Printserver Addon

Changelog V.2.31 – 10.05.2016

  • Updates for Plugins to support Raspbian Jessie version on Raspberry Pi
  • new Squeezelite version with options for Volume Synchronisation (Alsasync), Player „Soft Power off“ on Bluetooth Connection status and GPIO switch
  • new prebuild SD-Card-Images for HifiBerry, IQAudIO and Default Max2Play based on Raspbian Jessie

Changelog V.2.29 – 24.03.2016

  • Integration of Bluetooth-Speakers in Multisqueeze
  • further development of Bluetooth Addon
  • Raspbian Jessie (Lite) Version is now available as stable version and best suited for RPi 3 and Bluetooth Setups
  • optional Disable Bluetooth in Raspberry Pi Settings Addon
  • enable Autostart Desktop on Boot in Settings
  • on Hold: Voice Control Addon for Siri and Google Now to control Squeezebox and Max2Play by talking to your phone

Changelog V.2.28 – 05.03.2016

  • completly NEW Raspbian Jessie (Lite) Version of Max2Play with newest Kodi 15.2.2 and updated Plugins
  • Bluetooth Addon for Connecting to Bluetooth Speakers and playing Audio with Squeezelite / Shairport via Bluetooth
  • Kodi Addon Youtube Fix (new Youtube Addon installer via Web interface)
  • Display support for Adafruit 2.8″ in Raspberry Pi Display Addon

Changelog V.2.27 – 14.01.2016

  • IQAudIO Plugin Update for Rotary Encoder Setup
  • Support for Cirrus Logic Audio Cards (Wolfson) on Raspberry Pi with newer Kernels (4.x)
  • Imageburner Plugin to create and write multiple SD-Card-Images at once (great if you are developer and create your own SD-Card Images)
  • New Download-Images for Website with Raspberry Pi Zero support
  • Added Printserver Addon

Changelog V.2.26 – 18.12.2015

  • Display Licence status on Settings page
  • Improved help instructions on Filesystem Mount Page
  • Updated build of Kodi-Platform for using PVR-Addons on Raspberry PI (package names changed)
  • WPS-Configuration of WiFi on Boot (get Config and Setup from Router) and automatically set up WiFi. No more Ethernet (LAN) connection needed!
  • Jivelite CEC Support with installer of libcec-daemon (also works on desktop)

Changelog V.2.25 – 01.12.2015

  • Hardware Volume Control on Rasbperry Pi in Shairport / Squeezelite instead of Software Volume Control for IQAudIO-Amp in IQAudIO Image now Default (improving Audio Qualitiy)
  • Changed Filesystem Resize to create a small optional writeable partition that is needed when using SD-Card-Writeprotection
  • Changed storage of Jivelite Settings when using SD-Card-Writeprotection
  • Improved settings in IQAudIO Image for Max2Play
  • lot’s of minor changes and Bugfixes

Changelog V.2.24 – 29.10.2015

  • Live Switching between Squeezelite and Shairport (Airplay) on DACs and hardware that only supports one audio stream at a time (just set up your Squeezebox Server IP in Advanced Options of Shairport on Audioplayer tab in Web interface)
  • NGINX support BETA (added Max2Play config files for NGINX – enables switching from Apache2 to NGINX)
  • Switch on Squeezebox Server Tab to disable services
  • Update for CEC on Kodi 15 for Raspberry Pi
  • Improved IQAudIO Card support (hardware volume control on AMP+ with Shairport and Squeezelite)

Changelog V2.23 – Release 17.10.2015

  • Clock (digital/analog/matrix) can now be used as Screensaver in Jivelite Joggler skin
  • Improved 7″ Display Support in Jivelite: On activated screensaver and soft power off „touching“ the display will turn the player on
  • New Kodi 15 Isengard Version for update in Web interface for Raspberry Pi with PVR-Support
  • Imageburner Addon released: use your Raspberry /Odroid to easily manage SD-Card images (create / burn / zip)
  • fixed some installers to run as deamon in background to be more robust
  • fixed uninstall (reenable swapfile) in SD-Card Writeprotection Addon

Changelog V2.22 – Release 24.09.2015

  • NEW Autoreconnect for WiFi. Reconnects automatically after Router reset or lost connection.
  • NEW Plugin for Raspberry Pi Sense Hat with temperature, humidity and air pressure graphs and statistics
  • Display Support for Rasbperry Pi 7″ and 2.4″ 4DP-24-HAT in Raspberry PI Display Addon (1-click-installer)
  • Max2Play Addon Jivelite Updates to Reset Settings (e.g. if Jivelite is not starting correct)
  • Bug removed that caused the ODROID Image Startpage to disappear after Update
  • Fixed some Bugs for ODROID XU4 Image

Changelog V2.21 – Release 15.09.2015

  • Support for Raspberry PI Display with 3.2″ – more Display support is coming (7″ and 2.5″)
  • NEW: Addon for Raspberry PI Camera (1-Click-Installer and preconfigured Web interface to build your security camera)
  • Added Support for new HiFiBerry Cards DAC+ Pro and DAC+ Light
  • IQAudIO Addon for simple setup with IQAudIO Cards
  • Jivelite Bugfix for ODROID

Changelog V2.20 – Release 12.08.2015

  • Improved Reboot button: now checks for Max2Play-Device and tells you once reboot is finished
  • Building Image for ODROID XU3 and ODROID XU4 based on Ubuntu 15.04
  • Added installer for XU4 fan silencer in Max2Play Addon „ODROID Advanced Options“
  • Error Messages showing up, if any services did not start as expected (e.g. audioplayer, xbmc, jivelite)
  • Minor changes to Max2Play framework

Changelog V2.15 – Release 24.06.2015

  • Option to set fixed LAN-IP on webinterface (some routers change their DHCP IP-Address assignments)
  • Improved mounting and setting up of network shares (added list of network devices), supporting Sharenames with spaces
  • Added support for Accesspoint Setup of Edimax EW-7612-Uan
  • Added Help text and video guide for network shares and Raspberry PI Settings

Changelog V2.14 – Release 17.06.2015

  • Addon Raspberry PI Settings now with support for 192Khz over HDMI (Kernel Change)
  • Jivelite: added a new Skin for small displays
  • Easy installer for Shairtunes2 on Squeezebox Server Tab in webinterface (better Airplay support)
  • New Soundcard support: PiFi DAC+
  • New Addon: Setup Printserver available

Changelog V2.00 – Release 01.02.2015

  • major changes to interface, descriptions and webinterface functions
  • Max2Play now has a plug-in structure to freely configure navigation and addons
  • Squeezeplug Version with Squeezeplug Mainpage
  • Support for all Raspberry PI (A/B/B+/2)

Changelog V1.15 – Release 06.11.2014

  • frei definierbarer Powerbutton (vordefinierte Scripte + eigene Scripte möglich), Unterscheidung lange und kurze Betätigung
  • Insallation und Konfiguration von MiniDLNA
  • Paketupdates (apt-get upgrade) über Webinterface möglich

Changelog V1.14 – Release 13.10.2014

  • alle Ubuntu 14.04 Updates
  • aktuellste XBMC Version 13.2
  • CPAN fix für LMS 7.8
  • Power-Button kurz drücken zum Ausschalten (1 sek drücken um wieder anzuschalten)
  • Power-Button 10 sek drücken, um alle Einstellungen zurück zu setzen (falls mal beim Update was schief läuft). Dabei werden alle Scripte und das Webinterface von Max2Play sowie einige Dateien vom Webserver und Configfiles unter /etc wiederhergestellt.
  • weniger Logging des Webservers (beansprucht SD-Karte etwas weniger)
  • Bugfixes und Sprachanpassungen im Webinterface

Changelog V1.04 – Release 21.08.2014

  • USB-Mount von externen Festplatten Bugfix
  • Startoptionen der Audioplayer hinzugefügt
  • XBMC-Start kann Display initialisieren, falls dies nicht beim Gerätestart über HDMI am Fernseher verbunden war

Changelog V1.00 – Release 12.08.2014

  • Squeezeboxserver Version frei wählbar bei Installation über Webfrontend (läuft unter Perl 5.18)
  • XBMC-Updates über Linkangabe zum Paket auf Webfrontend
  • Ubuntu 14.04 als Grundlage für das gesamte System
  • Dateisystem expandieren als Punkt im Webinterface für Karten > 8 GB

Changelog V0.97 – Release 08.07.2014

Details zu aktuellen Änderungen gibt es auf

  • Umstellung auf Pluginstruktur im Webinterface
  • Menükonfiguration und aktivierte Plugins sind jetzt komplett dynamisch
  • Logo und eigene CSS-Konfiguration ist möglich
  • tellows Anrufblocker Funktionen wurden integriert


  1. Matthias Vogt 3 Jahren ago

    Meine Weboberfläche bietet mir ein Update auf 2.54 an, im hier verlinkten Changlog steht aber „NOT YET RELEASED“ ohne Info über die Änderung.
    Könnt ihr die Änderung bitte noch nachpflegen?

    • MarioM 3 Jahren ago

      Hallo Matthias,

      vielen Dank für den Hinweis. Wir werden das schnellstmöglich updaten.

  2. MatzederZweite 2 Jahren ago

    Nächste Version, selbes Issue:
    Meine Weboberfläche bietet mir ein Update auf 2.55 an, im hier verlinkten Changlog steht aber „NOT YET RELEASED“ ohne Info über die Änderung.
    Könnt ihr die Änderung bitte noch nachpflegen?

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