Audiophile Music and Video Player, Headless Setup Raspberry Pi and Odroid

Max2Play is an Operating System

It allows for simple and comfortable control and configuration of single board computers like the Raspberry Pi directly via any local internet browser (using laptop, PC or smartphone). This makes the connection of a mouse, keyboard or screen obsolete.


Max2Play Userinterface Monitor

Main Application Areas

Play Audiophile Music & HD Videos

Max2Play lets you render all established audio formats. In addition, we offer special Max2Play Plugins for the most popular Raspberry Pi sound cards. A simple multiroom audio setup is one of Max2Play’s major application fields: we use a Squeezebox Server to set this up in order to be able to integrate all pre-existing Squeezeboxes into the multiroom system. Max2Play uses KODI and enables the playback of HD videos. Max2Play consequently allows both audio and video playback on one system.

Audiophile Music
Play HD Videos

Music Server & Home Automation

Max2Play is both server and player at the same time. This means you can install a Squeezeserver locally on your Max2Play device (e.g. Raspberry Pi) and use our mounting tools to easily mount your whole local music library. Additionally, the device can be used to play back music. Aside from local files, you can use streaming services like Spotify or stream music via AirPlay or Bluetooth. We also offer various plugins for home automation sector.

Music Server
Home Automation

Max2Play at a glance


Individualize your Max2Play and select from over 30 Plugins for your perfect setup (including Bluetooth, Access-Point).

Recommended Hardware

We offer the ideal hardware, especially bundles for our software. All devices are tested by us, optimally supported by the software and reach you preconfigured.

Continuous Development

We enhance Max2Play constantly, develop new Plugins and optimize the existing ones. You can participate in this process in our forums and leave requests and suggestions.

Free Main Features, Premium Extensions

Max2Play is free and can be downloaded on our website. In addition, we provide a premium license: for premium support and special Plugins. With this license, you also actively support the evolution of Max2Play.


In our half-yearly magazine we keep you up to date on our current developments. You can also read all the previously released magazines.


Max2Play provides the perfect platform for your own creations. Build your own web interface with the simple tools of Max2Play for your project.

What users of Max2Play say

  • "Now I can setup my entire project(!!): 5 Pis with all media saved on a Synology DS212.
    • 2 of them via LAN & 'dLAN', used with Kodi (TV, movies, series, streaming) & Squeezebox Player (using USB-soundcard)
    • 2 of them via WiFi, used as Squeezebox Player
    • 1 of them via LAN, used as Squeezebox Server
    Thanks Max2Play for providing the base. You are awesome."
    Markus G.Max2Play Forum
  • Hey, almost everything is working fine and im happy of your fast service and the quality of your software image very detailed, I have two NAS at home (vortexbox and qnap)
    I can play the vortex muxic but not the qnap since I m not able to configure is the QNAP NAS" mount point" but probably is because Im not a linux expert....I will play a bit more.
    and in case  I will ask for a little help.
    Best Regards
    Marco- Como Lake - Italy
  • "I just wanted to say what a great application! Max2play is a perfect partner for your Raspberry Pi to develop a high quality Squeezebox multi-room sound system, simple and quick configuration through the Web interface, with great email support from the Max2play Support Team."
    Andy S.Max2Play Homepage
  • "I really enjoy your great piece of software. It’s more than easy to use and does exactly what it should."
    Peter H.Max2Play Forum
  • "Since I’m coming from Squeezeplug to Squeezeplug & Max2Play, I’m all in for everything Squeeze. I just configured the SP&M2P on a Rpi2 with Premium license and an iqaudio Pi-DAC+ – and yay it’s hard to wipe the grin off my face since then 🙂 Beautiful job you did here, truckloads of kudos!"
    Morti U.Max2Play Forum

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