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  • Why can I not activate my Max2Play licence ?
    When you setup your Max2Play licence for the first time, we recommend you to check the following:
    1. Check your Antivirus, the firewall on your OS and the firewall on your router, if it is blocking the connection to our activation server.
    2. Make sure that the internet browser that you are using is up to date.
  • I have a HiFiBerry sound card and want to use Multiroom Audio. What should I do?
    Max2Play offers a special HiFiBerry Image. This can either be downloaded as an SD card image on our website in the download section or the features can later be added in the menu "Settings/Reboot" with the HiFiBerry plugin. The link to add the HiFiBerry plugin can be found on the HiFiBerry Max2Play Plugin page (click the Download link in the navigation on the right). You can now use the HiFiBerry extension to install your HiFiBerry sound card. Here, you will also find the selections for Multi-Room Audio / Squeezelite / Squeezeboxserver (for more information on the Audioplayers, click here). The detailed steps for configuration are shown in our video (Tutorialvideo).  
  • I received a giftcard with a licencecode – how do I use it?
  • I am not displayed as premium user in the forums, despite having a premium licence.
    There can be two different causes for this issue. You have purchased a premium licence code from one of our resellers. The forum login happens via email address. This email address can be linked to your licence. The link for this procedure is here: Connect forum email with premium licence   Second possible cause:  You have used another email address in the shop than in the forums. Register anew with the email address used during the purchase of your premium licence.
  • How do I log in to the Max2Play device’s console?
    For the Raspberry Pi device please use "pi" as username and "max2play" as password. To log in you need to consider the device you are using. The valid username and password for the Odroid device is "odroid".
  • How do I activate my licence?
    Your license is saved in our database in the form of the email address you used for your purchase. It can be entered and activated in the web interface under the tab "Settings/REBOOT". Make sure your device is connected to the internet and running the latest version of Max2Play. If your licence is still recognized as invalid, please restart your internet connection and try again. If your licence still is not recognized, please send us a screenshot of your error message, so we can narrow down your problem.
  • Does Max2Play work with my Raspberry Pi?
    Thanks to the cooperation with SqueezePlug, we are now offering an Image of Max2Play for the Raspberry Pi, as well. You can find further information in the blog post for the announcement.
  • What is SqueezePlug & Max2Play?
    SqueezePlug & Max2Play is a Multiroom Audio Solution with server and player components. Multiroom Audio Solution means, that you have one server and as much players as you like. Every player uses the shared music from the server. Players can be synced to play the same music, or they can play different music. A Mini-Computer can be a server, a player or a server and a player together. The files can resist on the Mini-Computer itself e.g. on an directly attached USB-HD or on another location on your network. A Mini-Computer doesn’t make any noise, cause it don’t have any cooling components and consumes very little power.

Web Interface Functions and Usage

  • I deleted „Settings/Reboot“ Plugin by mistake, what should I do?
    If you have deleted the "Settings/Reboot" Plugin by mistake, you can copy this path to your web browser: /plugins/max2play_settings/controller/Basic.php after the Playername or the IP, and then you will be able move Settings/Reboot" Plugin from Available Plugins to Active Plugins.  
  • Max2Play does not connect to WLAN, what can I do?
    The Odroid supports WAP and WAP2. If the device does not connect, it could be because of the use of an old WEP version. Or the router does not send out the SSID. Please make sure that the option "Load WiFi Interface" in the web interface is ticked and that network name and password is correctly entered. Afterwards, disconnect the LAN cable and reboot the device (e.g. use the button on the device). If the LAN cable is connected after reboot, the WLAN is not correctly initialised.
  • My SD-card or eMMC has over 8GB of memory but isn’t getting used.
    In the "Settings/reboot" there is the button “file system expand.” This will allow the complete memory of the SD or eMMC-card to be used.
  • How do I get Max2Play’s web interface?
    You are able to reach the web interface via http://max2play. This name can also be changed via the web interface. If your router does not pick up the name resolution on the internal network (e.g. Speedport routers) then it will need to be accessed through the IP address of the Max2Play device.
  • How do I set up network shares and use USB hard drives?
    There is a video available with instructions for setting up network shares, network storage and tips on how to enable USB hard drives on Max2Play via the web interface. Play Video


  • My WiFi works but I can not set up an access point, what is the problem?
    Some WiFi-Sticks do not have access point functionality or do not work with the Raspberry Pi. Please make sure this is not the case with your stick. Tested and supported under Max2Play are the Logilink Wireless N from our store and the Edimax models EW-7612UAN and 7811UN.
  • Can my Max2Play device connect to the network through WiFi?
    Yes, with a WiFi-Stick, you can connect your Max2Play device to your network through WiFi. Please make sure your WiFi connection is WPA or WPA2-secured, then you can just type in your login-data in tab "WiFi/LAN" and connect through WiFi.

Audioplayer and Audio-Outputs

  • Which sound cards are supported by Max2Play?
    Most of the Raspberry Pi sound cards are supported by our Max2Play Image, which can be download right here. For sound cards from different manufacturers, we offer you fitting plugins, which optimizes the control and configuration in Max2Play tremendously. You can choose the fitting plugin while first time installing Max2Play, or they can be downloaded afterwards from our plugin-page. Further supported sound card setups can be found in the "Raspberry Settings" tab.
  • Does Max2Play support DSD?
    Yes, with the latest version of Squeezelite and the Squeezebox Server, Max2Play is able to both play and stream DSD.
  • Can Max2Play be used for AirPlay?
    The device is able to play AirPlay files. However, the process of AirPlay itself can not be controlled through Max2Play. >>Here<< you can find an overview of audio functionality for Max2Play.
  • Can I use the Raspberry Pi with Max2Play as an audio player?
    Yes, but the Pi has inferior audio quality from the audio jack. Thus, it is recommended to use an external sound card to improve the audio output. Which is why Max2Play offers different sound card setups that bring optimal audio quality from HiFiberry to Allo and many more. You can check them all out in our shop, where you can choose your favorite.  With these sound cards in connection with Max2Play's built in optimisation, the Raspberry Pi is able to offer premium sound quality. The easiest way to find the perfect setup for your needs, is through our Multiroom Audio Configurator.  
  • Does the Max2Play Image support DTS-HD, Dolby True HD?
    The Odroid does not support Dolby HD Sound. An additional sound card is required for this output.
  • Can the player use S/PDIF ports from an optional audio board?
    Yes, it is possible to use analog and digital audio ports with a USB sound card. The sound card is connected through the USB port and supports plug and play.


  • Where do I find new extensions?
    A list of all currently available extensions for Max2Play with further information and download links can be found on our website under features>extensions. directlink
  • How do I activate new extensions?
    New plugins are constantly added and can be installed and activated through the web interface of Max2Play. To install a plugin, the download link has to be copied from the table and afterwards pasted in the web interface under “Settings / Reboot” in the section “Plugin Configuration – Activate / Deactivate”. With a click on “Install new Plugin”, the new plugin appears on the list of “Available Plugins” and can be activated.
  • How do I use Airplay?
    The Shairport-Plugin in the Audioplayer-tab is the ideal software for Airplay applications on Max2Play, it lets you use your Apple devices to control and play music. If you want to enable Airplay for your Squeezebox Server, use the "Shairtunes" plugin. It can be selected and installed in the Squeezebox Server-tab.

Setting Up the Squeezebox Server

  • How do I activate Spotify on the Squeezebox Server?
    In the Squeezebox Server interface (link to the Squeezebox Server page accessible through the Max2Play Interface) you can find the Settings page on the bottom left of the interface page. There, you need to go to Plugins -> 3rd party plugins -> Spotify by triode. Make tick at this option and disable the official Spotify plugin. After that, just restart the server and log into your Spotify account in the Settings under Advanced -> Spotify.
  • Which Squeezebox Server should I install?
    The current version (7.8.0) or the nightly versions (7.8 or 7.9) are recommended.