Easy control with Rotary Encoder and IR Remote

Easy control with Rotary Encoder and IR Remote

Rotary Encoder 2.0

Our new Max2Play Version offers some new, exciting control options for our audio players. As you might have already found out, the rotary encoder is not just exclusive to IQaudIO anymore. Instead, it also works with the JustBoom DAC HAT and Amp HAT, now. To find out what this setup looks like in action, check out our article including a step-by-step instruction manual.

With our new version, the updated Squeezelite player makes it possible to use the rotary encoder as a play/pause button. This button feature, which can also be utilized by any other button hardware, is now universally applicable for all almost all of our sound cards. The only things necessary to achieve this feature is our rotary encoder, or any other button, and a free GPIO and GND pin on your Pi to connect to. To get started on this, you can also head over to previously mentioned article for further instructions. If those pins are not included on your sound card, they can be soldered onto it as well. Which pins to use for your sound card can be checked in its respective documentation, e.g. IQaudIO or HiFiBerry.

Supplement: When mounting the button on an IQaudIO DigiAMP +, the GPIO Pin 25 must be used since GPIO 22 is already reserved for the „mute“ function and thus complications occur.

IR Remote

The control of the music player with Max2Play had become even more convenient. Thanks to the IR remote control by JustBoom and Max2Play, you can now control Squeezelite, Jivelite and MPD without a browser from the comfort of your couch.

In fact, by configuring the respective buttons, you can use any IR remote control. However, we can currently only offer active support for the remote control by JustBoom which works out of the box with the JustBoom plugin and comes preconfigured. So far, this feature has only worked with sound cards made by JustBoom, but now we have good news for all owners of different sound cards. We are currently working on an IR-Plugin independent of sound card use, to allow all users to enjoy IR control.

For everybody whose sound card already works with IR remote controls, we wrote an extensive HowTo. Keep in mind, that customers who purchased a JustBoom sound card in our shop already got an IR receiver included in their sound card package, while others might need to buy one individually. A corresponding receiver is also available separately in our shop.

Set up JustBoom Remote Control

JustBoom IR Remote

Are you interested in other solutions for this button, like Prev/Next or, generally, additional control options of this kind? Please let us know in the comments!

If you want to use the Justboom Smart Remote instead, visit our wiki article on how to set everything up.


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