Update: New Max2Play Version 2.40 Release

Max2Play is constantly evolving. Thus, we are happy to announce our new version 2.40! In the previous few months, we were able to find various new partnerships for cooperation and our download page grew with every new partner. To simplify getting started with Ma2Play and finding the right image for your needs, we now offer just one image for the Raspberry Pi. After the first boot, you are now able to select your specific sound card and the image will configure every necessary step for you, automatically. Additionally, the hassle of expanding your filesystem, often forgotten by users and thus causing problems, is also history with our new image, thanks to its feature „Autoexpand Filesystem“.

The new image is not only interesting for newbies, it also offers great new features for DIY purposes. After updating Squeezelite, we added option to connect a Play / Pause Button via GPIO. How this would work easily and flawlessly with a sound card by JustBoom can be seen in this article. Consequently, there are some small adjustments made to the basic settings of the Rotary Encoder in the JustBoom Plugin.

Since our last article on version 2.35, there are also other interesting changes that occured. For a complete list of all changes of this and other previous versions, you can always check out our Changelog.

Not new enough? Get the newest beta version for 2.41 in Max2Play’s Web Interface to get the freshest updates for Max2Play and to participate in the development by helping us find issues and reporting them in our forums Forum !

Max2Play screenshot of the new sound card starter choice, implemented in the new max2play version 2.40.


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