HiFiBerry’s newest sound card: The HifiBerry Digi+ Pro

After receiving numerous requests, HiFiBerry has now reacted and developed a Pro Version of the HiFiBerry Digi+. The HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro improves upon the already available Digi+ by using golden RCA connectors and 2 oscillators, one for 44.1kHz and one for 48kHz, they offer optimal frequencies for all sampling rates. For most users, the Digi+ is still a good choice, but those who want to get even more out of their system should go for the Digi+ Pro. The Digi+ Pro does not just offer a better sound quality, but also adds some exciting new extension capabilities for DIY fans.

The HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro in our Shop

Possible extensions

  • Option to add a BNC connector
  • Power supply for the Digi+ Pro can be completely independent from Raspberry Pi power supply, including separate powering of 3.3V part of the circuit
  • Can act as an I2S interface to external I2S DACs including high-quality master clock (22.5792 MHz and 24.576 MHz), master clock output is buffered

Attention: For these extensions soldering is necessary!


As usual, the installation of the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro with Max2Play is very easy. Simply install the HiFiBerry plugin, or download and burn our HiFiBerry-Image. On our HiFiBerry Plugin page, you can also find videos to configure your HiFiBerry sound cards.

To the plugin page

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  1. Winston 7 Jahren ago

    Max2Play works like a champ with HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro. I have the Raspberry Pi 3 b with a HFB Digi+ Pro as I2S to a NAD D3020. The install and setup took a few minutes and the sound is awesome.

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