New Hardware Partner: Audiophonics with I-Sabre V4 DAC

New Hardware Partner: Audiophonics with I-Sabre V4 DAC

Adding new products to our shop is the best way to start the new year! With the products from Audiophonics, a French company specialized in HiFi devices for audiophiles, we offer you new, top class products. Besides the DAC and a new case, we expanded our shop with a linear power supply and a high-end 7 inch touch display assembly kit.

I-Sabre V4 DAC

The new DAC from Audiophonics is a slightly different DAC. The high quality workmanship and special design is not only appealing to audiophile customers, but also offers many advantages for DIY solutions. The DAC is positioned higher up on the Raspberry Pi, so the RCA connectors point in the same direction as the LAN and USB ports. Thus, the case does not need to fit tightly on each side of the board to connect to all the important ports.

The DAC is based on the high-end ES9023b D/A converter chip of the third generation with a temperature compensating oscillator. Different from the other DACs, the I-Sabre needs to be powered by a special power supply and cannot be back-powered by the Raspberry Pi. Once it is connected with the power supply it provides power to all the other components including the Pi. The required connection can be found at the front side together with the RCA connectors. The Sabre can additionally be upgraded with an OLED display. All necessary connectors are provided and do not need to be soldered.

This DAC requires a Power Button which can be simply stuck onto the board. To use the Sabre without the Power Button some small adjustments need to be done. Therefore, we recommend to use the Sabre with the Power Button only.

Many of our users asked about the DAC by Audiophonics and now it is part of our shop and supported by the Max2Play software. Mainly, the Sabre convinces with its high-class workmanship and noble design, but the audio quality also delivers the promised high-end sound output.

Technical Details

  • High Precision Clock: 0,5ppm TCXO Ultra-Low-Jitter
  • gold-plated RCA connectors
  • DC-Input 5,5 / 2,1 mm
  • Fully-HD-Audio – up to 24 Bit/192 kHz
  • Size: 85mm * 56mm * 33mm
Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 stack on top of a Raspberry Pi 3.
Audiophonics I-Sabre V3 top view.

RaspTouch DIY-Bundle

Based on the Raspberry Pi 3, the I-Sabre V3 (or V4) DAC and the official Raspberry Pi 7 inch Display, Audiophonics designed the RaspTouch: The high-end network music player with integrated touch display. Starting in September 2015, the project went into production after a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Designed by Audiophonics themselves, the case is made of 100% aluminium and fits perfectly with all components. All in- and outputs of the Raspberry Pi and the DAC are easily accessible. The SD card has been relocated to the back side with the help of an adapter. We also offer the assembly kit without the touch display, Pi, DAC and Power Supply for everyone who wants to upgrade an existing system. Level up your music library with the RaspTouch by Audiophonics and Max2Play!

Audiophile Power Supply

For the first time, we are offering a linear power supply for the highest audiophile aspiration. The power supply is protected by an aluminum case and comes with two 2.1 mm DC-outputs, each 6V. This power supply ensures a perfect sound quality.

Audiophonics Linear Regulated Power Supply front view.

Max2Play Audiophonics Plugin

With our Audiophonics plugin, the installation of the I-Sabre V3 (or V4) is very easy. After the installation of the plugin from our Audiophonics Plugin Page, the I-Sabre needs to be selected and the selection has to be saved. Different from the other sound card plugins there is no possibility to make changes for the Sabre within the plugin. But it is possible to install the features that are available with our assembly kit offer.

Power Button

The I-Sabre V3 (or V4) requires a Power Button to work ex factory. The button can be mounted without any soldering. It allows a clean shutdown of the system, ensuring no damage to the SD card. With our Audiophonics plugin, the installation is very easy. You only need to click on „Install“.

OLED Display

The installation of the OLED display from Winstar can be accomplished with only a few clicks. The required connectors are all accessible on the Sabre itself and need no further soldering.


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