Raspberry Pi Automatic WLAN/WiFi Configuration with Max2Play and WPS

Raspberry Pi Automatic WLAN/WiFi Configuration with Max2Play and WPS

You want to connect your mini-computer (e.g. Raspberry Pi) to your WiFi network with just one click, without connecting a LAN cable or a mouse and keyboard?

The newest version of Max2Play (2.26) makes it possible! Directly upon booting the Raspberry with a Max2Play microSD card, it checks all available WiFi networks for an active WPS (wireless protected setup). This automatically sets up network name and password and activates WiFi. Subsequently, the Raspberry Pi is accessible through your network and you can reach the Max2Play web interface at http://max2play


Detailed Procedure

  1. Activate WPS: If your router supports WPS, you have to activate WPS (e.g. with Fritz.Box, click the WPS button or activate the WPS under WLAN Security in the Fritz.Box web interface)
  2. Start your Raspberry Pi with Max2Play and your WiFi stick connected (connect power supply)

If you need more help with the configuration, our how-to might help you:

Open How-to

Please note:

  • The WPS function on your router is only active for ca. 2 minutes. Meaning, you should activate the WPS function simultaneously with booting the Raspberry.
  • Upon successfully registering in WiFi, the device is logged into the router and shows up on the device list of your router. Additionally, the WiFi-Stick should, upon successfully connecting (depending on the manufacturer), start to noticeably blink/flash.
  • You can check if your router supports WPS on the respective manufacturer’s website.


This new feature is ideal for the configuration of audio players which should only be connected via WiFi in your network. Especially the new Raspberry Pi Zero, which does not have a LAN port, benefits immensely from this simple and fast mode of configuration.


  1. Ken 8 Jahren ago

    Hi, slightly off topic, but related to WiFi setup – but not using WPS as my router does not have this function.
    I have plugged in my wifi adapter, known to work with my RPI, and enabled the wifi interface with my network ID and psk.
    Max2Play see this and gives it an IP address. I can communicate with my RPI with this address.
    However, when I disconnect my LAN, the WiFi is also lost, so I have no communication with my RPI. It is as if the WiFi requires the LAN connection.
    Can you advise what may be wrong, please. I would also like my WiFi to have a static IP address, but I can see no facility to do this.
    Thank you.

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Ken,
      You need to disconnect the LAN cable during the reboot process and not after the Pi is already booted up, otherwise the system will still prioritize the LAN connection and WiFi won’t connect. Regarding the static IP, we have this feature request on the top of our list and will probably add it in an upcoming update in the following weeks.

  2. Ken Irwin 8 Jahren ago

    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Not sure if related, but I found that I couldn’t access internet radio (or any internet). This was after I’d updated the system to the latest raspbian offering. I found that DHCPCD was not running, a service that would normally start during boot up. I started the service from command line and all burst into life…wifi + internet access. I put this command into the rc.local script to force it to run on boot and all is now well. I don’t know if this is the correct place to put it, or why the script was not running automatically to start with, but it works. Hope this may help others who run into this problem.

    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Ken,

      Thank you for your comment. With the latest Raspbian, you refer to Jessie? And have you noticed this problem with Wheezy before?
      It would be great if you write down this information in the Max2Play forum as well. Thank you.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  3. Max Mueller 8 Jahren ago

    please advice how I will be able to config a HiFiberry DAC+ with Pi2 and a USB WiFi-Device PI-ADA-1030 without „WPS“
    Thank you

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Max,
      You would first need to connect your Pi with the Max2Play Image to your network via LAN cable. You can then access it from any device in your network with a browser from which you can set up the WiFi and the sound card, as well. However, you can also just set up WiFi, restart the Pi for using WiFi and disconnect the LAN cable and then set up the DAC+ or make any other adjustments you like on your Pi.
      Have a look at our Youtube video on the subject: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsEBb_CIJ5A

  4. Shane Burgess 8 Jahren ago

    Once the pi has been connected once via WPS will it remember the router after power has been disconnected? I need a solution that allows the pi to be paired once and then remain connected.
    If it does that, can you advise how you reconfigure for a different network should you change router.
    Thanks Shane

  5. Christoph 8 Jahren ago

    Hello Shane Burgess,

    Max2Play can be set up for one router via wifi. This connection will be saved and the Max2Play device will be search after it if it is disconnected. To configure the device for a different network it is possible to use the „Settings“ menu of the Max2Play browserinterface and/or activate – „Activate WPS on Boot“ (this option is activated for the default Max2Play image). Then you only have to activate wps on another router and the Max2Play device will connect with your router when it boot.

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