Plugin Advanced ODROID U3 Setup

Plugin Advanced ODROID U3 Setup

The plugin Advanced ODROID U3 Setup offers more possibilities to configure, set up and maintain ODROID models.

In the plugin, you can reduce the blinking time of the LED to ten seconds. Moreover, you can define the behavior of the ODROID after a short or long press of the power button. Besides the mere shutdown, you can enter your own user-defined scripts.

If an upgrade of the underlying Ubuntu kernel or an update of the packages is due, one click will do and everything gets installed. It is also possible to install a Flash Player in the Chromium Browser. For the ODROID XU4, you have an optimized fan control (fan silencer) ready which activates the fan less often and shorter.

At a glance

  • Reduces blinking time of LED
  • Controls behavior after short or long press of power button
  • Upgrades Ubuntu-Kernel and packages
  • Installs Flash Player
  • Activates optimized fan control for ODROID XU4
7. Oktober 2015