Plugin SD Card Write Protection

Plugin SD Card Write Protection

The plugin SD Card Write Protection prevents data loss and damage to the used SD card with a SD card write protection.

At a glance

  • Installs write protection
  • Temporarily disables write protection
  • Uninstalls write protection

The data on the SD card is effectively protected when there is a power loss or the power supply has been unplugged during writing processes. Especially with hardware like the Raspberry Pi without power off switch, there is a certain risk the SD card gets damaged and you have to reinstall Max2Play.

The write protection can be installed in the plugin’s menu and turns all writing into reading permissions (read-only mode). You can temporarily disable the write protection until the next restart to change the configuration if necessary. It is possible to uninstall the write protection permanently and to entirely restore the writing permissions at any time.


Please note: The plugin also prevents write processes of other applications, such as the Squeezebox server or Kodi, which may then no longer function correctly. We therefore recommend using it only in special cases!


More information about SD Card Write Protection

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5. Oktober 2015