Plugin VNC Server

Plugin VNC Server

The plugin VNC Server installs a VNC server on the Max2Play device and sets up a remote connection to its desktop.

At a glance

  • Installs VNC server
  • Provides information about VNC server
  • Starts and stops VNC server
  • Sets and changes password
  • Uninstalls VNC server

First of all, you have to set a password for the access to the VNC server in the plugin‘s menu to be able to install the server afterwards. After the installation, the plugin shows information like the VNC version number as well as the IP address and port of the running VNC server. Moreover. you can start and stop the VNC server. Up to your needs, you have the possibility to start the server automatically with Max2Play (Autostart).

In the advanced options, you can change the password on the one hand and pass parameters on the other that control the behavior of the VNC server after disconnection for example. You can uninstall the VNC server at any time.


Possible Issues:

  • If no display is connected (HDMI), „HDMI Force Hotplug“ must be activated in the Raspberry Settings so that the VNC server still runs correctly
  • Kodi is currently not working with the VNC server and should be stopped before use
  • Autostart Desktop on the Settings/Reboot tab must be activated for the VNC server to work
5. Oktober 2015