Plugin tellows Callblocker

Plugin tellows Callblocker

The plugin tellows Callblocker turns the Max2Play device in a call blocker connected to the tellows database for telephone and mobile numbers.

The plugin consists of two menus, one for the setup and one for the administration of the blocking list. The setup of the call blocker takes place in the setup menu. You can set the minimum score (Score 7, 8 or 9) of telephone numbers the call blocker has to block. Moreover, you have the possibility to activate the complete set of features with the tellows license (API key) and to enter your country. Attention: Plugin supports Raspberry Pi 1 and 2 only. There are no further developments planned.

If the call blocker feature is running with a FRITZ!Box router, you can enter the VOIP host, user and password. You can also choose if the call blocker should play a little audio message to the blocked caller or just hang up. If the call blocker is connected to an analog telephone, you can choose if it should do nothing, just hang up or answer like a fax.

In the blocking list menu, the Max2Play device logs all received calls in the call log. There, you can put telephone numbers on the white and black list dependent on if the call blocker should accept or block the number. You can edit the numbers in both lists at any time.

At a glance

  • Sets up call blocker with FRITZ!Box router or analog telephone
  • Activates tellows license (API key)
  • Puts telephone numbers on white and black list
  • Logs received calls
2. Oktober 2015