Plugin Access Point

Plugin Access Point

The plugin Access Point turns the Max2Play device into a WLAN access point with its own wireless network.

At a glance

  • Installs access point feature
  • Sets login data to access point
  • Offers standalone mode
  • Uninstalls access point feature

Please note: The Raspberry Pi 3 already comes with WLAN hardware.

In the plugin, you can install the access point feature. Due to the installation, the normal WLAN mode, meaning the reception of an existing WLAN, is completely disabled. As soon as the installation has finished, you can set the login data, that is SSID and passphrase (display name and password) of the access point.

If there is no internet access anyway, you can enable the so-called Standalone Mode to not impair the functionality of the audio players. It is possible at any time to uninstall the access point feature and to restore the normal WLAN mode.

Attention: If you have a raspberry Pi Zero W, make sure to disable WLAN it in the Raspberry Pi settings.

More information about Access Point

6. Oktober 2015