Plugin Music Player MPD

Plugin Music Player MPD

The plugin Music Player MPD adds the Music Player Daemon (MPD) as another audio player on the Max2Play device.

At a glance

  • Starts and stops MPD Player
  • Sets up software-based equalizer
  • Offers two user interfaces YMPD and Ampache

In the plugin, you can start and stop the player. Up to your needs, you have the possibility to start the player automatically with Max2Play (Autostart). In addition, you can choose the default audio output device and enter the music and playlist paths. Besides the player it is possible to enable a software-based equalizer and to adjust the frequency bands to your own needs.

To control MPD, you can use two different user interfaces. The preinstalled and easy-to-use interface YMPD is easily enabled and opened with the shown URL link. You can also install and start Ampache, which offers many additional features and advanced settings, in the plugin’s menu as well.

Introducing HiFiBerry on Max2Play's New Music Player - The MPD

7. Oktober 2015