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  • 6. Juli 2021 at 19:59 #51425

    Hi Mario
    Thanks for the reply its appreciated.
    Ok I’m going to have a play with it and see if we can do anything with it. What I have noticed is the wifi it gives out is not constant, it fires up then shuts down, then fires up then shuts down etc. I did’nt realise this until now so I have to sort that out before anything else.
    Thanks again

    2. Juli 2021 at 17:32 #51404

    Hi Mario

    Thanks for the reply. I read your message and tried again with the smartphone on the same network, meaning the M2P has an ethernet cable connect to the router and my phone is also connected to the router, and yes that works and works well, thanks. Not sure what was happening yesterday, but it really wasn’t working.

    So thats solved that problem.

    But I have a question, should this work as a standalone system, meaning can I connect a HD to my M2P, the M2P then creates its own wifi connection, I then connect to this via my phone and control it with Kore (with no internet connection) Kore will then access Kodi on my M2P and play the media files either via a USB DAC, A Highfi Berry DAC or the 3.5mm audio out Jack socket.. (No I don’t need to access other M2P’s)

    Or have I misunderstood the concept of how the AP works, I really would appreciate some clarity from you Mario so I’m not burning the midnight oil trying to do what the system isn’t designed to do.

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    4. Februar 2021 at 16:10 #50738

    Thanks for all your help Mario, it’s just perfect, better than I imagined . You guys ROCK !!!!Thanks 😊

    2. Februar 2021 at 21:26 #50722

    Brilliant Mario
    Excellent, I can now see all players and my touch, can’t tell you how grateful I am. What an awesome thing M2P is. Thanks so much.

    I’ve not had chance to try them all, but the kitchen player works fine and I can sync my touch with any of the players,so looking darn good.

    But, just another question. I need to have at least one of these players to work on Bluetooth ( pairing with a dot) . Once the BT PLUGIN has been installed, do I need to choose the output, like you got me to do here in SQLITE or maybe in the raspberry pi settings ?
    And I’ll need a 3.5mm jack plug output on one of the others, how would I set this up on a player?
    I’d appreciate if you could help on these please. Thanks Mario

    EDIT: Hi, I installed the BT plugin and a little tweaking, but now I have exactly what I’ve wanted for years actually. So BIG thanks to you Mario, really appreciate your help. T

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    2. Februar 2021 at 19:00 #50721

    Hi Mario

    Wow, that was quick.

    I’ve just left home and will be back later tonight so I’ll try it then. Can’t wait to give it a go
    I’ll let you know what happens.
    Brilliant 😄😄Thanks

    2. Februar 2021 at 18:23 #50718

    Hi Mario,

    Thanks for coming back to me, it’s appreciated.

    I hope this is what you mean..


    queezelite Max2Play v1.0.3 based on v1.8.7-999, Copyright 2012-2015 Adrian Smith, 2015-2017 Ralph Irving.


    ### Configuration of Audioplayers
    SQUEEZELITE_PARAMETER=-o plug:jack -a 80::: -C 5
    SHAIRPORT_PARAMETER=-d plug:jack
    MULTISQUEEZE_NAME_0=Garage Player

    #### SQUEEZELITE -l ####
    Output devices:
    null – Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)
    jack – JACK Audio Connection Kit
    pulse – PulseAudio Sound Server
    plugequal – Equalizer for plughw:0,0
    default:CARD=Headphones – bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones – Default Audio Device
    sysdefault:CARD=Headphones – bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones – Default Audio Device
    dmix:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 – bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones – Direct sample mixing device
    dsnoop:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 – bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones – Direct sample snooping device
    hw:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 – bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones – Direct hardware device without any conversions
    plughw:CARD=Headphones,DEV=0 – bcm2835 Headphones, bcm2835 Headphones – Hardware device with all software conversions
    usbstream:CARD=Headphones – bcm2835 Headphones – USB Stream Output




    29. Januar 2021 at 16:49 #50687

    Hi Mario

    Thanks again for the help.

    Right, there was only the kitchen player running SQLITE.
    So I went into the other three and all came up with this when I tried to run SQLITE.

    Trying to launch … NOT successful Click here to show detailed information
    squeezelite: pcm_params.c:170: snd1_pcm_hw_param_get_min: Assertion `!snd_interval_empty(i)‘ failed.

    so I updated them, and still got the same message. I’m sorry but it means not a lot to me so I was hoping you might have a better idea on what this is saying.
    Thanks again Alex

    28. Januar 2021 at 15:57 #50678

    Hi Mario

    1. I have uploaded the SB server on „DACpi“ (this will be my main M2P with the hard drive attached to it) and turned off the SB server’s on the other 3 pi’s and also turned of autostart to them. I have NOT removed them, just not activated them.

    The Pi’s are
    1. Dac Pi
    2. Kitchen Pi
    3. Rp4 Pi
    4. Garage Pi
    5. SB Touch

    If I then go to the individual M2P web pages of each pi and look at the Network Look up I get this ( Meaning, The other PI’s I can see)
    Dac Pi I can see only the Dac Pi
    Rp4 Pi I can see only the Rp4 Pi
    Kitchen Pi I can see all of them (not SB touch)
    Garage Pi I can see all of them (not SB touch)
    Plus some show the names I gave them, some show only the PI address, not sure if this is what I should do ?

    Also, when this is all working, can I control them with Squeezer (or Ipeng etc) which is what I use now, or do I have to use the Logitech Media Server?

    I did follow your advice about synchronizing them but when I went to the Logitech media server page and go to the dropdown player tab for the DAC pi (my main PI)I can see the kitchen player and the SB touch. I can’t see the Rp4 or the Garage player.

    Please note…I have a mesh system alongside my router, so while doing this they were all on the same wifi. So it can’t be that they are on different networks that causing this. Hope you can please help as I’ve looked around the forum and I’m struggling to find an answer.
    Thanks for trying to help its really appreciated.

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    28. Januar 2021 at 15:51 #50676

    Hi Mario
    I’ve just tried to post my reply twice and it’s not yet appeared so this is to let you know that I have replied to you. If it has not arrived in a few hours I will resend it. Thanks
    It keeps saying Error, Ive already sent a duplicate

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    25. Januar 2021 at 18:12 #50652

    Hi Mario, thanks for getting back to me.
    I have tried to follow that link before and it mentions different audio/ DAC cards so that’s when I got lost as I just need the bare bones setup using either the 3.5mm audio out or a usb DAC ( sorry I was editing my last post as this came through),

    I did try and follow the instructions but just couldn’t get my head around how to set this up in a very basic state.

    Maybe this might be another option. I have a Logitech touch, it allows me to synchronise a player to it. I have in the kitchen which works brilliantly . So, I built another player, but the touch can’t see that at all. So, then I built another, this time it was a pi4. Again it couldn’t see that either. If it could, then I’m ok, I can use that. So maybe if I can’t use the multiroom setup, I could use this as another option. Hope this makes sense, thanks again Mario.

    EDIT: Mario, I have just installed the “multi squeeze” plugin and I think I have done the right things but when I hit the start squeezelite button, it’s saying “Trying to launch…NOT successful. This is on my player, not my main server with my hard drive attached to it. I feel I’ve missed something but I’m not sure what. Also, when I use squeezer, I have a choice of playing on the Touch or my kitchen player. Once set up, is this where I can pick this player once working. Sorry for the trouble.

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    10. Juni 2020 at 12:24 #48979

    Hi MarioM

    Thanks again for your help and time, its very much appreciated.

    Follow your latest advice, I am delighted to say there has been some progress :-)…

    I did what you suggested and it did’nt work. But, also in your last message you gave me a link to the Samba support for windows, thinking you were trying to tell me it might be a windows issue, you were darn right…

    So, I borrowed a friends laptop, fired it up and followed your instructions again, and hey-ho, it worked!!!
    So my problem is some type of security issues with windows when connecting my pc to my LAN/Max2play.
    But you have resolved my issue, at least I know I can get to my files. If you do happen to know what might fix it, I would be very pleased if you could let me know (maybe I need to go to the link you sent me), but for now thanks again for your help…

    5. Juni 2020 at 11:02 #48947

    Hi MarioM
    Thanks for your help. I’ve tried that and flashed another image that I’m now using.

    What I get is a Windows pop up window called „Map Drive window“ that I can browse for my M2P. I can see it And there is a choice of drives letters I can assign to it.

    I put in the search box \\\media/usb0 and a window pops up called Map Network Drive, then its saying „attempting to connect to the IP address I have just entered and just sits there, I have to „cancel“ it to stop it doing what its doing.

    However, When I hit the „Browse button“ another window pops up called „Browse for folder.
    I can see Max2play in the list along with my Squeezebox Touch and the PC I am using.

    I choose Max2play… I then get a security window pop up (in windows) that says „Enter your Network password to connect to MAX2PLAY“

    So I enter the samba password I set up and it just rejects it.

    Very odd. Would you know if this means that Samba on M2P has been set up properly as I can see it on the network.
    If so, any idea what the password what could it be.

    I’ve tried raspberry, max2play and my PC logon password. Incidentally, this happened with the other images I have tried. However, since upgrading to a Pi4, I have also replaced my PC. So I’m using another PC in effect from when it used to work. That said, my laptop won’t connect either.
    Do you have any other suggestions. I have also flashed another image for my old Pi3 and thats doing exactly the same as this pi4.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

    2. Juni 2020 at 22:50 #48934

    Hi MarioM
    Really good of you to get back to me.
    Would you please take a look at this below and see if I’m on track ?

    Sambashares, this is whats on the Filesystem Mount page on my Max2play

    Sambashares on Max2Play – setup network share paths


    /media/usb0/storage/My Music/flac

    Max2play USB


    Create Mode

    User for Samba-Access: root
    Password for Samba-Access: root

    I’ve upgraded to Pi4 and don’t seem to remember this issue with my other pi. In the past I just opened my file manager „My Computer“/network and there is was.
    However, in windows I can see my player on the network and I can see the shared folder, but when I click on it to open it, it (windows I think) asks for a username and password.

    Going back to your instructions, when you say „connect the network drive to your Windows PC“, I’m really not sure what you mean. I thought this is what samba does.
    I’d really appreciate if you could spell this bit out a little more please.

    And your instructions above, Do you mean in my browser, and if so should look like this
    http:\\\max2playshare. I tried this and it did’nt work.

    But even if it did, would this, once done allow me access to the files via windows file manager as I need access to backup my music to the cloud. Thanks for your help.

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    29. März 2020 at 10:08 #48314

    Hi Heiner,

    Really sorry for the very late reply, lots of unseen circumstances. Ok, here is where I am. I originally set it up as an assess-point. Which I did have some success with, I say some as it use to loose connection between it and the router.

    So I rethought this and tried another router ( I was using a TP link travel router originally). This time I used an old standard router I had laying around and removed the access-point from M2P. Again it worked but wasn’t always finding its connection. So I tried another router. This was another old Plusnet router, identical to a BT HUB5.

    I had it on the bench for over a week, turning it on and off all the time and it never missed a beat so I put it in the car just over two weeks ago. The router is housed in the boot area of my car and powered from my caravan socket via a fuse. The pi is in my centre armrest where my aux in is for my radio. It works like a dream. Ok you have to wait about 3 mins for things to boot up, but it works every time. The pi has a hardrive with over 75000 songs, plus films and photos. So plenty of media there to keep me happy for some time. Thanks for your suggestions Heiner and help in the past and for sure I’ll keep your suggestions in mind just in case🙏. Hope someone finds this useful.

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    13. November 2018 at 8:06 #41971

    Hi Heiner,

    Thanks for getting back to me, yes fine I will. Sadly on holiday at the mo but as soon as I get back I shall.
    Thanks yet again for your help, it’s always appreciated

    9. August 2018 at 10:59 #36892

    Hi Heiner

    Ah Right… Sorry Heiner for wasting your time, big misunderstanding on my part, thanks again

    31. Juli 2018 at 18:10 #36801

    Hi Heiner

    Thanks again for your valid help, it’s very very much appreciated.
    I now feel another project coming on.

    19. Juli 2018 at 19:13 #36683

    Hi Heiner
    Thanks for the reply.
    I should have said that I have tried several wifi dongles and still no luck. Still the same issues.

    But what I did manage to do without an external wifi dongle just by using the internal wifi of the pi, is get the Pi to connect to a travel router (

    So I now have my router in the car, this is hooked into my Pi’s wifi LAN (NOT ACCESSPOINT)and all is working fine, indeed its all seems to boot up quicker than the accesspoint on it’s own.

    However, I have not actually cured the problem, just managed to find a way around it for now. But I’d like to try and get my Pi’s working in accesspoint mode so I would like to try your suggestion by changing the channel No on the pi. I would be very thankful if you might be able to point me in the right direction (web page ?) please to help me do this. Thanks again. Alex

    13. Juli 2018 at 17:54 #36585

    Hi Heiner
    Hope you had a great holiday and no problem whatsoever about the slight delay. But once again thanks for your help and guidance into pushing me into the right direction

    12. Juli 2018 at 9:30 #36549

    Hi Heiner,
    Thanks for your suggestions and hlep but I think I have resolved my problems. So I’d like to put a RESOLVED in the heading of this string to help anyone else who might be having the same issues.

    To recap my problem….

    I could’nt connect or keep connected to the accesspoint on my m2p.

    The reason why I could’nt connect to it was because the wifi on my m2p had somehow been damaged so I could not connect over the wifi, BUT I could see it using wifi and connect to it via the ethernet port. It was’nt until I tried other Pi’s that I was able to work this out because you would have thought if you can see the wifi it has to be working..Not in my case.

    But the main problem of connecting to my m2p and then loosing the connection was resolved by turning ON the aeroplane mode before connecting to the accesspoint. Im not sure if you should have to do this, but it worked on 4 different Pi’s.

    This also works works with my Ipads, Iphone4 which I use ALL the time as the remote controller in my car. It also works with with both of my MOTO5G phones.

    There is a BUT….Its a bit clunkey, so please read below to see how I did it.

    For iphone4, which may not be the same for newer models, once you have found the accesspoint after turning on aeroplane mode, you connect to it. When you do, a homepage will load up, if you are using an Iphone4, you have to hit the CANCEL top right of the screen before the homepage loads. When you have managed to do this, and the timing is critical, you are given an option to „use without internet“, hit that. Then open your controller, in my case on my iphone its the LMS player and it should find your player.

    Using Android, in my case MOTO5G, as above to connect to the accesspoint, however, you have to wait for the homepage to load FULLY. When its loaded, hit the three buttons top right and, then hit „use this internet as is“, then load your player, in my case its Squeezer for my andriod phone.

    Both the above options work for me all the time, but there does seem to be issues if you have a problem connecting, for example, I could’nt connect yo my player was already open when trying to connect to the accesspoint. So its a clean boot each time. I have not spent much time trying to find out why this happens (yet :-)) and it has only been on my android. But for me, I’m a happy chappy again.
    Hope this helps someone, good luck.

    2. Juli 2018 at 21:08 #36439

    Hi Heiner

    Just realised that my last posting isnt showing so I’ll try again.

    The instrcutions you gave me did work, so that was a big improvment from where I was. However, when I came and recconnected with my phone to M2P, it just would’nt connect. Or it did then dropped the connection.
    Now it says its obtaining the ip address and just stays like that for about a minute then says IP configuration problem, then drops out.
    I did burn another image and it did much the same, so I tried using my ipad to connect and that just did nothing at all, I just saw the spinning disc showing that it was trying to connect but thats about it.
    And when it is connected and working properly I have noticed that I don’t get an explination „!“ by the side of the wifi indicator on my phone, when it drops out it does not loose wifi, but the explination „!“ appears and I cant access my music.
    It also does not show all of the artwork, just some
    I hope this makes some sense Heiner.
    Any ideas why and how I can fix it.

    Since my last posting, I have tried several things to try and stop M2P from loosing its connection. If you remember when I first connect to the accesspoint with my Android phone, I’m presented with the M2P main GUI to enable me to sign in. I hit the three top righthand dots and pick „Use this network as is“. My wifi says the accesspoint is connected….
    When I have done this I open Squeezer and it finds all my music. However within 2-3 minutes, I see a „!“ on my wifi signal indicator on my phone and now the wifi says „connected no internet“. Once I get this, squeezer does not work, I can’t find my music and I have to either do a complete reboot on both the Pi and Squeezer, OR, go to the M2P GUI page and pick „use this network as is“ and reboot squeezer.
    To test things out, I have burned new images, connected M2P to a Hootoo travel router then connected my android to that, and used M2P that way, I’ve also used another android, an ipad and iphone, every way I have tried to make this work, but the same thing happens all the time. And now I am convinced its M2P that is breaking the connection. Can someone Please help and offer some hope of ever getting this working..I first tried this 2 years ago, and still no further on. Please help.. Thanks

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    2. Juli 2018 at 12:51 #36437

    Hi Heiner
    Well your suggestion is giving me better results than before.
    The first time I did this it worked..

    Sadley, the wifi connection between the M2P and the phone is constantly dropping out (loosing connection).
    I could’nt find this problem on the forum so I made a clean image and same thing happened again, it just keeps dropping out.

    From memory over a year ago, this is what used to happen to me before, well after I updated my image one day so I just gave up on the idea. But I really really would like a standalone system in three different locations, so I need to get this working but not sure what else to do. Have you experianced this Heiner or know what I might be. And I’m using squeezer. Thanks again (ps I’m sure it will work via a router, but I’m trying to avoid this)

    27. Juni 2018 at 13:09 #36383

    Hi Heiner
    Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ll hopefully try this in the next few days.
    Really appreciate your help

    27. Juni 2018 at 13:09 #36384

    Hi Heiner
    Thanks for the reply and advice. I’ll hopefully try this in the next few days.
    Really appreciate your help

    26. Juni 2018 at 16:55 #36372

    Hi Heiner

    This is really helpful.

    I have Android,
    So are you saying install Squeezebox server by connecting it to the internet, then install Squeezelite on my android phone to control Squeezebox?

    Sorry for sounding unsure but I just want to make sure I understand so that I know I’m doing the right things.
    And once again Heiner, I really appreciate the great work you do and your ongoing invalid help.

    25. Juni 2018 at 17:05 #36359

    Hi Heiner

    My system is a standalone system. I have a M2P with the access point module installed hooked up to a 2TB hardrive.
    This setup also has Kodi running on it that boots up automatically

    There are no wired connections to the M2P except power and the lead to the 2TB hardrive from the Pi

    When I power it up, I access the files using my phone’s WiFi and the Kode app which is installed on my phone and this uses the access point, to get access to the pi/M2P

    I’m not or can’t use hdmi in the way I need to use it, it has to be a true standalone unit also without a router, which as you have said that’s the whole point of the access point

    That’s how I’m running it but recently it’s developed another Fault where Kode finds it, but when it does it disconnects the access point for some strange reason
    Hope this makes sense now , maybe I have missunderstood how your project worked, if so my apologies, I thought it was a true standalone system controlled wirelessly using a Kodi app

    16. Juni 2018 at 17:46 #36212

    Solved, well kind of;;;
    Hi anyone who might have been following this…

    Make sure your Kode app is’nt running..
    Then fire up your m2p.
    In your Android go to control/wifi and find your m2p accesspoint signal and choose it.
    Another screen (m2p main page) will pop up. Locate the 2 dots top left and hit them. Choose „use network as is“
    No go back to your control/wifi screen and locate your m2p signal.
    When you have DONT tap and choose it, hold your finger on it until it comes up with 3 options.
    The one you want is Modify this network.
    Pick that, when you have, the next screen will ask you for a password, enter it here. This is the password used in your accesspoint setup.

    From there go to Kode app. fire it up. If this is a first install follow the instructions. If this is not your first install you need to locate the media server tab at the top of the kode „control“ panel. and delete whatever media player is there and when you have, you then get Kode to search for another media player. It should find the m2p player, your accesspoint and thats it.

    Thing is, I just can’t seem to boot up my m2p, then Kodi and it all works without all this messing around.
    Yes its very clunkey BUT IT WORKS!!!!, well it does for me.

    I hope if anyone else is having issues they can use this and it may help them too.
    However, please post any other way of doing it, or ideas which might help me as I’m sure its not supposed to be a clunkey as this.
    I have NOT tested it fully, I’ve just been playing about with it in the local supermarket car park. So there may be bugs that have not yet come to the surface,please note…

    16. Juni 2018 at 10:23 #36208

    Hi, again
    Ive just been out and bought another 8gb SD card and tried that.
    The install went well but I still can’t connect to it when in accesspoint mode with my ipad, iphone and moto g5.
    Is ANYONE currently having the same problems, even if you’re not it would be good to know the image is working (and I can’t believe its not).
    Any help or input from anyone (as I don’t know what to do next) would be very much appreciated.
    Thanks A

    15. Juni 2018 at 19:33 #36207

    Hi Heiner,
    I managed to get back home before your reply and I thought I would try to burn another image (m2p_rpi_default_241_wps_autoexpand) which I downloaded in January/Feb.

    I burned the image and started it.
    I did’nt expand the file system, nor did I update M2P nor anything else at this stage.

    I went to the settings/reboot and looked for the accesspoint on the listings. It was’nt in the list this time but has been on all the other occasions while trying to get this working.

    So I loaded and installed AP module.

    After the AP was installed it came back with quite a long script, maybe 2-3 times longer than I have been having on previous AP installations.

    So I booted it upand it worked as it should….However, after testing it several times and all was ok, I thought I would now put it in the car.
    Thats where I noticed it was’nt working again, it just would not connect with my phone like before so I took it back inside and tried again.
    Sure enough it started to work again although I disconnected the ethernet cable from the M2P and my M2P was connected to my phone via the accesspoint anyhow.
    Would you have any idea whats going on because I can’t see the link between my home network, my phone and M2P thats making this happen.But there is one, How very very odd.

    It seems that its somehow going through my home wifi, could this be in part the issue with the ip address it can’t find as its hooked into my network in some weird way ?
    hope this is clear.

    15. Juni 2018 at 9:30 #36203

    Hi Heiner

    I have just had a thought.
    Since trying to set up my standalone system using accesspoint and Kodi, all I have done after burning a new image is to load and set up the accesspoint module then go to the Kodi module and set that up to find the music on my hard drive which is connected to my pi.

    Thats all…

    What I have not done is to mount the hardrive through M2P because Kodi sees the hard drive where my music files are without doing that, so I just thought there was no need to install it. But maybe I have to as it also might also install Samba ?
    And if samba is not in stalled I guess I would not see M2P on my network as a drive, which I can’t, and maybe thats why I might not be able to access this using the accesspoint too.

    And I’m not near my pi so I can’t try it, so I was hoping you might read this before I get home tonight and let me know if indeed this could be the problem, I just hope it is this that I have overlooked ?

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