Using M2P in the car

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  • 20. Februar 2020 at 10:11 #48044

    I’ve tried to get M2P working in the car, with some success. Its not perfect, in fact, it’s not working at the moment, but it’s a connection issue, this is down to how I have set it up. I have a router, M2P is connected to that via WiFi and I control it via squeezer. But it’s not perfect and looses connection. So I’m hoping someone out there has done this with or without using M2P, but as I have M2P’s around the house, I’d like to stick with it. But I’m desperate so any help would be really appreciated.

    23. März 2020 at 15:36 #48222

    Hi alex,

    Try getting rid of as many wireless connections as possible. This should alleviate some stress on the device. Also, see if the Health Checker spikes its stats during any specific tasks or processes.

    29. März 2020 at 10:08 #48314

    Hi Heiner,

    Really sorry for the very late reply, lots of unseen circumstances. Ok, here is where I am. I originally set it up as an assess-point. Which I did have some success with, I say some as it use to loose connection between it and the router.

    So I rethought this and tried another router ( I was using a TP link travel router originally). This time I used an old standard router I had laying around and removed the access-point from M2P. Again it worked but wasn’t always finding its connection. So I tried another router. This was another old Plusnet router, identical to a BT HUB5.

    I had it on the bench for over a week, turning it on and off all the time and it never missed a beat so I put it in the car just over two weeks ago. The router is housed in the boot area of my car and powered from my caravan socket via a fuse. The pi is in my centre armrest where my aux in is for my radio. It works like a dream. Ok you have to wait about 3 mins for things to boot up, but it works every time. The pi has a hardrive with over 75000 songs, plus films and photos. So plenty of media there to keep me happy for some time. Thanks for your suggestions Heiner and help in the past and for sure I’ll keep your suggestions in mind just in case🙏. Hope someone finds this useful.

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