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  • 8. November 2018 at 10:51 #41866


    I really hope someone out there might be able to help.

    At the moment have a Max2play set up in my car which works really well. I can watch videos, look at photos and play my music, great for long journeys.

    The thing is I can only operate any of this when stationary. And if you’re like me, you sometimes set some album playing and you decide you want to change the album but as you’re driving you can’t.

    Ok I could stick a small screen on my m2p but I’ve nowhere to fix it. And I’m not happy about even doing this while driving, maybe it’s also not permitted. So voice commands is what I need.

    Does anyone know ( before I spend hours trying) if the openhab with Alexa will do this or even google assistant, I don’t really care, I just need to do it somehow, well if it can be done. The thing is I’m not sure if you need a cloud link for either of these options to work, as in this setup I don’t have internet access.
    Here’s hoping someone out there knows the answer, thanks in advance guys.

    Ps I’m aware amazon is bringing out the amazon auto echo but the release date for that in the uk has not been announced, I’m also aware of the problem of voice recognition in an environment of inside of a car, but I’m still hopeful someone has done it or has an idea that might do it.

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    12. November 2018 at 12:35 #41955

    Hi alex,

    With our API-Examples plugin you already have the commands for play, pause, next track, etc.

    You can then choose which service you want to use to execute them with.

    I’d suggest you just try it out with openhab since I am not sure anyone has yet tried this in their car before here 😉

    13. November 2018 at 8:06 #41971

    Hi Heiner,

    Thanks for getting back to me, yes fine I will. Sadly on holiday at the mo but as soon as I get back I shall.
    Thanks yet again for your help, it’s always appreciated

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