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  • 1. Juli 2021 at 19:58 #51396

    Hi all

    I watched the Accesspoint (AP) Traning Video so I could set up an AP on my M2P.
    However, the video and the Kodi on my M2P are of different versions so I did what I could and bottom line is, Kore on my phone will not connect to Kodi on my M2P.

    Kore finds it, but then it says it can’t connect. I feel Ive done everything right, ticked the standalone in the AP page, found the correct IP address so I can enter the details manually (that did’nt work). I tried it with my ethernet cable attached to the M2P and disconnected, which is what I need, NO NETWORK CONNECTION, still no luck. So, I hope someone out there can help, Thanks in advance.A

    PS. I have written this 4 times it seems the only time my message gets saved is if I don’t include DEBUG info , so really sorry no debug info

    2. Juli 2021 at 16:24 #51401

    Hi Alex,

    Do you need the access point for any other Max2Play applications? If I’m not mistaken, Kore should also work simply via the home network. So as long as your smartphone and Kodi are on the same network, Kore should find Kodi.

    2. Juli 2021 at 17:32 #51404

    Hi Mario

    Thanks for the reply. I read your message and tried again with the smartphone on the same network, meaning the M2P has an ethernet cable connect to the router and my phone is also connected to the router, and yes that works and works well, thanks. Not sure what was happening yesterday, but it really wasn’t working.

    So thats solved that problem.

    But I have a question, should this work as a standalone system, meaning can I connect a HD to my M2P, the M2P then creates its own wifi connection, I then connect to this via my phone and control it with Kore (with no internet connection) Kore will then access Kodi on my M2P and play the media files either via a USB DAC, A Highfi Berry DAC or the 3.5mm audio out Jack socket.. (No I don’t need to access other M2P’s)

    Or have I misunderstood the concept of how the AP works, I really would appreciate some clarity from you Mario so I’m not burning the midnight oil trying to do what the system isn’t designed to do.

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    6. Juli 2021 at 11:41 #51415

    Hi Alex,

    Theoretically, this should be possible. However, I can’t promise you that the system will run stably. In the past, the access point has led to strange problems in interaction with other plugins and is therefore only suitable for special applications. You are welcome to test this setup, but we recommend connecting Max2Play to the router via LAN if possible.

    6. Juli 2021 at 19:59 #51425

    Hi Mario
    Thanks for the reply its appreciated.
    Ok I’m going to have a play with it and see if we can do anything with it. What I have noticed is the wifi it gives out is not constant, it fires up then shuts down, then fires up then shuts down etc. I did’nt realise this until now so I have to sort that out before anything else.
    Thanks again

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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