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  • 10. Mai 2021 at 17:12 #51221

    I have now noticed that without doing anything the links for the nightly 8.2 updates have started to appear again and they are now working as they used to .

    Please note that this is using the same SD card image that was not able to do this in the thread I mentioned before. So presume that something has been changed in which case it would always be nice if this could be mentioned in these threads so that those like myself were only being allowed to use a single instance of LMS and not able to update that can now update easily as was the case before.

    28. April 2021 at 15:54 #51166

    I have tried to load the latest version of LMS but when I have put the instructions in to the SSH terminal the following message comes up and the newer version is not loaded . Please can you advise what can be done to get the latest versions of LMS to load and work .

    dpkg: warning: unable to delete old directory ‚/usr/share/squeezeboxserver/CPAN/arch/5.18‘: Directory not empty

    28. März 2021 at 15:22 #51046

    Still the same issue today notified on LMS that a new version was available . Tried to update to all three 8.0 versions but noe of them worked as although it looked as if they loaded using the normal url link 192.168.1.—:9000 is not able to contact LMS . Any ideas on what the issue is ? A new install 7.9 nightly works .

    26. März 2021 at 16:01 #51045

    I was notified on LMS that a new version of 8.2 was available so using Max2play beta as normal version 21020 I used the Squeezebox server page as normal dropped down the versions tab and chose 8.2 nightly . This loaded but unlike as normal did not start Squeezebox Server clicking on the start button sent the site working but when it stopped the SQ had not started. I tried 8.1,8.0 and finally 7.9 Nightly and only this version worked and plays music .

    Is there a general issue or is this just me ?

    4. Februar 2021 at 18:10 #50741

    Hi Mario

    As always thank you for your help and advice I have been using the WinSCP method for years but it is this that has stopped working and when you fix moount the HD it does not give you read / write / delete permissions to the drive so I am not able to copy one file to the other.

    I have gone through the set up you suggested and have got this to work now which will be fine . One small point for others doing it in the Windows set up just ticking the boxes for Reconnect at sign -in and Connect using different credentials does not bring up any log in boxes when you then click on finish . Instead you need to clink on the link in blue at the bottom which opens another window and put the details in that and then it lets you add your sign in and when completed it adds a link in your networks you can then cancel the original box you describe and everything works . This may well be a new thing in the current upgrade to Windows 10 .

    3. Februar 2021 at 16:26 #50726

    Apologies for the sour tone to the above lock down fever has got to me a bit this time and i do find the slightest thing gets me wound up . My main reason for wanting to sort this out is because using this SSD HD has made the music sound better and in particular it has made poor recordings easier and more enjoyable to listen to . So given this I am not going to give in and go back to the USB HD . I have to find a way to solve this and get things back to working how they were . Any help offered please can you be very clear and step by step with what to do . I regret that my abilities on Max2play and the Pi is limited to simple stuff that I have got from videos and other more advanced users .

    3. Februar 2021 at 14:44 #50725

    This is so frustrating I have added the new Crucial CX8 TB SSD HD to my Raspberry Pi 4 8GB which is acting as my stand alone LMS . Unlike when I started with Max2play which found and allowed a USB drive to be found and located under Media in LMS your current version finds the Crucial Drive but states it is unmounted.

    Once I mount it and it found by LMS it will allow a scan . However I currently rip my files to a 4 TB drive attached to my PC then via WINSCP copy the newly added files over to the USB connected to the Raspberry Pi . Now this is not possible because when I try it says it give the following and says the operation failed .

    scp: /mnt/extdrive/Andrews Music/Music Files/Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng/Folder.jpg: set times: Operation not permitted

    Why have you changed what was a perfectly easy system that worked for many years and created something that just stops me doing a very simple operation ? Is there a simple solution to this ? Please do not suggest Samba as I have never been able to get this to work with my PC ever , this is probably down to my lack of technical ability and Windows 10 but nothing I have done has worked. Is there anyhting I can change in Max2play on the raspberry Pi that will allow me access to the HD with read and write and delete permissions so i can just go back to what i have been doing for all this time ? If I put the old USB HD back that lets me access but I have no idea what is different about that drive .

    10. Januar 2021 at 14:43 #50575

    I have seen that you now do not have a beta download for Raspberry Pi 4 and it has now been included in your normal download for all models. Does this version also work with the Pi4 8GB unit ? Has the update of the download addressed the issues that have existed ? I am only asking because if so I will download the current Pi download and reflash an SD card and set my Pi4 8 stand alone server with it (I will retain teh current SD card in case of anu issues) but do not want to do this unless the Pi4 8GB install is now included .

    10. Januar 2021 at 14:33 #50574

    Thanks for that I was able to cut and paste this in to the update version bar on Max2play . Will I need to do this every time or will the versions 8.1 and 8.2 be added to the max2play update list ? If this is only done when using max2play in beta version that would be fine as those using this will know there may be issues .

    Also while I can see these updates under the slimdevices nightly downloads they are not the complete wget links you have added , where could I find these full links ?

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    19. November 2020 at 15:32 #50284

    It has now been a few weeks and I would just like to ask if you have managed to secure a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB unit to work on ? I am currently using one as my Logitech Media Server only and while it is working very well it is still showing that it thinks it is a Pi 4 4Gb unit . I would be interested if there are any additional advantages in performance that can be used with the additional memory space that this Pi version offers . Any updates would be useful .

    11. August 2020 at 15:27 #49540

    Hi Mario

    I do not use Samba or create a share . In the past I have never needed it all I had to do was use WINSCP and then copy from the USB drive on my PC to the USB Drive on my Raspberry Pi . I have not done anything different but set the USB HD as Mounted on the File Settings page .

    this is what the mounted drive looks like (not able to cut and paste to this message )

    Path : UUID=1F02-2848/ Mountpoint: /mnt/extdrive: Type : vfat Options : defaults,nofail,iocharset=utf8

    Is there anything I can add to this that will enable me to access this ext drive and read / write ?

    16. Juli 2020 at 9:53 #49341

    Hi it has been many years since I looked at the full settings I have on my LMS so apologies for the delay in answering . I have checked and as I thought my LMS is just sending all files in Native FLAC (all the tracks in my Library are in FLAC) . So the Pi 8gb is doing no rendering itself just acting as the gateway and sending the files to my various netwrok players .

    So again there has been no change other than the direct switch from a 4 gb to an 8 gb which should really given how little use a server I am led to believe is putting on a Pi . I have had many people tell me I was wasting my money using anything bigger than a 2 gb unit and that even the Pi 4 is overkill . However I value the Pi 4 for its increased sommthness and response time and it just makes the use of LMS that bit nicer . Now I have the issue if the 8 gb unit is the exact same board and construction except for the Ram increase which is what I am led to believe is the case then why does that simple addition of more Ram make the sound quality better . I have no idea but as they say take all the gains you can .

    14. Juli 2020 at 15:24 #49311

    As indicated above i have replaced a Pi 4 4gb unit with a new Pi 4 8gb one. Expectation was just that this new unit would be a direct replacement and offer perhaps a little more speed and smoothnes in response . As indicated I use my Pi 4 8gb as a stand alone Music Server running Logitech Media Server and with a USB 2 TB Hard Drive connected to one of of the 3.0 USB inputs. I used the SD card that was previously set up for the old Pi 4 4gb and I was replacing the Pi 4 2gb unit which was acting as a short term replacement and which had also used the SD card as well .

    using the Pi 4 2gb made no real difference except for a very small loss in speed and things were as i expected. However and i know there will be many who will doubt this and I am at a loss to explain it but the Pi 4 8gb sounds som much better than the other units . And I am not saying this lightly . I have been one who has been sceptical about the benefits of using expensive (sometimes very expensive) audio company streamer units made by the likes of Linn , Naim , Melos and others. Given what the unit had to do store and pass on digital files there seemed no way that they could influence sound quality .

    Well I am now left not a little puzzled but very happy . The use of the Pi 4 8gb unit makes the sounds coming form all of my different systems sound better . Better bass , more natural vocals , better imaging and this is from a very lofi kitchen system using a Raspberry Pi 3 + a Justboom Amphat connected to Rodgers Wall speakers , to what I am listening to now which is a fully active system of Raspberry Pi 4 2gb plus a HiFiBerry Digi Pro+ feeding a MiniDSP DDRC 24HD acting as digital crossover , DAC and Pre amp then feeding two x Quad 405 power amplifiers into four (Stacked ) KEF 103 reference speakers one amp for each side . Inj each case and in all of my other systems by only changing the Music Server to a Pi 4 8gb they have become more nautral and detailed in a good way . This is using the Pi 4 8gb with a standard Raspberry pi PSU so no help there and it is just a straight swap of one for the other.

    I have switched back to the Pi 2gb and the drop in quality is very noticable things become just less musical and a swithc back has my partner asking what have I changed . I am delighted with this gain but frankly I have no way of rationalising what is causing the increase in sound quality . All i can be sure of is in my system and with my music and my ears this is real . It may be something that is worht looking at if you are planning to start your own system and having either a standlaone Pi music server or a Player / Server set up . The Pi 4 8gb is more expensive but I for one think it is well worth the extra . Next thing is to make a cheap but quiet Linear Power Supply Unit for the Raspberry Pi 4 8gb and see if that pushed the sound quality a little further .

    9. Juli 2020 at 10:12 #49273

    Hi MarioM thank you for the response sorry I was only putting the details about using the Pi as an LMS server for information . I have used one for over nine years in this way updating the Pi versions as they became available I do not need any advice on that part of the work as I think I could set up a new unit in my sleep mainly due to Max2play being easy to use and control .

    Sorry to hear you have supply problems with the 8 gb all of the UK buyers I contacted including rs components had them in stock and available not sure why your supply is difficult

    I have in fact just put the already set up SD card in to the 8 gb (it was previously in a 4 gb) and it has worked seamlessly and without any issue . The speeds for a full Library scan 53,938 tracks is much quicker and the response is also instant and very smooth . So I can confirm for anyone interested that the current image works . I suspect that there may be even more speed to wrung out of this version but I will be patient until you have one to test adn see what you can do with it . Thank you for the time taken to respond .

    8. Juli 2020 at 11:26 #49234

    Can you confirm if the Max2play Beta for Raspberry Pi 4 works with the new 8 gb version ? Would I need to do anyhting further to use the extra speed this version is capable of ? I intend to just use this as an LMS server only with no player so as to make the LMS as responsive and smooth as possible . Have you and tips or addons that will help make this work .

    6. April 2020 at 12:58 #48409

    Heiner sorry but this is not really acceptable . I have paid your license fee for a number of years and used your software during that period . One of the reasons for paying you a fee when there are free software options i could use is that you will be on hand to assist with problems and issues.

    If this problem is complicated or difficult then fair enough please just reply to this thread and say so . If it is somehting that you are not able to fix then again fair enough place your reply here . Both of these are acceptable . What is not acceptable is you not answering or commenting at all . This is your work and you have asked users to pay for it we have done this and we at least desereve to have our questions answered even if we then do not really like those answers .

    Can you please review the problem that a number of people have and respond if there is anythign you can or even we can do to get around the issue.

    4. April 2020 at 11:50 #48407

    Ah well after having Max2play work well and without any of the noted issues regarding using a Raspberry pi 4 I now have the same issue as others seem to .

    I have an Allo Digione that was with a Raspberry Pi 3 . This worked using the Max2play install for Allo . I was given a Raspberry Pi 4 2GB unit and decided that i would do two things replace the Digione on to the Raspberry Pi4 and order a metal case for the two .

    Waiting on the metal case but have done the swap of the Pi 4 . Formatted an SD card and did a new clean install of the Beta Raspberry Pi4 download . At first install seemed to be fine but after activation it said that Max2play needed to update did this and rebooted. Went to Audioplayer page and founf that the Digione was not listed even though it showed Digione as the chosen card on the Allo page.

    Tried a reboot and this time the unit just stopped no reboot and no contact with the player . Tried upplugging leaving for five minutes and then powering up but again the same result . So formetted the SD card again and did another clean install this time just loaded Max2play and left the Allo install for later . But the same thing happened again and once the upgrade was completed I changed the R Pi settings and on reboot as instructed the same just stopping working .

    So loaded Picoreplayer 6.0 on the same unit and after setting it up as Allo Digione worked first time and is playing as I type this . There is a flaw in the Rpi 4 download which is preventing units being set up to use Max2play . This is a shame and it would be a good thing if this could be addressed . I enjoy this software and i like the control and GUI it offers . All of my oter players Hatamps and LMS server use the same Max2play software and work without issue . I can use the Digione as Pcp player but would much prefer to have all units working on the same software. Heiner can you please respond and advise if you are going to look at this and address the issue . If you are not able to easily fix this then it is better we all know there is the problem and we then make sensible decisions going forward.

    17. März 2020 at 15:12 #48157

    So why am I listening to Lizz Wright singing Another Angel using a Max2play driven Raspberry Pi 4 4Gb as server and a Max2play driven Raspberry Pi 2gb with HiFiBerry Digi Hat which is working perfectly and has done for over seven months.

    Just to test out your claim I have just run sudo apt update , then sudo apt upgrade on both players again works without any fault at all .
    I do not know how to achieve what you are saying happens .

    I would consider either re-formatting your current sd card or replacing it and trying a new download and install . The only issues that the Beta Max2play has ahd were in the very early days and I have four different players arounf the house including JustBoom , Allo and HiFiBerry all of which work .

    17. März 2020 at 14:28 #48155

    There are things you can do to get the Pi to run cooler . First use Putty to SCP in to the Pi . After running as pi then password max2play you should be given a command line .

    Type in sudo apt update

    Then press return .

    When it stops reading the updates it should tell you how many files it can update .

    Then again on the command line type sudo apt upgrade . It will then read and compile the update and ask if you want to go ahead Y/N pres yes and this should start the update process . Once this finishes and the screen has reurned to command line type

    sudo reboot

    Once the Pi has renooted this should have updated the kernal and all files and it will run not as hot as before. I would also suggest that you buy something like the flirc case for the Pi 4 as this is very effective at getting the Pi 4 to run cooler .

    24. August 2019 at 8:43 #46831

    The SHH details are

    username – pi

    password – max2play

    If you use this then you will be able to get in to your pi accordingly .

    29. Juli 2019 at 13:52 #46519

    Good Afternoon All

    Beta version of Max2play has been running for a few weeks on my RPi 4 and with some minor hiccups it has been a very positive experience . The Rpi 4 is the computer card we have all been waiting for . It has the speed and memory it really needed to run the LMS server at the speeds and response times we would all wish for. It is possible that Heiner will be able to get some more out of the RPi 4 when he has the chance to work with it for a while but I am more than content with what I have now . Sound is really great , the server is rock solid and response times with Touch Screen players , Apps and controls from a PC are all very precise and instantly responded too .

    Only real issue I had (which is nothing to do with Max2play) was that the CPU on the RPi 4 was running very hot . In original form when using the RPi 4 as an LMS server only it was around 70 – 72 when idling and given that at 80 the RPi 4 CPU will start to throttle back that is not much head room. This is a known issue of the Pi 4 and the makers have issued a firmware update to address the issue . Using Putty you can SSH in to your Pi 4 and put in the following lines

    sudo apt-get update

    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

    This will change your Pi to the latest firmware and any other updates that are current . Result after this was that the temperature dropped to around 60 – 64 which is good but for me still a little too close to the top limit . I purchased a Flirc Case for Raspberry Pi 4 and this arrived today . Very nice case which looks sleek main body is made of an aluminium casting and also nice and simple to put together you stick a patch of heat paste to the CPU case and this is attached to a rectangular post cast in the case. Put the plastic case bottom over the SD card input and just drop the whole pie in the case , four screws keep it very firmly attached .

    Then did a reboot of Max2play and started LMS server and started the music playing , which it istill doing now as I type this . A check of the temperature shows a nice cool 41 which stays steady even with three players all playing in different rooms . This means my RPi 4 will stay working well within its specifications and there should be no issues . Would recommend this case as being a very effective passive solution to the heat problems .

    24. Juli 2019 at 8:59 #46463

    Sorry Heiner due to the issue I had it was not possible to see any page for LMS so without being able to see anything it was not possible to copy the log .

    As indicated above I have created a clean new download of the image and loaded that . Set up was as expected and LMS and Material Skin are both working again as they had been for weeks after my original download and set up .

    Things are back to normal again but as this is a new install I am not able to go back and review what happened with the previous install and give you the feedback you need to see what happened .

    Will just use the current install and hope the issue was just a one off .

    22. Juli 2019 at 9:48 #46440

    Hi Today I have run in to my first issue . LMS appears to be running but is no able to be viewed using the normal 192.168.1. — (your isp no) 9000.

    When you try to access this then you get 404 not found . I am still able to acces the Pi via LMS and I can still do an update via max2play page but the actual interface is not showing .

    At a bit of a loss as to what to do only thing I can think of is to do a new clean download of max2play and see if things sort themselves out with a new install ?

    6. Juli 2019 at 1:14 #46171

    Evening Heiner

    LMS has been pplaying all day on various players around the house with no issues . One thing I would mention is that I added some new music from CD rips in Flac today at two different times . As I always do I asked LMS to do a scan looking for new and changed media files but in both cases LMS did a complete rescan .

    As I am not sure if this was just the software settling down will wait until I add my next new music and let you know if this happens again or as normal it just scans the new material added.

    Still thrilled with this as Beta software so far it has been the most bug free beta I have ever used .

    5. Juli 2019 at 12:05 #46168

    Hi Heiner

    I think when I set up the RPi 3 + as server it took around 19 minutes to do a full scan and that was probably a year ago so my Library was smaller (I buy CD’s and rip them to the Library at a rate of around 10 – 15 per month) . So I feel the RPi4 is quicker on this aswel it is just that it always take a while if you have a large Library . Full scan using a Windows 10 Lap top takes about 15 plus minutes so givne the differnce in pwoer the Pi4 is still okay and you only really need to do this when setting up after that it is just a scan of new files when added which as I just added 2 x CD’s just now is super quick compared Rpi 3 so all good .

    5. Juli 2019 at 10:49 #46165

    Right Library read of 50049 tracks took 17 minutes so not bad as you only really do this for the first run . I have now fully loaded the Rpi 4 and set it going as my LMS server . Music started straight away and is playing as I am typing this. Response and reaction to requests is very quick and much smoother than before .

    So far working very well and all the normal additions I use with LMS (Material Skin , Radio Paradise , BBC iPlayer ) all seem to be working well . I only use this Pi as a server so no hat or sound card loaded so not able to say how that function is working . So far so in my view very good . I hesitate to add this as it is a very subjective thing but I feel the sound quality has also improved and seems more solid and stable than before .

    5. Juli 2019 at 10:10 #46164

    Good Morning Heiner

    Well done on getting out even a beta image for this new Pi so quickly . I downloaded the image today and wrote to my Raspbery Pi 4 4GB unit today.

    Downlaod went well and image loaded with no issues. I was able to access the online Max2play web page straight away . I then mounted my USB 2 TB HD and loaded the latest LMS image . LMS has loaded and is currently running and updating my Library (which is over 50,000 songs) so will take a little time. Once this has completed will connect the Pi up as my server and will use and report back on how it is working.



    24. Juni 2019 at 17:14 #45911

    Afternoon Heiner

    Thankyou for getting back will just have to wait till you have the time to look at the new Pi’s and see what happens . Given the increased power and memory they will have should mean that for running LMS they should be faster and smoother especially for those like me that have large 50,000 + Libraries.

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    20. Juni 2018 at 11:28 #36273

    Hello Heiner thank you for your reply and suggestion after a long and slightly frustrating search through what could be the cause I found that it had nothing to do with Max2play or Squeezebox which have always worked well . The issue in fact was with my bromser Microsoft Edge which after an update has changed some form of setting (which one I have no idea) . I downloaded Firefox and things are back to normal .

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