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  • 6. August 2021 at 13:56 #51550

    I have used an Allo Digione with my Raspberry Pi 4 as a player with Max2play . Installation of that was easy using your Allo Saet up button so getting all areas automatically set up for the Allo Digione hat .

    I have recently decided to upgrade to the Allo Digione Signature hat and installed a new SD card and a new installation for Max2play . When the new player was found I again used the Allo button and let the automatic set up work . However when it came to choosing which Allo device I have there was no choice for Signature in the drop down menu only an Allo Digione which is what I have used .

    After the set up I then went through my normal set up procedure taking off things like KODI , Squeezebox Server etc that I will not be using on this unit as a player only . The unit is working and seems to be okay until it comes to turning the unit off and then back on the next day. The Allo Signature player is found on LMS and i can start it playing but no sound comes out . I can see from the LMS GUI page that the player is playing a track or Radio Paradise but no sound is coming out . I have to go to the IP address page and reboot the unit until it will play again .

    This does not happen with a separate Allo Digione (Rpi 3) I have also using Max2play only the new Signature . IS you set up for Allo fully working for the Allo Signature version ? Is there anything I can do or change to ensure that it is found and working after i turn off the player ?

    11. August 2021 at 15:18 #51559

    Hello Bencat57,

    it is correct that Allo DigiOne and Allo DigiOne Signature use the same device driver.

    Something may have gone wrong when „cleaning up“ your installation. I know it feels better when unnecessary stuff is uninstalled, on the other hand an installed Kodi etc doesn’t really affect performance.

    I would test again with a fresh image and default settings (as far as possible) to see if the error occurs again. You can make a backup of the current image in case it is not the software.

    If the error occurs again, I would also keep an eye on the hardware. It is also good to know how long the Pi has to be without power for the error to occur. That will make systematic testing easier. If you still have a Digione, test it on the RPI that is meant for the Signature. Also a test with another power supply might help. The Pi4 plus Signature is a bit more demanding on the power supply.

    15. August 2021 at 13:27 #51569

    Hell Jan thank you for your answer I have been working on this over the last few days and have been able to identify that it is a sequence problem with another piece of equipment (MiniDSP DDRC 22D) . If both items are switched on at the same time the Pi takes much longer to get set up and stabilize and have a correct output this seems to conflict with the MiniDSP input and results in there not being a correct hand shake between the two . If I power up the system and let the Allo Signature boot up and appear on the LMS control page and then turn on the MiniDSP things work fine so have tried this for about three days straight and there is no issue provided I turn on in the right order .
    Sorry to have taken up your time for what was not a Max2play issue but with your advice and a little lateral thinking I have now sorted the problem .

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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