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  • Heiner Moderator

    Hallo Timm,

    Input ist schwierig für das System, da es einen Stream doppelt enkodieren und glattziehen muss. Im LMS gibt es das WaveInput Plugin womit dies theoretisch möglich ist. Hier ist der passende Thread dazu im SlimDevices Forum


    Heiner Moderator

    Hi mhooo,

    We are not very experienced with the WaveInput Plugin.

    Your best bet would be the slimdevices discussion thread on the plugin itself.
    However, you can check the Health Checker in Settings/Reboot during playback to see if the Pi’s load is affected by WaveInput and it might be a hardware issue.


    Heiner Moderator

    Hi amigo,

    There is no direct solution for audio-in. However, there is the wave input plugin for the LMS that might help you along.


    Heiner Moderator

    Hi guys,

    Thank you for the feedback. We will definitely consider the possibilities that this input option might have.

    For now, you can already look at the WaveInput plugin that comes with our installation of the Squeezebox Server.

    This plugin can manage streaming input to multiple Squeeze players, like our Squeezelite.

    Here’s the discussion thread:



    I’m trying to setup Max2Play on a RaspberryPi Zero as a Bluetooth receiver for my Echo Dot. I want to stream the Bluetooth audio to the Squeezebox server running on the same device. When I install Bluetooth Streaming for Squeezebox Server I get a message that no Bluetooth Device is connected. The full output is below as is the output of hciconfig -a showing the Bluetooth address for the onboard device. Is there a step I’m missing for Max2Play to detect the onboard Bluetooth? I have already run apt-get update and upgrade.

    Install Bluetooth support for Squeezebox Server
    start X-Server
    Install Waveinput Plugin
    Archive: /opt/max2play/cache/
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/custom-convert.conf 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/custom-convert.conf.eca 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/custom-types.conf 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/settings/basic.html 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/html/images/waveinput.png 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/install.xml 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/ 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/ 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/strings.txt 
    inflating: /opt/max2play/cache/WaveInput/ 
    Add some magic...
    /opt/max2play/cache /var/www/max2play/public
    updating: WaveInput/custom-convert.conf (deflated 56%)
    updating: WaveInput/custom-convert.conf.eca (deflated 47%)
    updating: WaveInput/custom-types.conf (deflated 70%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/images/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/settings/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/settings/basic.html (deflated 40%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/html/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/html/images/ (stored 0%)
    updating: WaveInput/HTML/EN/plugins/WaveInput/html/images/waveinput.png (deflated 1%)
    updating: WaveInput/install.xml (deflated 47%)
    updating: WaveInput/ (deflated 54%)
    updating: WaveInput/ (deflated 58%)
    updating: WaveInput/strings.txt (deflated 45%)
    updating: WaveInput/ (deflated 55%)
    adding: WaveInput/ (stored 0%)
    WaveInput installed
    No Bluetooth-Device is connected! Make sure to connect this first!
    Now: Choose Bluetooth from favorites in Squeezebox Server and click play OR enable Autostart Bluetooth-Streaming in Squeezebox Server on this page. After this, you can stream audio from your smartphone to your Squeezebox Server and multiple players.
    Restarting logitechmediaserver (via systemctl): logitechmediaserver.service.
    Update Configfile - existing Entry changed
    bluetooth successfully removed from autostart
    Update Configfile - existing Entry changed
    bluetooth successfully added to autostart
    No running X-Server found! Bluetooth needs Pulseaudio and a active X-Session to run! Please activate Autostart...

    hciconfig -a

    hci0:	Type: BR/EDR  Bus: UART
    	BD Address: B8:27:EB:66:43:CC  ACL MTU: 1021:8  SCO MTU: 64:1
    	RX bytes:1298 acl:0 sco:0 events:51 errors:0
    	TX bytes:1543 acl:0 sco:0 commands:51 errors:0
    	Features: 0xbf 0xfe 0xcf 0xfe 0xdb 0xff 0x7b 0x87
    	Packet type: DM1 DM3 DM5 DH1 DH3 DH5 HV1 HV2 HV3 
    	Link policy: RSWITCH SNIFF 
    	Link mode: SLAVE ACCEPT 
    	Name: 'Server-DiningRoom'
    	Class: 0x000000
    	Service Classes: Unspecified
    	Device Class: Miscellaneous, 
    	HCI Version: 4.1 (0x7)  Revision: 0x145
    	LMP Version: 4.1 (0x7)  Subversion: 0x2209
    	Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation (15)
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    Heiner Moderator

    Hi Christoph,

    Dieser Thread könnte dir ggf. weiterhelfen:

    Sonst gibt es allgemein viele Diskussionen und Hilfestellungen zum Thema WaveInput im SlimDevices Forum.



    @heiner: Ich hab grad wieder eine Ewigkeit das Netz gewühlt, aber diese Linus Ratten verstecken sich immer. Das Waveinput Plugin ist für die Nutzung auf Windows ja sehr gut beschrieben, nur bekomme ich von:
    RPI 1 Linux (Max2Play mit Bluetooth) -> RPI 2 Linux (LMS mit Waveplugin) einfach kein zusammenhängendes Bild 🙁
    Könntest du mir einen kleinen Stubs geben? Sonst gibt es immer hunderte von Anleitungen online. Aber zum Thema finde ich einfach nichts brauchbares. Pulseaudio soll das von haus aus können, aber da benutzen sie meist die grafische Oberfläche usw usw.

    Was wäre ein möglichst einfacher weg nach dem ich suchen soll?
    Liebe Grüße


    Heiner Moderator

    Hi Christoph and Stephan,

    @christoph: Nötig ist dafür, dass der LMS auf dem Raspberry läuft. Dann kann allerdings der BT-Stream über die synchronize-Funktion vom LMS an alle anderen Squeezelite Player weitergeleitet werden. Ansonsten gäbe es noch, wie bereits in einem anderen Topic erwähnt, das WaveInput-Plugin.

    @stephan. Thanks for the info, we will look into this and try to fix problem if we can reproduce it 🙂


    Heiner Moderator

    Hi aschiller and Oli,

    No, unfortunately running SBS as „pi“ is not a possibility.

    For now please note that the pulse framework is only activated when you use our Bluetooth plugin. Otherwise, you should get all ALSA features including „arecord“ and should also be able to use it as your input for waveinput.

    But, we will try to test this with the Digi I/O and let you know. 😉


    Mark One premium


    I have been trying to create a system that will do this myself! I have a separate RPi that creates an internet radio stream of the Bluetooth input, but it’s not as nicely finished as this solution.

    I can’t get this Bluetooth plugin working. I have two RPi players and a Zyxcel NAS LMS.
    If I try to play Bluetooth audio on a single player, I set the soundcard to pulse (as instructed), and it simply disables my HifiBerry Digi+ soundcard. What soundcards can I use?

    Is there any way to stream back to my LMS? I can install the waveinput plugin on my LMS?


    oli premium

    @aschiller: the URL would be wavin:pulse, but this is not working for me.

    According to bpa, author of the wavePlugin, it seems nearly impossible to use his plugin with pulseAudio, when Squeezebox Server is running as a daemon:

    @heiner: Maybe it’s possible to run Squeezebox Server as user „pi“?


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    Heiner Moderator

    Hallo knorke,
    Sorry bezüglich der verspäteten Antwort. Du kannst das WaveInput Plugin des Squeezebox Servers austesten:
    Damit ließe sich solch ein Setup wahrscheinlich verwirklichen.


    Heiner Moderator

    Hi aschiller,
    Have you contacted slimdevices forums regarding this setup? We have not yet had a lot of experience with the WaveInput plugin and its capabilities, however, we would be interested in hearing what could be possible with it in combination with Max2Play.



    Hi everybody,

    I am new to the max2play project so please forgive me if this question is basic. At the moment I am struggling heavily with getting the waveinput plugin workin within max2play. I followed the installation instructions ( but it just does not work with max2play.

    In particular I set up an external soundcard (C-Media chipset) at the raspberry and I can successfully access the line-in of the soundcard using

    arecord –device=plughw:1,0 –format S16_LE –rate 44100 -V mono

    however if I try to add the address




    to favorites and start playing it, nothing but silence can be heard. Is it possible that there is another address to be used due to the pulse soundframework which is used in max2play. If this is the case can you help me setting this up.



    @Gary S: I think the problem is my Bluetooth Handling, as the Echo can Stream AND Receive Bluetooth audio. I don’t have an Echo for testing yet, but there is a part in a file of Max2Play, that sets Pulsaudio to stream via bluetooth (to Bluetooth speakers) if there is anything connected to stream to. This might cause the problem. For testing you could remove the part of the file via SSH Login and edit „nano /var/www/max2play/application/plugins/bluetooth/scripts/“

    search for

      # TODO: get current default sink and compare
      if [ ! "" = "$BLUETOOTHSINK" ]; then

    change to

      # TODO: get current default sink and compare
      if [ ! "" = "$BLUETOOTHSINK" ]; then

    Maybe this helps 🙂

    @aschiller: 3 seconds should be normal – 30 seconds is way too much. I modified the WaveInput plugin to work with Pulseaudio and stream Bluetooth to the Squeezebox Server. Does this delay also occur after a fresh restart? Did you enable the „Autostart Bluetooth-Streaming in Squeezebox Server“? If you have a look on the Squeezebox Server webinterface – after you start streaming from your phone, how long does it take until the stream is indicated as playing in Squeezebox Server?


    aschiller premium

    Hi everybody,

    first of all congratulations for the amazing work you are doing. This plugin is truly great. Today I followed your tutorial and everything worked out of the box!

    I have one question regarding the playback. At the moment there is a delay of 60 seconds when I use the „stream to squeezebox server“ option until the audio is played on my squeezebox radio. Is there any option or possibility to reduce this delay. I already studied the squeezebox server options but could not find an appropriate parameter. Is the waveinput plugin responsible for this delay?


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    oli premium

    Hello Flysurfer,

    Upgrading to Beta-161219 did not solve my problem with streaming TO the LMS. But at least it helped streaming FROM the RPi to my UE Boom 2 speaker.

    I tried a Google Pixel (Android 7.1.1), an iPhone 5S (iOS 9.3.5), and an iPad Mini (iOS 6). Only the old iPad Mini showed a pairing dialog, when I clicked on the „Reconnect“ button in the max2play GUI.

    Playback on my Raspberry 2 B is choppy although the load average is below 3. Maybe the only solution would be to upgrade to a RPi 3 B?

    Maybe the WaveInput plugin plus an external USB soundcard is a better solution. So I could also connect a Chromecast Audio which might be more useful for streaming audio from Android.



    Watching the development of the bluetooth streaming to multi squeezelite player made me wonder if the next step could be for Max2play to include analogue input through USB soundcard. I don’t know how you pulled this off but I’m thinking it had to do with a variation of the waveinput plugin. I know some people were able to get it to work with a cirrus or wolfson soundcard but that audio interface is hard to get where I live. I’ve attempted unsuccessfully to install waveinput, liquidsoap, darkice and icecast2 on a Pi3 with a USB soundcard and was wondering if that would not be an interest from Max2play to develop such a plugin to help the non-programmers like me.

    Ideally I would like to stream vinyls in lossless and preferably in 24/96 from a turntable to squeezelite devices.


    Pippo99 premium


    Same with digital audio input. It would be a great feature to choose from different audio inputs (line in, coax) for recording purposes or to use it as a preamp for analogue oder digital sound inputs.
    I have manually installed the „Waveinput“ Plugin for Squeezeboxserver. However, this did not work, since there is no option to change/choose different audio input. The waveinput plugin seems no more compatible with curent hard-/software, probably that’s why it is no more listed in the plugin list of Squeezboxserver.

    Other question: does the curent Kernel work with the „old“ original Wolfson audio card?



    Maximilian premium

    Hello Bazzzer,

    we don’t know what you will do with the audio once it is inside the Pi. However, the Wolfson board with its Line In and S/PDIF makes it possible to get sound into the Pi. We know the plugin „WaveInput“ available for Squeezebox Server (LMS). In the plugin’s settings, you can choose the correct audio input there. The LMS can provide the incoming audio to all clients as usual.
    Make sure to use the Raspberry Pi Default Image and choose „Wolfson ´Cirrus Logic (Kernelchange) at „Raspberry Settings“.

    Maximilian from Max2Play

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