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  • 22. April 2020 at 8:47 #48582

    Thx for trying. It‘s not a critical bug as there is a workaround.

    17. April 2020 at 23:30 #48543

    Hi MarioM

    I can select LMS 8.0 in the latest beta in the dropdown, but it actually still installs 7.9.3 – can you check your implementation?

    Edit: Apparently this is due to a flaky behaviour in the frontend of the dropdown (on MacOS, Google Chrome latest). When I select a version in the dropdown the URL int the form is not updated. Only after opening the dropdown again and re-selecting the same version a 2nd time the URL in the form is updated.

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    15. April 2020 at 15:16 #48497

    Hi MarioM

    Sounds good. I don’t have time for beta-testing, looking forward to the version being officially added by max2play.

    11. April 2020 at 17:26 #48470

    Also a question that belongs to the category „it’s unacceptable that I never got an answer – I’m paying a licence fee for this…“:

    Have you planned to make LMS 8 available via the Squeezebox Server tab in max2play (http://max2play/plugins/max2play_settings/controller/Squeezeserver.php)?

    Asked it back in January, never got a reply from the max2play team…

    26. Januar 2020 at 13:29 #47969

    Have you planned to make LMS 8 available via the Squeezebox Server tab in max2play (http://max2play/plugins/max2play_settings/controller/Squeezeserver.php)?

    5. Oktober 2019 at 10:37 #47232

    I could clear the artwork cache. Thank you!

    2. Oktober 2019 at 13:24 #47221

    It works. You’re amazing. Thx for your wonderful software.

    2. Oktober 2019 at 9:28 #47216

    Hi max2play team

    Could you reproduce the issue? Are you working on it? Shairtunes is important in my setup.

    Thank you 🙂

    30. September 2019 at 23:20 #47206

    Thx, will give it a try in the next couple of days…

    30. September 2019 at 23:19 #47205

    Over at the slim devices forum somebody fixed it with

    sudo apt install libcrypt-openssl-rsa-perl

    27. September 2019 at 10:26 #47173

    Yes and yes. Also tried the dev version. Happens on 2.50 and the latest Beta. Does the SSL fix need to be upgraded to Buster? In the max2play frontend (Squeezebox Server tab) I can only install the SSL fix for Stretch.

    26. September 2019 at 21:15 #47167

    Found one issue. I don’t manage to install Shairtunes2. When I try to open the plugin settings page I get:

    404 Not Found: plugins/Extensions/settings/plugins/ShairTunes2W/settings/basic.html

    So the plugin doesn’t seem to install properly. Installing the SSL fix on the Squeezebox Server page in max2play doesn’t help.

    24. September 2019 at 12:17 #47139

    Just to let you know that I’m running max2play on a Pi 4 now. And it works beautifully, no issues.

    28. August 2019 at 12:15 #46897

    Thx for your reply, great to know it will be updatable!

    26. August 2019 at 13:14 #46838

    When will the Pi 4 image be out of beta status? I’d like to avoid setting it up two times…

    11. Juli 2018 at 14:52 #36534

    Das Problem lag nicht an max2play sondern an meinem Netzwerk bzw. einem Google Wifi Update. Mein zweiter Google Wifi Puck ist via Ethernet Backhaul verbunden und ich glaube, bei mir trat genau das Problem auf, was hier beschrieben ist:

    Deswegen war der Server (hinter dem 2. Google Wifi Puck) teilweise nicht erreichbar. Im Netz habe ich Tipps gefunden. Ein Reboot des Modems und des Haupt Google Wifi Pucks und eine Änderung des DNS Servers auf den DNS meines ISP hat das Problem (zumindest bis jetzt) gelöst. Wieso genau weiss ich nicht.

    Sorry für die Aufregung im falschen Forum.

    23. Juni 2018 at 14:37 #36320

    Things are working again. Replaced the SD card. Must have been a bad card. Thx for Max2Play. I love it!

    6. Juni 2018 at 13:22 #36098

    Health checker is fine. I’ll give another SD card a try and will report back here. Card is Class 10 or higher.

    6. Juni 2018 at 9:35 #36096

    I can’t see anything special in the logs. Everything I don’t need is deactivated (what I need NAS is mount and Squeezebox Server). Any other ideas or something I could try? The only idea that comes to my mind is to start over and resetup my card.

    22. Mai 2018 at 15:16 #35810

    I didn’t try again. I finally just reconfigured everything in LMS manually. Samba ist not the issue, I uploaded normally via web browser in the m2p interface. The upload itsself was useful, however the settings were just not applied – no configuration change. There was no error message.

    3. Mai 2018 at 20:51 #35517

    I burned a new Stretch image. Beforehand I had exported the settings from my working and configured Jessie Lite image. Files are integrated via Samba Share.

    28. Januar 2018 at 22:03 #33707

    I just gave it a test drive and I encountered 2 problems:

    I wasn’t able to install the LMS Shairtunes2W (fork) plugin on Stretch. Plugin page in LMS said „couldn’t load plugin“. Probably some dependency issue.

    I couldn’t restore the Squeezebox settings I had exported on my old installation. I just found out it doesn’t work on plain new Jessie Lite installation either. The max2play web-interface accepts und uploads the settings file on Strech (and Jessie Lite). After the upload no yellow status information is given. No settings are imported or applied at all. LMS behaves like a fresh installation. I tried uploading the prefs file without having installed LMS and also having installed LMS already as well as running and also not running LMS while uploading the prefs file. Didn’t make a difference.

    The Shairtunes2W plugin is a killer for me, so I went back to the Jessie Lite image.

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    • This reply was modified 3 years, 10 months ago by  cramcram.
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    1. November 2017 at 17:40 #32241

    Ok, I think I found the culprit. If I change the setting to resize cover art on and not locally menus are fast. Thanks you for your help.

    30. Oktober 2017 at 13:20 #32187

    Could you confirm the waiting time from your side? Like that at least I’d know that this ’speed‘ is normal and that nothing is wrong with my system.

    27. Oktober 2017 at 21:32 #32164

    No, the Spotify Connect feature is not activated.

    This is what the Health Checker says, when playing Tunes via Spotty:

    Internet: Connected
    CPU Load: 0.59
    SD Card Usage: 19%
    Temp CPU: 51.0
    Power Supply: OK

    I checked the waiting times when navigation through the Spotty menus, in bold what takes (felt) too long:

    Click on Spotty Icon <2 seconds
    Click on search Icon <2 seconds
    Type artist, enter <2 seconds
    Click on artist 6 seconds, rather long
    Click on name of artist 6 seconds, rather long
    Click on albums 7 seconds, rather long

    Click on name of album <2 seconds
    Time until album starts playing 5 seconds

    If you experience the same load time when clicking on artist and albums everything is fine. The last couple of days I didn’t experience any timeouts anymore. Maybe I’m just spoiled by the speed of the Spotify app…

    26. Oktober 2017 at 22:23 #32134

    LMS: Logitech Media Server Version: 7.9.1 – 1508904967
    Spotty: 1.9.5


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