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  • 16. Juni 2020 at 19:16 #49030

    As I pointed out the the issue occurs randomly. So I can’t wire up to test it. Also if I just restart everything is in sync again.

    Another point is that the de-sync is not minimal but actually couple of secs I don’t see how network latency would have an impact that big.

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    15. Juni 2020 at 12:34 #49012

    Have you checked out this:

    Sounds like the issue I had. I solved it by disabling Ogg Vorbis converting in Settings -> Advanced -> File Types -> Spotty -> Ogg Vorbis -> Disabled

    But it seems they rewrote some stuff there. Have you updated to lastest Spotty Version?

    10. April 2020 at 15:36 #48442

    Du organsierst die Squeezebox Player, die synchronisiert laufen sollen in Gruppen. Wenn ich dich richtig verstehe müsstest du in diesen Fällen die jeweiligen Zimmer in deine gewünschte Gruppe dazusynchronisieren. Das funktioniert im Grunde wie mit Sonos falls du das kennst.

    Kurz: Sollte klappen und ist auch recht komfortabel.

    So sieht das im Webinterface aus:

    In beispielsweise Squeezer für Android sieht das sehr analog aus.

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    20. Januar 2020 at 10:18 #47948

    You should try to understand what Max2Play is. It can’t just crash and be gone unless your SD card is broken. (That is what Heiner was aiming at.) You can always tell what happened and why.

    19. Januar 2020 at 15:13 #47942

    In case someone has the same requirement:

    In the end I set up the bigger thing. What I don’t like about it is that have an additional device now that also needs around a Watt of power.

    I use a 433MHz radio Wall Button (for example: – I had one already for a lamp) and a Sonoff RF Bridge ( Re-Flashed with the Open Source Tasmota Firmware (

    With this setup I trigger a script in ioBroker which uses the Sonoff ( and Squeezebox ( ioBroker Adapters .

    Problems I ran into setting this up as a total Noob with ioBroker and the RF Bridge:
    – Buttons in the Bridge have to learn the Codes the Button sends before RfReceived pops up in ioBroker (Run RfKey<#> 2 in Tasmota console).
    – The state of the squeezebox Player has to be set via „Control“ and not the „Update“ command in the Script

    My ioBroker Blocky script:

    (Start Playback when On-Button is pressed between 06:00 and 10:00, Pause Playback when Off-Button is pressed)

    on({id: ’sonoff.0.rf_bridge_wohnzimmer.RfReceived_Data‘, change: „ne“}, function (obj) {
    var value = obj.state.val;
    var oldValue = obj.oldState.val;
    if (getState(„sonoff.0.rf_bridge_wohnzimmer.RfReceived_Data“).val == ‚554415‘) {
    if (compareTime(„06:00“, „null“, „>=“) && compareTime(„10:00“, „null“, „<=“)) {
    setState(„squeezebox.0.wohnzimmerlinks.state“/*wohnzimmerlinks.state*/, 1);
    } else {
    setState(„squeezebox.0.wohnzimmerlinks.state“/*wohnzimmerlinks.state*/, 0);

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    16. Januar 2020 at 22:25 #47936

    For me this was causing the same issue and what was described solved it

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    19. Dezember 2019 at 15:05 #47816

    Some guy show here how it works in LMS:

    Obviously you have to be running Squeezelite Players on your Pi3s.

    14. Dezember 2019 at 17:39 #47776

    Yes, both are connected via WiFi. The network is usually very stable. Wired connection is not really an option. Today the players were very much out of sync. I let them play for some time and they didn’t sync. Only after restarting the stream they were back in sync. Aren’t the players supposed to check if they are in sync regularly? I read there is a sync log somewhere but I didn’t see it yet.

    10. Dezember 2019 at 0:29 #47721

    I set this up now:

    – RasPI2 with USB WiFi and Hifiberry Amp2 as squeezelite for the right speaker
    – RasPI4 with Hifiberry Amp2 as Squeezebox Server and squeezelite for the left speaker

    It mostly works but sometimes they will loose sync.

    10. Dezember 2019 at 0:12 #47720

    I think I have the same issue but the other way around: I want to steam to squeezebox but for doing that I have to re-connect my phone through the web interface after some time.

    Max2play should be ready to accept connections from other devices constantly.

    7. Dezember 2019 at 13:48 #47713

    Seems to be the same issue I encountered. apt-get update needs to be run and the new stable distribution has to be accepted. This is not the case in your images.

    30. November 2019 at 15:46 #47646

    Hallo Stefan,
    hab heute vom Beta Image installiert, dann update im System gemacht und das Problem besteht weiterhin. Es ist auch nicht direkt ersichtlich was das Problem ist, da die Fehler bei der Paketinstallation nicht im Web Interface bleiben. Sobald das gelbe Status Fenster verschwindet weiß man nicht was das Probelem war.

    Hat mich gerade ziemlich nerven gekostet, obwohl ich diesen Thread sofort gefunden hatte…

    Werden solche Sachen eigentlich irgendwo geloggt?

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