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  • 8. Februar 2018 at 21:15 #33924

    Hello Marc,

    What are your experience with the Beocreate? I have some B&O CX100 speakers but is it worth the money to make them active at such a high price? The Beocreate has a pre-defined DSP program for this speaker. In fact, you need two Beocreate devices with two RaspberryPi’s to connect the 6 speakers (3×2) and you can connect them to each other by a Toslink connection.

    So, to get all the functionality it costs nearly 500 euro! My problem is that the original CX100 speakers aren’t exactly high-end speakers but very moderate one’s and nearly 15 years old. Are they worth such an high investment? I hope you can confirm that the Beoacreate is a nice piece of desgn bij Hifiberry and it’s worth all his money!

    But I’m in doubt. Isn’t a Hifiberry Amp+ (or any other amp mentioned in the Max2play webstore) not a far better idea for my old CX100 speakers?

    Hope to hear from your experience.

    With regards,


    4. Juni 2017 at 20:44 #29230

    Just install Picoreplayer whithout M2P.

    M2P is having too much overload and too much options

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    18. April 2017 at 0:40 #28297

    Hello StigN, there’s really no much documentation needed for using a Hifiberry DAC in combination with a 7″ display. Choose your wanted player (OpenElec, Picoreplayer, Max2Play) and burn an image. Your config.txt file must contain the dtoverlay=hifiberry-digi and that’s it. Don’t remove any resistor! Your original RaspberryPi power supply is enough to feed.

    The ledlight of a hifiberry starts burning when you use it for audio output.

    I have my powersupply connected directly on the 7″display. Then it’s powered like your design directly on the Hifiberry DAC. I use a PicorePlayer image with Jivelite and a squeezbox server (very easy to install with picoreplayer.local on your browser and an ethernet connection on the Raspberry Pi).

    If it doesn’t work just start again with a new image!

    17. April 2017 at 16:52 #28287

    17. April 2017 at 16:52 #28286

    I have the same problem here with a Hifiberry Amp and the Max2play Adafruit 2,8″ touchscreen installation, after step 4 my sound is also gone. I can’t get it to live anymore. A fresh installation without Max2play with this link
    works fine. Perhaps it’s a Max2play bug?



    17. April 2017 at 9:07 #28281

    Try the installer from and choose the audioplayer option. The mainpower should be in the 7″ display connector!

    Or try to install another mediaplayer like picoreplayer from and choose your card.

    Max2play is more complicated than it looks like because you have a lot of options.

    Last tip: read the config.txt file from your SD card on your PC with Wordpad and look for the digi dtoverlay line. If it’s missing, your card won’t work. See

    Configuring Linux 4.x or higher



    19. Oktober 2016 at 10:17 #23447

    I mean the 5V of the 2,5 HD of the USB connector

    19. Oktober 2016 at 10:14 #23446

    I’v the same hardware. The Raspberry is very critical on power consumption from the USBports so I feed my 2.5 harddisk (0.95 A) separate with a 1A powerregulator (TSR 1-2450). You can connect the regulator + en – parallel on the amp and the other + (5V) goes to the 5V display pin. The – you already use. Be aware of the little rainbow in the right corner but this can be switches off but I do not know. With m2p there is option for this.

    Regards Ronald

    22. Mai 2016 at 13:10 #20203

    Hello Dirk, the addon you are asking for, is already included in Kodi. If you connect a USB CD-Rom drive a new tab will pop-up. You can choose to rip and save or play

    See also for my example, build in an old Mac Mini.


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