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  • 28. September 2017 at 11:38 #31577


    are there tips or needs about what Max2Play-Version to choose for the upcoming Beocreate-Amplifier with the Raspberryy Pi 3B?


    I think about just using the Max2Play-Default-Image. Is this correct?

    Thank you very much and best regards,


    29. September 2017 at 12:31 #31602

    Hi Spartan,

    We have not yet had the chance to check out the Beocreate. However, we will keep you posted and our default image offers all sound card options automatically. So it will be your best bet 🙂

    21. November 2017 at 20:52 #32578

    Hello folks,

    maybe someone can help me…
    I received the beocreate, bought a Raspberry Pi 3B V1.2 and also bought a Max2Play-Licence.
    Burned the image to a sd-card, install worked and Max2Play is running.
    But i can’t get it to output sound…
    I managed to install bluetooth, squeezebox-server and so on, but i can’t get the soundcard to output anything…

    What do i have to select regarding soundcard in the menu Hifiberry? Nothing, i think, as it is not a Hifiberry-card, right?
    But what will i have to select then? And in what menu?

    As i said, i got the squeezebox-server running and there i can „play“ a online-radio by tunein. So there should be audio if i can find the correct settings for the soundcard…

    Any help would be appreciated 😉



    23. November 2017 at 17:53 #32603

    Hi Marc,

    First of all congrats on getting your hands on a Beocreate!

    I contacted HiFiBerry and they recommend using the HiFiBerry DAC selection in our OS as well as taking a look at their current documentation:

    Beocreate Documentation

    23. November 2017 at 19:47 #32606

    Hehe, NOW I know about that documentation, too. I received the link shortly after my posting here, so sorry.

    Anyway, still no sound.
    But it seems like something goes wrong when installing the DSP to the soundcard via their actual image.

    Sadly I can’t be sure, because there is no (easy) possibility to play a test-sound with their image without having to use any source. And they only offer airplay or Spotify, and don’t have both…

    In max2play there isn’t such a „test-sound“, either, btw 😉

    I think that’s a good idea, because if you have problems, you can check if it’s the source not getting to the sound card, or if the soundcard itself doesn’t work. A simple jingle-button in the max2play-menu would do the job.

    Back to beocreate:
    Daniel is working on it and he really is a fast and patient responder, so we will see…

    24. November 2017 at 23:55 #32626

    Hey guys,

    this definitely is one of that faults, that ends problem-threads in internet-forums without further feedback^^
    But not here… You have to stand by it if your dumb. So will I 😀

    It was a jumper that was set… A MUTE-JUMPER! 😀

    In terms of my defense:
    There was no single word about even existing such a jumper^^ And it’s set to „Mute“ by default, so you have to remove it to make the board play sound. And the lettering „mute“ is approx. half of a millimeter, so i want to invoke extenuating circumstances^^

    After removing it, the Beocreate plays sound without any problem… Also with Max2Play. So, problem 1 solved, next to go 😉



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    28. November 2017 at 13:57 #32666

    Hi Marc,

    Thanks for following up and great to hear that the device works with Max2Play! 🙂

    8. Februar 2018 at 21:15 #33924

    Hello Marc,

    What are your experience with the Beocreate? I have some B&O CX100 speakers but is it worth the money to make them active at such a high price? The Beocreate has a pre-defined DSP program for this speaker. In fact, you need two Beocreate devices with two RaspberryPi’s to connect the 6 speakers (3×2) and you can connect them to each other by a Toslink connection.

    So, to get all the functionality it costs nearly 500 euro! My problem is that the original CX100 speakers aren’t exactly high-end speakers but very moderate one’s and nearly 15 years old. Are they worth such an high investment? I hope you can confirm that the Beoacreate is a nice piece of desgn bij Hifiberry and it’s worth all his money!

    But I’m in doubt. Isn’t a Hifiberry Amp+ (or any other amp mentioned in the Max2play webstore) not a far better idea for my old CX100 speakers?

    Hope to hear from your experience.

    With regards,


    8. Februar 2018 at 22:29 #33925

    Hey Ronald,

    first: The Beocreate is a masterpiece. No doubt here.

    The big PLUS for you over a standard Amp would be: You don’t need the crossover-network anymore. The Beocreate has 4 channels, and you can adjust every single of it via the DSP. So you can drive every single chassis on its own.
    The fully digital DSP not only replaces the crossovers, but lets you adjust every single frequency itself to get the very best from your CX100s at all!

    I tried with my BS-Beautys from Intertechnik. The delivered crossover is not bad, they sound good and detached at the Beocreate with a fully neutral DSP-profile.
    But directly wired to the speakers, without the crossovers but with adjusted DSP-profile, they sound like i could not imagine before…
    Every single frequency can be adjusted on it’s own, filters can be added, and so on. So there will not be any weakness that could not be adjusted with the DSP.
    Look here:

    You can use everything SigmaStudio offers. Nearly unlimitied adjustment-possibilities!
    If there already is a ready-adjusted-file for the DSP, so much the better!

    So the question is: Are you audiophil? If the answer is YES, then yes, you should go with the Beocreate

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