Raspberry Pi Display Bundles for Every Audio Setup, with Amp, Digi or DAC Sound Card

Raspberry Pi Display Bundles for Every Audio Setup, with Amp, Digi or DAC Sound Card

Display bundles have the big advantage that you can control your music directly via touchscreen and don’t need external devices like a laptop or tablet. Meanwhile, there are several very different display bundles. Thus, we will now explain the different use cases of each bundle in detail.

The display can be individualized with the Jivelite Plugin. The screensaver, for example, can show time and date and you can use different equalizer visualizations. There are many more skins to download from the internet to fit your interface to your personal preferences.

Advantages of Display Bundles

  • Comfortable control with the touchscreen, no other devices necessary
  • Customization by addition of new skins and plugins for Jivelite (pictures to the right)
  • Simple menu with all functions at a glance
  • Jivelite is optimized for both the 7″ and the 2.8″ display
  • One central control: In multiroom setups the playback of all other devices can be controlled with the touchscreen

Download and further information about Jivelite

2.8 inch Display Bundle with Raspberry Pi


Basic Display Bundle

Basic Display Bundle

The smallest display bundle adds a 2.8 inch touch display to the Raspberry Pi, gets you direct control and gives live information about the currently playing media. With the audio outputs of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and our Software, it serves as a Max2Play solution which simulates the formerly available Squeezebox touch players. The simple construction and the Max2Play software allow for a quick and easy setup. This makes the bundle particularly interesting for beginners, who want to have a try with a Raspberry Pi setup.

Detailed assembly instruction for 2.8″ display bundle


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi Case for display
  • 2,8 inch touch display
  • Power supply (micro-USB)
  • Class 10 MicroSD card with preinstalled Max2Play image

7 inch Display Bundles with Raspberry Pi and Sound Card


IQaudIO Display Bundle with Dac or Amp

Display Bundles with amplifier

Anyone who would like to have a setup without an external amplifier, should take a look at the Amp bundles. All functions like for example multiroom audio, the ability to use NAS servers or internet radio are available here as well. However, the amplifier is already integrated in these bundles. This means, the Raspberry Pi can be connected directly to passive speakers. The display turns the amp bundle intro an amplifier with its own media center. Thanks to the 7 inch touch display, the setup can be controlled directly and no other devices in the network (such as tablet or PC) are needed anymore.

So an Amp-display bundle is perfect for all users who want to run their Max2Play and Raspberry Pi setup on its own, rather than with an external amplifier.

Detailed assembly instruction for the IQaudIO display bundle


These will vary, depending on the combination you choose, but the general parts stay the same: display, case, sound card, Raspberry Pi, power supply, microSD-card with Max2Play image.

HiFiBerry Display Bundle with Dac or Digi

Display Bundles with Dac or Digi

If you already own a good amplifier, you can also integrate it into your Max2Play setup. The DAC and Digi bundles are especially useful for this purpose. Depending on your kind of amplifier (Class A/ B/ D), you can connect your display bundle either to the digital or to the analogue inputs of the amplifier.

For an analogue amplifier, the DAC bundles, which convert the Raspberry Pi’s digital output into a high-quality analogue signal, can be used. This signal can then be used for an amplifier or be directly send to active speakers.

Digi bundles are used for digital connections like optical cables (TOSLink/ S/PDIF) or coaxial jacks (digital RCA). The Digi sound cards add the necessary connectors for a lossless digital output to the Raspberry Pi. Just like the DAC bundles, the Digi bundles can be connected to an amplifier or directly to active speakers with a digital connection.

And again, the bundles are complemented perfectly by the 7 inch touch display, which enables direct control and always shows live information about the streamed media.

DAC-display bundles are available with IQaudIO and HiFiBerry, Digi-display bundles only with HiFiBerry

Detailed instruction for the assembly of the  HiFiBerry bisplay bundle

Display Bundles with Raspberry Pi and Audiophonics Sound Card

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Raspberry Pi 7'' Touch Display Bundle with Audiophonics

7 inch RaspTouch Bundle with Sabre V4 DAC

RaspTouch Bundle:

The Audiophonics DAC bundle with the 7″ touch screen combines functionality with aesthetics. With its display, the DAC bundle offers a high-quality set of cpomponents, that can be controlled by hand on the device. Thanks to the sound card and the aluminium case, the bundle can convince with audiophile music rendering and a premium design.

Audiophonics Display Bundle

Here we give detailed assembly instructions for the RaspTouch bundle


Raspberry Pi OLED-Display Bundle with Audiophonics

RaspDac Bundle with OLED-Display with Sabre V4 DAC

RaspDac Bundle with OLED-Display:

The OLED-display bundle is especially useful for music lovers who don’t need the 7 inch touch screen, but still want the uncompromizingly brilliant sound quality of the Audiophonics DAC. The OLED-bundle, which is also housed in an aluminum case, offers the same high-quality sound and look, but is controlled through other devices in the network (like smartphone, tablet or laptop). The small OLED-display shows live information about the music titles.

Audiophonics OLED RaspDac Bundle

Detailed instructions for the RaspDac Bundle assembly

Linear Power Supply

A special feature of the Audiophonics bundles is the regulated, linear power supply. It can be connected to the Audiophonics DAC and also powers the Raspberry Pi. Just like the bundle cases, the power supply has a brushed aluminum case. With 6V and 3.5A, the power supply has the perfect voltage and a completely consistent electricity flow, without feedback loops of other devices connected to your power outlet, to ensure a perfect sound experience without any interferences.

Linear power supply

linear Power Supply


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