Jivelite is a visualization software for controlling the squeezebox playback. With this extension an easy to use and customizable user interface can be displayed via HDMI connection to any screen. With this interface the squeezebox activity can be controlled. As soon as the extension has been integrated and installed, it can be turned on and off through the web interface. The visualization offers all options to control playback und the music choice.

Click here for more information and the downloadlink

Jivelite with Touchscreen

With our two touchscreen systems for Raspberry Pi, the 2,8 inch and the 7 inch displays, Jivelite works perfectly as the visual component to create a user experience similar to the Squeezebox Touch. Its simple, clear interface makes Jivelite the ideal software for touch control. We have fitting skins for both displays that automatically adjusts Jivelite’s interface to the respective touchscreen’s dimensions.
To appropriate the Squeezebox Touch experience as close as possible, we also added a screensaver option for the 7 inch screen that makes it display the time and date, either analog or digital, when the touch interface is not used. This way you can run Jivelite continuously and also have an additional clock in the house. If you want to change the playback, you just need to touch the screen once to revert it back to the Jivelite menu.

Visualizations in Jivelite

The Jivelite Visualizations like the Spectrum Analyzer and the VU Meter are available in Max2Play, as soon as the parameter -v is set in the advanced options of the Squeetelite Player in the Audioplayer menu. The visualizations change after tapping on the area above the playback controls.


Jivelite overview:

  • Control with mouse or keyboard
  • Customizable by adding skins and plugins
  • Choice between fullscreen and window view
  • External opening and closing via web interface
  • Optimal compatibility with Squeezelite
  • Fitting skins for both 2,8 inch and 7 inch touchscreens
  • Simple, clear touch control
  • Time and date visualisation as screensaver (both analog and digital)

How to Set up Jivelite on Max2Play


  1. Peter McDowell 9 Jahren ago

    This isn’t working like the video at all.
    I paste the url, I enable the plugin, I go to the jivelite tab, it tells me jivelite is not installed, I press the button to install jivelite, it does an installation then goes back to the screen that says jivelite is not installed.
    Come on guys, when you sell software its only fair that the installer should work.

    • flysurfer 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Peter!
      The installer takes some time to complete, depending on your System. We just double checked the installer – and it is working on our test devices. Maybe some Online-resources were not available when you started the installation process? Can you start it again?
      One common problem is: not enough free space on SD-card (did you expand it?)

      If it is still not working please send me a copy&paste of the installer output (yellow message box) and tell me on which version and device you tried to install jivelite. I am sure we can solve this!

  2. Norbert Niendorf 9 Jahren ago

    Is there any possibility to install/add other skins for jivelite? jivelite installed fine so far,works even with touchsupport, but i only have a small 480x272px screen on my raspberry2 and there are only the HD skins to select from… ?

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hello Seth,
      We recently added a feature to the Jivelite extension that allows you install exactly such a skin for smaller screens. Just update your version and you should be able to install it.

      Heiner from Max2Play

  3. renoux 9 Jahren ago


    If y connect HDMI touchscreen on my Pi, Touch will work?

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hello Renoux,
      Unfortunately we do not have any experience with the use of touch screen on Max2Play, yet. However, we have heard from other users that the touch function has work on their setup. But this is not a guarantee since we have not yet tested it ourselves.
      Heiner from Max2Play

  4. Rene 9 Jahren ago

    I maybe stupid but cant get jivelite installed i use a raspberry pi 2B 8Gb SD card

    I tried it several times but always get stuck and is not installed please help

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hello Rene,
      Sorry, but I had to exclude your log from the public comment, because our website has problems with such long comments including many links. If you want to post a log, please do it in our forums or via email.
      To fix your problem, please make sure you first expand the filesystem of the SD card after burning the image and activate the premium license while connected to the internet after that.

      • Rene 9 Jahren ago

        I tried to expand the file system but I got this error
        Resize Filesystem: mmcblk0p6
        No Resize possible – no valid partition found to expand. Contact Max2Play-Support to add support for further file-systems.

        its not possible to resize because its already 6.66 GB

        I tried to install jivelite again but still no success
        last part of the installation message

        Makefile:233: *** Unsupported target architecture. Stop.
        make[1]: Leaving directory ‚/opt/jivelite/luajit-2.0/src‘
        Makefile:103: recipe for target ’src/luajit‘ failed
        make: *** [src/luajit] Error 2
        /opt/jivelite/jivelite /opt/jivelite/luajit-2.0 /opt/jivelite /opt /var/www/max2play/public

        any idea what is wrong?

        • flysurfer 9 Jahren ago

          Hi Rene,

          something is wrong with your system. Hard to tell what exactly, but to avoid further problems, you should start from scratch and reimage your SD-card. After that, first expand the filesystem and reboot. Until then, do not plug in any external storage or install anything else.

  5. Wolfy 9 Jahren ago


    I tried to install jivelite but it dose not seam to install.
    it seas its free so i added the plugin URL to the „tar“ file and i get the new menu item.
    i press on install and it just tells me i don’t have a license?
    do i need a license for a free install or dose any one know why this is happening?

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hello Wolfy,
      Jivelite is a premium extension. To install and use it, you need the Max2Play premium license. Here is an overview of which extensions are free and which are premium-only: http://www.max2play.com/en/addons/
      You can buy the premium license in our shop.

      • Wolfy 9 Jahren ago

        on the page it seas that it is premium and free?
        I have downloaded Password protection for web page and it is premium and free?
        Am i misunderstanding the page?

        • Author
          Heiner 9 Jahren ago

          The software itself, Jivelite, is free. What comes with the premium license is the easy plugin installation of Max2Play. You can see, which plugin’s are included in the free and which ones are premium by looking at the list, the X means its not on the free version and the tick means its included. Of course, you can also manually install all the addons yourself for free. The premium license just gives you access to our simple and easy integration of the free software into our image and its web interface.

          • Wolfy 9 Jahren ago

            okey, but there is a tick on premium and free on the password protect, so the software is free but the install is premium?
            but for some reason it was easily to install in the max2play web interface without lisence/premium.
            i would have guest it would have bin the same for jive lite as it is ticked the same both in free and in premium.?

  6. Author
    Heiner 9 Jahren ago

    Thanks for that find, Wolfy! It seems, we made a mistake in the translation of the extensions list to German. The list is fixed now, thanks again for pointing out this error.

  7. jademonkee 9 Jahren ago

    Just wondering if JiveLite or some other upcoming skin can provide on-screen playback controls? I took a look through the options, but can’t find any option for them.
    Would love to be able to skip tracks, play/pause etc from my TV (with wireless keyboard).

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi jademonkee,
      The control elements are dependent on the skin that is active on Jivelite. Our integrated skin for small touchscreen’s has all the control elements in the playback. You can also find other skins on the internet.

  8. Arek 9 Jahren ago

    I’ve just installed new version of the noobs version of Max2play and updated it to newest version. Installed jivelite – it says installation succesfull and asking to reload the page – after this is still stating that jivelite is not installed. I was observing the yellow field with update from the installation and at some point the message come up with something like: unable to initialise frontend. I don’t know if this is related but I installed max2play from scratch again especially for jivelite installation but its failing again.

    • Author
      Heiner 9 Jahren ago

      Hi Arek,
      Sorry you are experiencing such difficulties. I assume you are using the Raspberry Pi 2, if so please try installing the normal Raspberry Pi image. Please also make sure you have expanded the filesystem (in Settings/Reboot) first after you have burned a new image since this can interfere with the installation of Jivelite if it is not expanded.
      Also make sure you have your premium license activated in Settings/Reboot; since Jivelite is a premium plugin it only works with an activated premium account.

  9. Jeffrey 8 Jahren ago

    Hello staf,

    I’ve installed jivelite and it boots perfectly each time. Only thing which puzzles me is that a lot of times I don’t have the radio tile in my squeeze box.

    What should I do?


    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hello Jeffrey,

      it is possible your Squeezebox has no internet connection. While it is booting, only a working internet connections makes it show the radio functionality.
      After updating to our latest Max2Play Beta, you find an option to automatically reboot your Squeezebox server after some time when internet connection might be ready.

      Best regards
      Maximilian from Max2Play

  10. Jeffrey 8 Jahren ago

    Thank you Maximilian. I got it working by adding the tunein app like Spotify. Works every time now.
    Spotify refuses to work. Says it can’t play the songs. Album art and playlist are shown and from a playlist it randomly plays a track (I can’t even control that) without sound.

    Do I need to install something?


    • Jeffrey 8 Jahren ago

      Hello? Anybody here?
      How can I play playlist from Spotify?

      • Jeffrey 8 Jahren ago

        Hi Staff,

        Being busy with Runeaudio to play Spotify. But I want my 10,- get another go! It has been more then two months. Still no answer.

        How can I play Spotify tracks? It’s like it’s missing an extension for the streaming protocol. See my remark above.

        Hope you can solve my issue.

        Regards Jeffrey

  11. thomas 8 Jahren ago


    great suite for the Pi you offer here.
    One question regarding the screensaver to show the clock or weatherinformations.
    When i go to settings screensaver within jivelite it tells me to press the „middle button“ to select a screensaver.
    What is the middle button? neither the connected mouse middle button nor any button on my keyboard offer me the option to select a screensaver.
    So how can i handle this?

    kind regards

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi thomas,
      That must be an option for use with buttons. You can select the Screensaver-Option from the list below this obsolete information (Image Viewer, Blank Screen, etc.) and set it by clicking on the desired option.

  12. itsme 8 Jahren ago

    hi at all,
    i have a screen with the resolution 480×320 and i want to customize the jivelite skin to fit them.
    is there any howto/docu how to do that, or a finshed skin?


    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi itsme,
      Please try out the smaller skins we have in our options. They might automatically fit the screen for your specific touch display; all the non-HD skins including the joggler skins.

  13. AJ 8 Jahren ago

    Hi, Jivelite works perfect, but in the now playing view, I do not get cover art. Its a square jumble of dots in place of the image. The art exists in the album. Anyway to solve this?
    Secondly, I have a full HD TV but if I choose the 1920×1080 skin, a part of the screen gets cut. Using the next lower skin at the moment, but that results in a much smaller display.

    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hi AJ,

      thanks for your comment. Which HDTV skin did you choose? There should be two HDTV skin, one contains „GRID“ in its name. Try out both to see which works better together with your display. Are you referring to cover art from internet radio stations (which are not shown properly for quite a while; no Max2Play software, cannot do anything about that, sorry) or to covers of your local music files?

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  14. Jendrik 8 Jahren ago

    Leider ploppt in meiner Remotedesktopverbindung kein „Jivelite“ auf.
    Das Webinterface behauptet aber, dass der Dienst läuft.
    Ganz nebenbei kann ich auch nicht das JogglerSkin auswählen, es ist nur das 2.8er auswählbar.
    Auch Kodi wird mir in der Desktopanzeige nicht angezeigt.
    Wäre für Hilfe dankbar 🙂

    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Jendrik,

      danke für deinen Kommentar.

      1) Verstehe ich dich richtig: Mit Remotedesktopverbindung meinst du zum Beispiel den Zugriff auf den Dekstop des Pis via VNC? Wenn ja, hat das Webinterface auf jeden Fall recht damit, dass Jivelite läuft. Wenn du dennoch Zweifel hast, könntest du Jivelite testweise per HDMI an einem Bildschirm ausgeben lassen. Ich empfehle dir, den Autostart von VNC zu deaktivieren und den Dienst erst zu starten, sobald Jivelite läuft. VNC startet nämlich seine eigene Desktopausgabe, falls es noch keine bestehende gibt. Wenn Jivelite zuvor läuft, nutzt VNC dessen Desktopausgabe. Bei unserem Test ist die Oberfläche korrekt erschienen.
      2) Das Joggler-Skin kann über das Max2Play-Plugin „RPi Display“ nachinstalliert werden.
      3) Kodi kann leider nicht via VNC ausgegeben werden, da der Dienst auf einer anderen Ebene ausgeführt wird. Mehr Infos gibt es in unserem Forum: http://www.max2play.com/forums/topic/cant-see-kodi-when-using-vnc/

      Maximilian von Max2Play

  15. jlynton 8 Jahren ago

    Hello, I bought the package: Raspberry Pi 7“ Touch Display Bundle with HiFiBerry DAC+ / Digi+ and Max2Play (assembly kit) from you, and all seems to be working correctly, except that I cannot shut down the system from within JiveLite. There is what appears to be an off switch at the top left of the screen, as well as a „Quit“ menu item, but neither have any effect at all.
    The only way I can shut down is through a web browser from my PC. Please help me with this, thanks.

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi jlynton,
      We currently only have options to shut down the system through our webinterface. However, the URL command for shutdown can be copied and used as a one-click solution for any device, like smartphones, tablets, etc. The command is: http://IP-address/plugins/max2play_settings/controller/Basic.php?action=shutdown
      We have noticed that a few people have requested a function to shut down the device through Jivelite and will try to include this in a coming update. Thanks your feedback.

  16. jlynton 8 Jahren ago

    Thank you for your reply Heiner, It would be great if the function could be included in an update soon as it is a big inconvenience. Otherwise everything seems to work very well.

  17. Frank Ulm 8 Jahren ago


    I’m using your Max2Play on a Raspberry2 in combination with the original 7“ Touchscreen and Jivelite. The build was very easy and it works like a charm ! But there is one thing: My wife prefers the use of the Harmony remote to control the different devices. The screen is about 2,5 meters away, so the default font size is too small. I’ve seen, that there is a different skin with a grid layout. But unfortunately i cannot select a grid-skin with the 800×600 resolution. The Joggler-skin doesn’t provide a grid-layout. So what options do i have ? In the screenshot on the top of the site, i see a grid layout. But i’m afraid it is the HD-skin …

    Thank you for your reply in advance !

    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Frank,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I understand why the skins available don’t fit your setup perfectly. I recommend to post in the Max2Play forum and ask for help. Maybe you find someone who can do the missing skin according to your needs. Additional skins can be added to Jivelite quite easy. We will give advice as much as possible, but cannot provide additional skins at the moment.

      Maximilian from Max2Play

  18. lomex 8 Jahren ago

    Danke für die tolle Entwicklung… 🙂 weiter so… Ist es möglich die Uhr auch mit dem kleinen Adafruit Display als Bildschirmschoner zum laufen zu bringen?
    Finde die Funktion wirklich sehr nützlich.

    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hallo lomex,

      danke für dein Lob, das freut uns sehr.

      Wir werden in Kürze das Adafruit Display testen. Sobald wir Max2Play für den Betrieb mit dem Display optimieren, werden auch die Kivelite-Bildschirmschoner anpassen. Um dich über den aktuellen Stand zu informieren, schau einfach ab und zu in unseren Changelog.

      Maximilian von Max2Play

  19. kuky 8 Jahren ago

    Had no problems installing Jivelite on Rpi with 7in Touch and seems to work fine. However I w’d like to use the RPi on may other things but cannot Quit JIveLite form its own Quit menu
    If I quit it from the web interface or from cmd line( ssh in) the desktop also quits and I get the Pi prompt. If i startx JiveLite starts again – Then I enabled the desktop on boot but Jive lite doesn’t show on it. It is running but ….?
    On your video https://youtu.be/wMunsRtFQ6M?t=3m25s there is a desktop
    How Do get it and MOST important How can I get JiveLite Quit Menu Item to work and quit to the desktop?

    • Maximilian 8 Jahren ago

      Hi kuky,
      Thank you for your comment.
      The desktop visible in the video is an ODROID device, not a Raspberry Pi 2. Therefore, the user experience differs the way you described.
      Basically, the Raspberry Pi has no desktop. When you start Jivelite in the M2P interface, Max2Play opens a desktop session on your Pi dedicated to Jivelite and runs Jivelite on it. When you hit „Stop Jivelite“, both Jivelite and the desktop session are quit. Alternatively, you could try to hit „Quit“ in Jivelite itself which should leave the desktop open.
      If you need further help from us or the M2P community, please post in our Max2Play forum.
      Maximilian from Max2Play

  20. kuky 8 Jahren ago

    Ok – Finally I found the forum under Help Menu – Why is not a main menu link?
    I’ll post there

  21. kuky 8 Jahren ago

    „Alternatively, you could try to hit “Quit” in Jivelite itself which should leave the desktop open“ – that’s exactly what I need – but it does not work, as Is stated above and in the forum

  22. superkikim 8 Jahren ago

    Hey guys. I have setup a rpi3 with HifiBerry DAC+Pro and Max2Play, as a standalone squeeze player/server with Jivelite on a 7″ touchscreen. It all works perfectly.

    Howver, I have some troubles with the menu. I use the Joggler skin as recommanded. I miss the „alarm clock“ in the menu. For instance I don’t have the „Extra“ menu which includes the alarm clock. If I connect to the web interface of LMS, it is present. Same from Squeeze Commander.

    Any recommandation ?

    Other question: Are there text files I can edit to customize the menu ?

    I would suggest Reboot/Shutdown to be put in „Settings => Advanced“ rather than main menu.

    Last question: I can’t find the Custom clock. I have installed the plugin. How to select it ?

    Tx for your great work and support.

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi superkikim,
      You should find the custom clock under Settings -> Advanced -> Applet Installer.

  23. superkikim 8 Jahren ago

    BTW I experienced same kind of behavior as kuky. I ended up deactivating the desktop, and keeping just Jivelite to start at boot. I don’t use the setup for anything else then music streaming.

  24. Ian Larkin 8 Jahren ago

    Is is possible to dim the display by the time of day? I have one in my bedroom, but it’s too bright to sleep.

    • Author
      Heiner 8 Jahren ago

      Hi Ian,
      You can set the screensaver to turn the screen of after your preferred amount of time. Go to Settings -> Screen -> Screensavers -> Delay

  25. Patrick Aldag 8 Jahren ago

    Hi, doesn;t „Settings -> Screen -> Screensavers -> Delay“ determine the period until the Screensaver turns on?
    I am also interested in learning how to switch off the screensaver after some time.

  26. Frank 8 Jahren ago


    I was wondering if you could control multiple players from one single touchscreen.
    I currently have multiple raspberry pi’s running the max 2 play in a multiroom setup
    I want to know if I could use another raspberry connected to a screen to control all my music individually and synchronized from this screen.


  27. chiahm 8 Jahren ago

    someone fixed the rebooting problem. now the touchscreen does not work after booting up. it work with a separate display . jivelite doe not want to start up as well.
    extremely frustrating as i am trying to build a usable unit for 2 week.
    at best, the system work about 10 sec before crashing out for unknown reasons

  28. chiahm 8 Jahren ago

    everything is updated to the latest. i know someone fixed something cos 1 week ago, when i try to do updating, the system will crash and end up rebooting for a few hours or more. now it does not happen. but squeezelite, hiberry amp+, touchscreen and jivelite links are still incorrect.

  29. chiahm 8 Jahren ago

    squeezelite is weird as well. inconsistent connection to a LMS 7.4.2 server. it does not want to connect to a 7.9 server. the 7.9 server works as a squeezebox 3 is connected to it

  30. Tony 7 Jahren ago

    Is it possible to control with jivelite a squeezeplayer on a different / second raspberry?

    • Author
      Heiner 7 Jahren ago

      Hi Tony,
      Yes, you can select „Choose Player“ in the main menu of Jivelite to control all available Squeezeplayers.

  31. Matt Armstrong 7 Jahren ago

    I was curious about adding different screensavers to jivelite. In addition to a clock maybe a little weather icon and a quick to-do list? I can pull from various places but I’m unsure of where I would need to add this „plugin“ to jivelite. I have searched about adding plugins to jivelite and found nothing so far.

    I would also like to add an icon to bring me to a pre-determined web page. I have a home automation server I would like to interact with and a shortcut in jivelite would be perfect.


  32. SunSimon 6 Jahren ago

    Even after doing a lot of googling, i can’t find a description of which keyboard-keys have which function to control jivelite.

    Could you give a list/link?

    And then how would i map buttons connected to GPIOs to jivelite?

  33. gchip7groundie 6 Jahren ago

    related to showing the clock on screensaver…
    i have selected a clock (any clock) to be displayed when music has stopped,
    but it does not show anything (just a blank screen) after the specified delay of 10 seconds.

    my jivelite is using the 1024×600 grid skin and looks great on the 7″ hdmi display.
    and yes, touch works perfectly. just for this, i am back to max2play from picoreplayer!

    one other question:
    is there a way to begin a favorite radio station on fresh boot?

    thank you for any help…

    • Author
      Heiner 6 Jahren ago

      Hi gchip,

      Please consult our forums for technical support.

      You can try removing the special delay to rule it out as a source of error. Regarding the radio play, you can consult our forums for custom solutions like this.

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