New Assembly Kit: Stack and Screw Instead of Drill and Solder

New Assembly Kit: Stack and Screw Instead of Drill and Solder

The previous version of this 7 inch touch display with IQaudIO sound card was already very popular but it required drilling holes and soldering for assembly. Consequently, we now have found a simpler solution: the 7 inch touch display bundle for IQaudIO completely assembled by plugging together parts and using screws.

At first, the assembly kit will only be available as a prototype and limited to 100 units! Unfortunately, the prototypes have the front part scratched. We devided the parts in different degrees of quality. Scratches of both degrees are only visible from immediate vicinity.

Faceplates quality degree B: occasional, almost unnoticable scratches

Faceplates quality degree C: coarser to semi-serious scratches
The bundle is shipped either with the IQaudIO-DAC or with the IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP. The included Max2Play version offers a out-of-the-box solution: insert SD card and it’s ready to go!

Get it while supplies last!


The case is also available separately and can be combined with existing hardware. It requires a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 and a IQaudIO soundcard.


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