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  • 17. März 2020 at 17:37 #48165

    Logitech Media Server (LMS) is what controls the players. I’m assuming you’re using that somewhere?….perhaps not. Where does the music come from that you play?…your own collection or online/Spotify etc

    An RPi3 will run a bit cooler than a RPi4 but 76 degrees suggests that your RPi4 is working quite hard for some reason?

    17. März 2020 at 16:27 #48163

    I had the same issue as Slartibartfast in that upgrading the Pi4 just caused Max2Play to crash when booting up. I didn’t play around much after that and went back to pCP.

    I am surprised that your Pi4 is running that hot though, 76 degrees seems excessive. What sort of environment is it in? Is it a hot cupboard, is there a hard drive connected directly to it? Is it running LMS or just working as a player?

    My Pi4 is running LMS but isn’t a player and ticks along at about 48 degrees in a hot cupboard. I’m using a cheap heat sink case which keeps the temperature quite steady. I don’t have a dac attached but I wouldn’t expect it to make that much difference.

    18. Februar 2020 at 18:37 #48040

    It’s funny you should say that because that’s exactly what I did and yes, The Pi4 wouldn’t boot. I simply started again but didn’t do the Apt-get dist-upgrade the second time.

    I was only experimenting to see how easy it is to get Max2Play and Pi-hole operating on the same Pi which I was able to do once I’d changed the port number of Pi-hole.

    I tried to get Max2Play to use the 64bit kernel using the switch in v2.51 but nothing happened which I assume is because I’m not a paid up user?

    18. Februar 2020 at 16:37 #48038

    I worked it out for myself….Install v2.50 and then update within Max2Play to V2.51.

    But why isn’t there a v2.51 download?

    Many thanks

    17. Februar 2020 at 22:34 #48035


    I’m coming back to Max2Play after a break and would like to download version 2.51 for my Pi4. Your download page only seems to have version 2.50, am I being stupid as I can’t seem to find the new version.

    Many thanks

    30. Juli 2019 at 15:43 #46568

    Hello again

    I’be built another installation using the 2.50 Buster image on my Pi 3 and I’m pleased to say that, using the method described above, I was able to restore all of my LMS settings from my original Jessie installation. For me the key was to completely delete the cache folder from the settings tar file produced my M2P. This reduced the file size from 246meg to about 250kb. After that I just did a complete rescan of the media directories. I should also add that I stopped LMS whilst carrying out the restore procedure. This is a good result for me 🙂

    One further question, now that I have a working Buster image on my Pi 3, can I just put this SD card into my Pi 4 when it arrives. Does it matter that it has been configured on a Pi 3 or will I have to start again?


    29. Juli 2019 at 20:11 #46526

    Another update…..

    As I was in the mood so I decided to have another go using the Stretch 2.49 version. I had the same result with my large restore file so I then removed the cache folder completely from the settings tar file. This reduced the file size down to 208kb. This worked! All my settings were transferred over to the new installation. All I had to then do was a full library rescan.

    I’m now tempted to have another go using the 2.50 version. On second thoughts that can wait until the PI 4 arrives……

    29. Juli 2019 at 18:11 #46522

    Ok, thanks.

    I’ve ordered a Pi 4 (4gb) anyway so will starting playing again when that arrives 🙂

    29. Juli 2019 at 15:09 #46520

    Thanks Heiner

    I’m not against the idea of completely starting from scratch but it seems a shame when a restore feature is available. I don’t believe I’m doing anything wrong although my restore file might be too large at 246meg? It would have been nice to move onto Buster from Jessie but I’m not sure it’s worth all of the hassle if the restore feature won’t work for me. I have been using M2P for a few years now and have spent many hours tweaking the various settings and plugins, the thought of starting again doesn’t really appeal.


    26. Juli 2019 at 19:25 #46505

    Hi Heiner

    A quick update, I have tried again using a 32gb card but have the same result as above so I don’t think it’s a capacity issue. I have also tried using Chrome, Firefox and Edge with the same result. The screen just goes pale when I hit the restore button and after a few seconds returns to normal colours. No messages are displayed in boxes at the top.

    I’m a little unclear as to the correct order when setting up a new LMS installation. Should I install all of my plugins and scan music before I attempt a restore? I’m not sure what settings a restore actually recreates?


    28. Juni 2019 at 17:48 #45980

    I’m currently running max2play as an LMS server on a Pi3 using a Qnap NAS for storage. I’m thinking of upgrading that to a Pi4 and using a directly attached USB3 drive for storage. I’m also interested to understand how much difference the extra RAM (2gb or 4gb) will have on the day to day operations. I have a library of about 30,000 tracks and regularly use the Spotty and iplayer plugins.

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