New Sound Card DigiOne Signature and Cases for Allo Products Out Now!

New Sound Card DigiOne Signature and Cases for Allo Products Out Now!

Today, we get to introduce some new additions to the Max2Play Shop by our partner Allo! First and foremost, their new version of the popular DigiOne digital transporter sound card is now available and officially supported by Max2Play. It is called DigiOne Signature and offers individual power solutions for Pi and sound card on the same board that can reduce jitter and noise even further. You can just select the DigiOne option in your Allo Plugin to have the DigiOne Signature fully configured for our OS!

We also added all necessary components that are required to run this new digi sound card optimally. As usual, you can buy our bundle to get all components in for one discounted price. That includes a custom acrylic case, either in black or transparent, a power supply with 5V/3A and a USB-C port (a second PSU is required to run the Pi through the DigiOne Signature’s input) and of course our Max2Play image on a Class 10 microSD card and the Max2Play premium license.

To round out our new additions, we now have another case for the original DigiOne. This is the most advanced case for a digi bundle yet, with an included heat sink and a three-part chassis for optimal enclosure. We also added a new case for the MiniBOSS to make sure the combination with Raspberry Pi Zero can be safely used and neatly assembled.

DigiOne Signature

The DigiOne Signature is the big brother of the DigiOne. Described as the ultimate DigiOne, the DigiOne Signature has two boards instead of just one. The PCB area has increased by 220%. The first board is the “dirty side” and the top board has the “clean side”. With this additional space, Allo used the best decoupling capacitors (film) on every major component of the sound card (clocks, buffers, flip flops).

  • High-End Re-Clocker for professional audio applications
  • lower jitter and noise
  • isolated power supplies for Pi and sound card
  • BNC and coaxial outputs
  • Attention: The DigiOne Signature requires two USB-C power supplies for proper use! One 5V 3A PSU is included in our bundle offer.

Allo DigiOne Signature

DigiOne Signature Bundle

This bundle offers the new Allo DigiOne Signature with all necessary components to run the sound board with Raspberry Pi connected to any high-end audio component with digital input via BNC or RCA. We recommend this bundle to all customers that want to stream their music libraries‘ digital content without any interference to their HiFi system and do not want to be affected by the Raspberry Pi’s own audio transport limitations.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Allo DigiOne Signature
  • Case for Raspberry Pi and DigiOne Signature Transparent / Black
  • Power Supply 5V/3A
  • Class 10 MicroSD card with preinstalled Max2Play Image
  • Max2Play Premium License

DigiOne Signature Bundle

Optional Accessories


 BNC-to-RCA Adapter

Second Power Supply 5V/3A

New DigiOne Cases

Case Allo DigiOne Signature – Acrylic in transparent and black

A transparent or black acrylic case for the Raspberry Pi and the DigiOne Signature. The case is easy to assemble and offers perfect protection.

Detailed Assembly Instructions

Allo DigiOne Signature Acrylic Case transparent

Allo DigiOne Signature Acrylic Case black

Case Allo DigiOne – Metal, black

The high-quality aluminium case is perfect for protecting your DigiOne from external influences. It also offers advanced heat sink for optimized performance of the Pi and DigiOne.

Detailed Assembly Instructions

Allo DigiOne – Metal Case

New MiniBOSS Case

Offers the exact protection your Allo MiniBOSS and Raspberry Pi Zero (Wireless) need.

Allo MiniBOSS Case


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