Black Metal Case for Allo DigiOne

Here, we will explain how to assemble the Allo DigiOne case. You can find the bundle with all necessary components in our shop.
On the bottom of this page, you can also find a video by Allo on how to assemble the case.

Delivery Scope

  • 3 case plates
  • 4 big metal screws
  • 4 golden spacers
  • 4 short screws
  • 4 pads
  • 1 adapter cable

Step 1

First, the Raspberry Pi is mounted on the lower plate. For this the spacers are screwed through the 4 holes of the Raspberry Pi.

Step 2

Now the middle plate can be put on top.

Step 3

Next, the DigiOne sound card is plugged onto the Raspberry Pi through the GPIO-pins.

Step 4

It is then attached to the 4 spacers with the short screws.

Step 5

Now the upper plate gets put on top and connected to the middle plate with the help of the big metal screws, which are screwed through the opening of the thread at the corners of the case.

Step 6

At last the pads need to be stuck onto the 4 screw heads.