New Max2Play Stretch Image for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Out Now

New Max2Play Stretch Image for Raspberry Pi 3B+ Out Now

I am very happy to announce that the Max2Play Stretch Image is now officially out of beta!
I want to thank everybody in our forums who actively participated in the development by reporting any and all bugs they came across.

Here are the changes in this new version:

New login for SSH

  • Password for both pi and root is now max2play

Fully compatible with Raspberry Pi 3B+

  • Important: You need the new Stretch Image to run the Raspberry Pi 3B+, our Jessie Image 2.44 does not work with this new Raspberry Pi.

New Bluetooth Plugin

  • While it looks the same on the outside, within our Bluetooth Plugin a lot has changed.
  • We now use bluealsa which runs much better and reliably.
  • Important: Bluetooth Input is not yet supported, we are working on it. Currently only works for Bluetooth speakers.
    • Update out now for Bluetooth Input!

Updated Password Protection Setup

  • Now preinstalled and with more security options for root login and SSH

New Kodi

  • Newest Version for Raspberry Pi: Kodi 17.6-2 Krypton preinstalled

Speed improvements!

  • Users have reported a 30% increase in speed when scanning their libraries. Overall, the image runs smoother and faster.

Numerous Bug fixes thanks to our community and tireless testing on our part

Various Security updates


If you want to follow along with the current development of this image, I am updating a list of bugs and their fixes in our beta in an ongoing topic in our forums. If you have another bug to report, head there and met me know.

Update: New Version 2.46 out now with Bluetooth Input and more improvements! Check our Changelog for more information.


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