New HiFiBerry Sound Cards: DAC+ Pro XLR Now Available!

Today, we are happy to announce another HiFiBerry sound card that joins our repertoire of Max2Play. The HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR can finally let you add XLR HiFi equipment to any Max2Play system and create a multiroom environment with studio quality end devices.
The DAC offers the simple Max2Play integration like all Max2Play sound cards. Just select it in our web interface, reboot and the card is set up. Below you can find out why and how exactly the new XLR DAC can improve your audio system, in addition to a few other new cards by HiFiBerry for special applications that we introduce as well.


The HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR is a DAC+ Pro with symmetrical, gold-plated XLR outputs. These outputs offer some noise-reducing advantages over the standard RCA’s:

The sound card delivers an improved jitter resistance, especially when using longer cables. At a distance of 1-2 meters from the amplifier, the RCA’s of a normal are fully sufficient. However, if you reach a distance of 10-20 meters between DAC and amplifier, the XLR can reduce interference more efficiently.

The XLR version is designed for customers that want to use the DAC+ Pro within professional studio environments that utilize symmetrical inputs.

Important: It is recommended to only use the DAC+ Pro XLR in its case to protect its connectors.


  • Dedicated 192kHz / 24bit Burr-Brown DAC for ideal sound quality
  • professional XLR-Connectors
  • Volume control with „alsamixer“ for direct volume change from any device
  • Connected directly on top of the Pi, no additional cables necessary
  • No soldering required – Hardware-Attach-on-Top (HAT) standard specifications
  • Compatible with Pi model A+, B+, 2B and 3B
  • No additional power supply necessary, powered by the Pi
  • Ultra-low-noise voltage regulator for ideal audio performance
  • Dual ultra-low jitter clock generators (22.5792 MHz and 24.576 MHz)

HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR Bundle mit passendem Stahlgehäuse

  • Perfect bundle for integration with Max2Play
  • All components included for direct start-up
  • Case made completely out of steel for high durability
  • Minimalist design in matt black
  • Easy and quick assembly with guide

HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro XLR Bundle

Steel Case for the DAC+ Pro XLR

Assembly Instructions

Other new sound cards from HiFiBerry

Aside from the DAC+ Pro XLR and the new, improved AMP2, HiFiBerry also recently released some interesting other sound cards for special application fields. We at Max2Play were able to test these new boards and want to share our thoughts here. Unfortunately, these special features are not directly applicable in Max2Play. However, with our Plugin Builder you can create applications and use cases for them yourselves.


Der HiFiBerry DAC+ RTC is a special Digital-Analog-Converter for the Raspberry Pi. This sound card is adevice designed for a specific application: The RTC-Version comes with an integrated realtime clock. This ensures that your system is always on the right time, even when the Pi is shut down and cannot connect to a time server after the next boot (e.g. by losing an internet connection).


  • Dedicated 192kHz / 24bit Burr-Brown DAC
  • Connection directly to the Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs, no additional cables necessary
  • No soldering, Raspberry Pi „Hardware-Attach-on-Top“ (HAT) specifications for stacking on top
  • Compatible with RPi A+, B+, 2B and 3B
  • No additional power supply
  • Ultra low noise generators for optimal audio quality

Digi+ I/O

The HiFiBerry Digi+ I/O is an SPDIF port card for the Raspberry Pi with digital inputs and outputs that use the I2S sound port verwendet, welcher direkt mit der CPU verbunden ist, ohne dass eine zusätzliche USB-Konvertierung erforderlich ist.


  • Dedicated S/PDIF chip supports up to 192kHz / 24bit resolution
  • Optical (TOSlink) and electrical inputs and outputs
  • Bit-perfect in- and output, audio stream is not altered
  • Stacked directly on top of the Raspberry Pi’s GPIOs
  • No soldering, adheres to Hardware-Attach-on-Top (HAT) specs
  • Compatible with models A+, B+, 2B and 3B of the RPi
  • powered directly by the Raspberry Pi – no additional power supply


Recommend for the following applications

  • Digital audio recording systems
  • Audio processing
  • room compensation


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