Update: New Max2Play Version 2.35 released


In Max2Play 2:35 we have add a resolution of 1024×600 to the Jivelite skin „Joggler“, thanks to the support of martin-s from the forum. It is now possible to use „7 inch Waveshare displays. Now you can also create and share your own Max2Play plugins with the Plugin Builder. Besides some bugfixes were carried out, including difficulties to create a fixed mountpoint for external memory and error with network DHCP after activation of the SD card write-protection.

Another new feature is now available. The Translation Server for the Max2Play browser control. The framework of control has been adjusted accordingly and the community can now customize and submit their own translations.

More information about the Translation Server can be found in this article. The Translation Server has been available since 19.08.2016. First translations were already created by industrious prospectives. Among them stands currently pepsi95 out from the crowd and translated diligently the texts into French. Thanks for your commitment.

The update can be charged anytime on Max2Play control. Or you load it easily from our download section.

Not currently enough? Get yourself the latest beta version in Max2Play Web Interface to obtain the latest updates for Max2Play and assist in the development of testing and feedback in our forums!




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