Update: New Max2Play Version 2.33 released

In Max2Play 2.32, the design of the web interface has been revised and improved. Aside from bug fixes, we have added things like the new network search for other available Max2Play devices. We have also added a button that allows a quick refresh of any menu. It allows for an easier reload after changing configuration without having to reload the whole web page.

Since Max2Play 2.33, WPS is also available in the Jessie images for Raspberry Pi 3 more on WPS. A new screensaver (digital clock) for the 2,8″ skin has been added, this skin was made by the Max2Play Community (user Bristow). For this improvement, we want to give a special thanks to our active community!
The update can made any time from the Max2Play web interface. Alternatively, you can load the new 2.33 image directly from download page.
Not up-to-date enough? Get the newest beta version of Max2Play in the web interface to receive the most recent updates and be able to help with the development through testing and giving feedback in our forums!


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