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  • 26. September 2017 at 9:47 #31552

    Thanks for the Spotify Connect Server. It makes the use of Spotify while streaming much easier. I have some findings and requests on this:
    1. I already saw the problem with the maximum volume mentioned. I hope this will be resolved soon. This habit is very dangerous for your speakers and eardrums. Moreover there seem to be some latency in the volume (more than the Spotty app on Squeezebox).
    2. While installing Spotify Connect I saw a message that the bitrate was changed to 320K. But when I look into the debugging information I see a default of 160K. Do I have to change this if I want to use 320k in every case?
    3. To be sure on the last point it should be convenient if the actual playback bitrate is showed on the screen, equal to the Squeezebox (that says 1411 kbps converted to PCM, is this right if 320K is the max?)
    4. When I start another device with Spotify and my account installed. Playback stops and I have to select using the max2play device again. I’m not sure if this is a Spotify of Max2play issue.

    29. August 2017 at 19:10 #30988

    Hmmm I’m not aware I’m testing something but recently I get the following errormessage when starting up squeezebox server: ‚Device is started in Automatic Accesspoint Mode. For security, only WiFi configuration is possible to connect Max2Play to your local network.‘ Is this message related to this test?

    14. August 2017 at 17:04 #30618

    Hi, thanks for your replies. I installed the dlnaserver and it shows up in LMS. I tried to enter the mediapath (//mybooklive/Public/SharedMusic/) but the media folders stay empty. Does the dlnaserver expect another kind of location?

    Is it possible my problems are caused by the fact I have not a license key purchased yet? I have some other strange behaviour when I try to disable bluetooth and wifi in the raspberry settings. When I try to save these settings they are not stored and the field is empty again.

    14. August 2017 at 9:10 #30588

    I have the same problem with a Mybook NAS and Twonky upnp. All files are playing except Wav. I tested Wav files from various sources but every time the same behaviour: 2-3 seconds play without sound and then it stops. Are you sure this is a tagging problem? I know people where any Wav file plays without problems.

    My hardware is based on RPI 3 and Hifiberry Digi+ pro as well. Is it possible this is hardware related?

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