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  • 29. November 2016 at 17:13 #24354



    I just test the RPi Display installation for the 2,8 Adafruit again and after rebooting, the touch control works fine. Please try using a fresh image and installing the 2,8 Adafruit display in the RPi Display plugin.

    It works OK with the RESISTIVE Adafruit touchscreen,


    I have a CAPACITIVE Adafruit touchscreen, that does not work!

    Which type did you test with?




    14. November 2016 at 17:23 #23907


    I have a CAPACITIVE touch screen Adafruit 2.8″ TFT, on a Raspberry pi 3

    I have installed the plugin for the TFT, All works except for the touchscreen. resistive overlay is loaded in error.

    I have changed the overlay to the adafuit capacitive touchscreen version but I am missing the capacitive touch driver.

    Have you got a method for installing and getting this working please?



    23. November 2015 at 21:00 #17001



    Well after a lot of poking about in the M2P Raspberry pi images, every one has the same omission and an error.

    Putting the actual host name in /etc/hosts file as well as local host ie.

    original localhost changed to localhost max2play

    This stopped the sudo error „max2play not found“

    also I changed the netmask entry in /etc/network/interfaces eth0 config from to

    I then was able to install the „NEW“ bin version of JIVELITE successfully and now I can choose from a number of colourful background in the settings part of Jivelite.



    23. November 2015 at 12:47 #16997

    Hi Manfred.

    Updating Jivelite doesn’t work! It has never worked for me.

    There is something wrong with the network settings / host name for M2P Version v2.4 and also the latest beta.

    I have complained about this some weeks ago and it has been ignored… I cannot find my post now.

    My problem is that I do NOT use wifi I use wired. My router base address is

    I get an error message when I set sudo on a ssh connection “ cannot resolve Max2play.

    When I try to update jivelite, the yellow box appears and the first message update xxxx appears and stays there for ever (HOURS), another user also complained about this issue.

    After altering hosts file (chaning to max2play.

    This time Jivelite starts to update then fails, cannot find any of the Max2play servers, there seems to be a dns problem I use, also complains of time in the future, when I check DATE, on raspberry it is 1970, ntp is not running. (prob same DNS issue)

    The whole thing is a mess. This is not D/L image corruption issue or a power issue or an SD card issue, I have Dl/d many copies and used multiple cards and have a good 5v 3A supply! Always fails on Jivelite update!




    23. November 2015 at 11:07 #16988

    Hi Manfred,

    Thank you for reply…

    I do know how to set background from Jivelite settings, my problem is that there are no other backgrounds than black!

    What I need to know is, HOW to update jivelite, with either a suitable png for the background and where to install it

    or How to update Jivelite to a version that includes colour backgrounds.

    Another question…… I have seen pictures of Jivelite running displaying a tiled GUI. I would like to try it. How do I find and install that GUI?

    many thanks again



    20. Oktober 2015 at 10:32 #16440


    Downloaded your new C1+ image.

    1. max2play web pages very slow to change and load —- long waits between.

    2. New image runs my home brew I2s PCM5102 DAC very well! — Great!

    3. I have still to get my TFT working. This is a 7inch 800×480 HDMI tft, not the Odroid one. I am getting the same errors as several other people in the Odroid forums, i.e. wrong res and purple line. I KNOW you do not support my tft, so I am slowly working through the set ups and will try to get it working.

    However if anyone HAS already got a 800×480 hdmi tft woking, please tell me how.



    17. Oktober 2015 at 16:43 #16419


    I am stuck, with my Odroid C1+ and I2S dac and touch display, cannot get the i2s dac „SEEN“ by player. Need the new distro please!



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