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  • 24. Juli 2017 at 23:08 #30116

    piCorePlayer 3.21 does not show this option, and my MP3s and AACs play well, so indeed I guess it’s all default now.

    Thanks again, now I can start bragging that the sound is so much better from an ALAC than a downgraded FLAC 🙂

    Funny how our brain influences our listening experience…

    24. Juli 2017 at 22:45 #30114

    Installing the FFMpeg librairies helped, thanks a lot!!

    What do you mean by „Squeezelite Extensions“?

    24. Juli 2017 at 22:13 #30111

    Ok, so running mi piZero on piCorePlayer fixes the problem, but if I click on a Apple lossless file playing, it does display that it converts the song to FLAC with lower bitrate… So the same as the -e alac option on m2p…

    Maybe piCorePlayer corrected the bug by forcing conversion to FLAC?

    24. Juli 2017 at 17:33 #30103

    As I was saying earlier, I will still be using max2play as the ease of config (although it’s a geek tool designed by geeks that could benefit some ergonomic simplification) and the extended plugins make it very useful. The multisqueeze plugin is essential for me as I can now stream 2 different rooms with only one pi.

    I can provide you the files that produce the issues. I’m still settling in, so I haven’t had time to listen to my 120G of music yet, but I spotted some that definitely trigger the problem.

    24. Juli 2017 at 17:19 #30097

    I can try to make some tests an compare PiCorePlayer and max2play with the same ALAC files, but I’m afraid the file itself is not the issue. I suspect high bitrates to fail more easily than more modest ones. Sometimes closing the player (there is a on/off button for each instance in the main player page) and starting the song ones more fixes the issue. Maybe something to do with the buffer size? I should also state that I had the issue with a wired connection, no crappy Wifi involved.

    As stated in this forum, it is always possible to disable ALAC codec, which means the file is converted into FLAC (ASFAIK), but with a lower bitrate. This is not acceptable for my living room player (piZero with JustBoom DAC hat), but I don’t believe I will hear any difference on my mono speaker from the bathroom, or the 2 non-hifi speakers in the office. I’ll try to keep the best of 2 worlds.

    So max2play is still handy here, for the ease of configuration, and the ability to have 2 squeezelite instances on one pi, but the alac bug is a deal breaker for people with a large Apple Lossless collection.

    23. Juli 2017 at 11:17 #30048

    Thanks for the confirmation. I will investigate about 2 agents on one PiCorePlayer, but actually, for my needs I could keep max2play on at least one of my pis to benefit some other plugins. I guess I can live with my bathroom having downgraded Apple Losseless files by using the -e alac option (cf. Quality is just important for my living room with the JustBoom zero DAC that streams to the HiFi system.

    21. Juli 2017 at 23:35 #30039


    I’m having exactly the same problem with some of my files. I didn’t test all, but it seems to be a problem only with the Apple Lossless files, and not all of them, only some. Stopping the player and restarting usually fixes the problem. Navigating in a song is almost always synonym of failure.

    Your solution is to run the agents on PiCorePlayer? Are you still using max2play for the server? My card is justBoom amp, i guess it’s supported by default. And I have another specificity, I need to run 2 agents on the same pi so I can use 2 speakers in 2 different rooms (mono each of them), would that still be possible? You guys confirm that it is still possible to use airplay with your squeezelite instances.

    If max2play can’t handle ALC files without issues, I don’t really see the point of paying a license for the multisqueeze plugin.

    Now, alternatively, did someone try to use the latest squeezelite release on a M2P instance?

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