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  • 2. Dezember 2019 at 20:19 #47655

    This is how it works.
    Edit /boot/config.txt and add this:

    # Redirect activity LED to an external LED connected to GPIO5
    # Disable PWR LED

    I disabled the power LED also on that occasion.
    This thread can be considered solved.

    2. Dezember 2019 at 11:55 #47654

    OK, found another post that seems to make more sense.


    Above lines seem to have no effect on the LED at runtime (when hacked to the console).
    They need to go into config.txt

    At runtime the LEDs can be controlled with the

    Will test this later and report how it works.

    2. Dezember 2019 at 10:19 #47652

    Hi Heiner,
    I tried that already. But it’s not doing what I want.
    That setting is only speeding up switching from WiFi to mobile data.
    It will not use both connections in parallel.

    I guess this is the feature I’m looking for. Unfortunately I don’t have a Samsung but as it’s all Android, it should be possible with any smartphone!?

    19. Juli 2019 at 13:26 #46416

    I’ve been digging further on this issue, as my system is expanded already.
    It seems the shrinking how-to’s and scripts are working for the standard 2 partition images only.
    M2P has 3 partitions on the SD, probably because it is based on the NOOBS framework?!
    I’m not sure why this approach was chosen. Is it necessary to have NOOBS underneath?

    I found a thread how to get rid of the NOOBS, but I wonder if that will
    affect other M2P functionality somehow (updates, configs, etc.)

    16. Juli 2019 at 16:05 #46333

    Good to know, maybe next time I set things up but what about an existing, already expanded System.
    SD card size is 32GB and the backup image is maybe 29GB compressed. Effectively used maybe 4GB…
    Why is it so hard to shrink it?
    Is it because of the hidden partition?

    15. Juli 2019 at 16:38 #46320

    unfortunately the screenshot is gone but nevertheless, did you manage to shrink the image this way?
    I’m also looking for a possibility to shrink the images for backup purposes.
    I tried shrinking the main partition within the image, but when rebuilding the image on an SD, the boot
    fails like:
    cma: cma_alloc: alloc failed, req-size:2025 pages, ret: -12

    Of course it would be nice if m2p would come with a backup plugin, but I understand it is a lot of work
    and as far as it’s concerning me, I’m fine with manually editing the image but then it should work in the end.
    I also played with the piCorePlayer image. The resizing of that image works as expected.
    I think at least a short „how-to“ should be available for m2p.

    5. Juli 2019 at 16:38 #46170

    Hi Heiner,
    thanks for your timely reply!
    I’ve been reading back through the topics before your email came in and found the option to tell the squeezeplayer
    to look for the server at a specific ip by adding „-s server-ip:port“.
    Yea, this works! Maybe an idea what to fix in an upcoming release so it can work out of the box.
    The drawback of this solution is, that I have to adapt the IP if I plan to run the
    player in my home WLAN.
    Another possibility might be to set up a multisqueeze scenario – didn’t try it though?

    I’m not sure how the Kodi solution would look like.
    I know Kodi and from what I remember, you need some sort of display attached to the RPi – not sure.
    Then you can set up to remote control the Kodi by a Smartphone.

    I’m using Squeezer to search/browse the audio collection which is very comfortable.
    Would Kodi or MPS work in a similar fashion?
    Maybe I would try it then.
    Now I can start preparing some playlists for tomorrow.

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