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  • 2. Februar 2019 at 14:19 #44319

    I have this hardware: Raspberry Pi 3B + HiFiBerry Sound Card: HiFiBerry DAC – RCA+, up and running with m2p.
    When I access my SD-card with e.g. GParted, I see that, besides a boot and a data partition, there is a 3rd partition with unknown filesystem:
    Screendump GParted
    I made a image of my working SD-card (with configured/tuned M2P) for later use in case my SD-card gets corrupt. I want to shrink this image so it will fit on any SD-cart. (not al SD-cards of the same nominal MB have the same number of blocks available, so the new one could be slightly smaller and the unshriked image would not fit.)
    Normal way is to make the partitions smaller with e.g. GParted, move all the partitions to the ‚left‘ and than truncate the image.
    Hoever, the 3rd partition cannot be moved.
    After some investigations I found that this 3rd partition is not in the original image (m2p_stretch_rpi_v247.img), but is is created after the first boot.
    How can I cope with this? I like to have a usable, small image of my working SD-card.

    3. Februar 2019 at 16:38 #44327

    Hi geert56

    First of!! that’s easy!! next leave the first 4mb alone do as following:

    1 click on the ext4 /29GB partition (just mark it)
    2 click on the white arrow shaped icon (3ed from the left in the top bar)
    3 in the pop up you can either move the slider in the pictogram or set „new Sitze to max hight
    4 click „ok“ (verlichten)
    5 click on the green marker in the top bar
    that’s it!! your 195,31mb is now part of the the ext4 partition


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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