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  • 15. Juli 2020 at 7:53 #49316

    Thank you! I didn’t see this on any guide. This is very helpful.

    14. Juli 2020 at 5:05 #49290

    Oh, I didn’t notice there was a Spotty only section. Ok that’s even better then. Weird to have that option there if it causes issues. But I guess that makes it more transparent to the end user.

    13. Juli 2020 at 1:14 #49287

    Thank you!!! That was indeed the issue!

    Songs now play one after another and I can skip around the track w/o issue.

    This needs to be in the spotty plugin, no reason we should have to disable this for the entire server.

    9. Juli 2020 at 1:10 #49270

    Thank you, you were right. I don’t recall seeing that there, but now I know how to control what shows up!

    That solves the issues I had and no longer need the DLNA plugin it seems.

    Last issue I had is with spotty, that only 1 song plays then it stops every time. I’ll look for a spotty section on the forum though.

    4. Juli 2020 at 0:47 #49181

    That fixed the dual Library entry! I was reading a guide and it said to use that plugin, so I assumed it needed to be running.

    Oh now I see, when I go to Spotify on my phone, it no longer shows up as a selection to output too. So it fixes the dual entry, but now I can’t stream to it.

    I re-enabled the plugin and renamed Library so I know the difference now. I don’t see a way of keeping it enabled and preventing the 2nd Library entry from showing up so I can stream to other players. But I guess that’s now a plugin issue.

    Trying to find that mysterious device showing up (which it also goes away when I disable the bridge) may be a lesson in futility..I have no idea where it’s coming from! Hopefully I’ll run across it some day lol.

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    2. Mai 2020 at 0:48 #48682

    Ok so tested Sonos on ethernet and the desyncing happens far less than via wifi. What was about 4 of 5 songs not in sync before, is now more like 1 of 2. Tested starting/stopping 20 songs. Sometimes Sonos is slightly ahead, others its slightly behind. There really is no pattern to it.

    My network consists of gigabit switch over cat6, and network is not busy with much.

    During the testing, I’ve noticed songs will randomly start desynced, but if I pause and resume, I can often get it in sync. One song I tried 3 times pause/resume and there was different amounts of delay between the 2 zones. I then fast forwarded and they went perfectly synced for the remaining of the song.

    I’m not sure what the culprit would be, but it seems like it would be more how each device handles DLNA streams. I’m planning on getting another Pi and eventually for another zone, but don’t have 2 of the same hardware to test yet.

    About the Firestick, what’s another app that’s suggested to use? Plex?

    I use mp3 at the moment, mostly vbr. I can try to find some flacs if you think that would make a difference.

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    28. April 2020 at 16:41 #48647

    Room 1 and room 3 are ethernet. Room 2 being sonos is not. There is an ethernet connection right there I can test temporarily. Just about every non-handheld device in my house is hardwired except sonos and Alexas.

    7. Juni 2019 at 6:28 #45634

    So I ended up using the Spotty plugin here on LMS server itself which worked great. This supports multiroom too. Not sure if it forces all rooms all the time or not, cause then I might have to figure out what’s wrong with the max2play plugin then.

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    7. Juni 2019 at 5:11 #45633

    Hi, yes I’m premium. No problems there.

    I tried reinstalling it and still get the same issue. When I start the service, it says it starts with a process ID, but when I go to stop it, it says „Unable to stop process – it seems that it is not running“

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