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  • 24. Juni 2020 at 23:28 #49094

    When choosing my player in LMS, the RPi that’s running LMS is listed twice. Only one of them works, so I’d like to get the other one removed as it’s very confusing. I just don’t know why/where to do that.

    My other RPi thats running max2play only shows up once so that’s correct, but it’s not running LMS.

    See my screenshots here:

    Notice Library is listed twice. I also don’t know what e9826b45c862 player is or why it’s there. Another one I can’t get rid of..

    30. Juni 2020 at 13:28 #49119

    Hi djvj,

    I assume, that the player probably shows up twice because you selected it in the Upnp/DLNA bridge plugin, which makes it a DLNA player. However, since the server is already running on that device, it is redundant to additionally stream to it via DLNA. Try throwing „Library“ out of the plugin and see if that’s the solution.

    „e9826b45c862“ looks like another LMS server in your home network. Either that, or another player/plugin causes that to show up. I recommend that you review the settings of your plugins and your players again and switch off everything that you do not need. You could also try turning off the players/plugins individually to see which one is generating „e9826b45c862“.

    4. Juli 2020 at 0:47 #49181

    That fixed the dual Library entry! I was reading a guide and it said to use that plugin, so I assumed it needed to be running.

    Oh now I see, when I go to Spotify on my phone, it no longer shows up as a selection to output too. So it fixes the dual entry, but now I can’t stream to it.

    I re-enabled the plugin and renamed Library so I know the difference now. I don’t see a way of keeping it enabled and preventing the 2nd Library entry from showing up so I can stream to other players. But I guess that’s now a plugin issue.

    Trying to find that mysterious device showing up (which it also goes away when I disable the bridge) may be a lesson in futility..I have no idea where it’s coming from! Hopefully I’ll run across it some day lol.

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    • This reply was modified 4 years ago by djvj.
    7. Juli 2020 at 12:43 #49191

    Hi djvj,

    I am glad that we were able to solve that problem. For Spotify, I recommend to use the Spotty plugin for the Squeezebox server. With this plugin you can choose which players can be used as Spotify Connect players.

    9. Juli 2020 at 1:10 #49270

    Thank you, you were right. I don’t recall seeing that there, but now I know how to control what shows up!

    That solves the issues I had and no longer need the DLNA plugin it seems.

    Last issue I had is with spotty, that only 1 song plays then it stops every time. I’ll look for a spotty section on the forum though.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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