Tobi81’s Compact Max2Play System

Tobi81’s Compact Max2Play System

We would like to present to you two great projects, that our forum user Tobi81 has created with Max2Play. On one hand, a cheap 2.1 All-in-One audio system with Wi-Fi, USB input and jack plug and on the other hand, a flatpanel mono loudspeaker with a built-in Raspberry Pi Zero:

translated from German by Kolja (Attention: The full articles in the forum are in German, but the pictures are self-explanatory)


Cheap and compact 2.1 Max2Play system

The goal of this project is to build a compact all-in-one audio system, which only needs the necessary cables for connection. The complete technology is built into the subwoofer.

… So I can connect the jack from the right speaker to the Raspberry, I have bought a corresponding cable with an adapter:

This has the advantage that I still have a USB port on the outside, so I can connect, for example, the WiFi stick for a better reception. I have affixed the obsolete cable with a shrink tube precisely the same length, so I can pinch it into an edge in the subwoofer.

With a corresponding Forstnerbohrer, I have now drilled a hole in the subwoofer: …

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Passive and compact bathroom Mono-Max2Play system

For the bathroom, I would like to use my Multiroom system with Max2Play, too. 🙂

There, a small mono-loudspeaker is enough. Because I do not have a lot of space there, I decided to take a Flatpanel loudspeaker, which contains just enough space for a Raspberry Pi Zero. The goal is to build the whole technology into the loudspeaker, so that only one power supply is required.

At my first attempt, I took a 2.5 watt amplifier from the Arduino warehouse. With 80% volume in Max2Play, the output for my small bathroom is loud enough.

Nevertheless, I have now bought the following 3.5 watt amplifier, which I would like to install soon. The sound with this one, I will report at another time. 🙂

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