JustBoom Sound Card Plugin Now Available

The new sound cards of JustBoom are now fully compatible with Max2Play’s Raspberry Pi images!

The JustBoom sound card range convinces its users with their impeccable sound output, high quality production values and simple, everday practicality. What sets the JustBoom sound cards apart from its competitors is their emphasis on expandability. You can combine different JustBoom products with one Raspberry Pi to realize your specific setup. For more on those possibilities, visit their Product Guide on which devices can be combined.

Available in our shop

We offer three of the new JustBoom cards in our shop, alone and as bundles. The JustBoom DAC HAT, a powerful digital-to-analog converter with a unbeatable price-performance ratio, the Amp HAT with 2 x 55 watts peak power at 8 ohms and the Amp, which can be used alone or as an extension of the DAC/DAC HAT.

Informations about the JustBoom plugin

Important: If you just got a JustBoom product, a license code for our software was included. You can find out how to activate it in our Wiki. You can also discover how to get started with our Starter Guide and our Beginners Walkthrough of Max2Play.


You can already get started setting up your JustBoom card by installing the official JustBoom Plugin by Max2Play on your Raspberry Pi:


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