Micha65’s Home Made Retro Oaken Radio with Raspberry Pi and Squeezebox Server

Micha65’s Home Made Retro Oaken Radio with Raspberry Pi and Squeezebox Server

By Micha65

translated version by Heiner

I wanted to use one of my Raspberry Pi’s as a media player. In search of a fitting software, I first encountered Max2Play and was immediately enthused. This is the way I imagined a central system for my music. The additional function of internet radio stations made player my favorite. Now I just need a case that will get the OK from my wife for our living room. Here, we decided on a retro style and the 150 year old oak beams shall get a new purpose. Old style with modern technology. Thus, the building of the new case began. In the end, every hour of work was worth it for me.

The case is currently filled with a Raspberry Pi 3, a 7″ Touch-Display and an IQaudIO Pi-DAC+. The musci collection is stored on a USB thumb drive. However, the case easily has enough room left for an additional 2,5″ HDD or an SSD, a USB-hub and another sound card. The system is presently connected via WiFi. A LAN port on the back of the case is also in the works. The right rotary encoder controls the volume. The left one does not have a function, yet. I might install an IR receiver in the future.


Music has been a big part of my life for a long times.

Currently, I am digitizing my CD’s in the FLAC format. For me, the direction is headed to a good old stereo paired with a modern player. New speakers are also currently being built but the sound that the software Max2Play is able to deliver with digital music in the right format and the fitting sound card is truely astonishing. I will definitely buid more players and start using them in a Multiroomsystem.


  1. Lucas 3 Jahren ago

    Hi. Great idea and nice shape. Would you be able to provide more details or maybe a bit infos about a wooden cover? I am about to make something similar. Regards

    • MarioM 3 Jahren ago

      Hi Lucas,

      I just sent you an email. If you want, I can send you Micha65’s contact details so you can talk to him about the project.

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