Max2Play and HiFiBerry Digi+ with Transformer

Max2Play and HiFiBerry Digi+ with Transformer

We are proud to announce to you that we have added the HiFiBerry Digi+ Transformer Version to our shop today. The sound card with additionally attached transformer (cf. picture) improves the sound quality since it provides full galvanic isloation between the Raspberry Pi and the S/PDIF output of the high-end audio card.

Max2Play simplifies the setup of the audio solution exactly like of all other sound cards supported by Max2Play: After choosing the model HiFiBerry Digi+ in the Max2Play interface, all necessary settings are made by Max2Play automatically. The card is ready to use within a few steps and can be used as audio playback device for audioplayers and video applications like Squeezelite and Kodi.

The Digi+ version with transformer is available in the Max2Play Shop. It is also optionally available for the HiFiBerry Digi+ Bundle and the 7″ Touch Display-Bundle.


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